Have driverless car technologies stalled?

Driverless cars have been talked about for many years, and 2021 was, according to many, the year that they were expected to become a common sight on roads on both sides of the Atlantic. But will this be the case?

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Some of the major developers of self-driving vehicles and the technology needed to run them seem to be moving away from the idea that they will be commonplace anytime soon.

There are several reasons this might be the case, with public scepticism over safety, cybersecurity, cost, and social acceptance being amongst the primary ones.

Recent moves

In the final weeks of 2020, Uber decided to put its plans for self-driving taxis on hold and sold its autonomous division to Aurora for around $4bn. Uber’s chief executive, Dara Khosrowshahi, said that it did not mean the company was abandoning the idea.

Elsewhere, cab firm Addison Lee dropped plans to partner with Oxbotica on a fleet of robotaxis in London, whilst Ford’s plans for producing autonomous taxis have been postponed until at least 2022. However, this is predominantly down to delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the future, fleet managers/owners should be able to easily integrate fleet management software such as the examples found at https://www.fuelcardservices.com/ with fleets of driverless cars.

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Many organisations will use fuel cards to keep track of their employees’ fuel usage and mileage. Some will be digital and will upload data to the Cloud, whilst some may be old-fashioned and will need to be manually input into whatever system is being used.

Some plans still on track

Google spinoff Waymo has been at the forefront of the driverless car industry. In October 2020, they announced that fully driverless taxis would soon be available, although they will be limited to certain suburbs of Phoenix that have been extensively mapped.

In the UK, Oxbotica is running a trial of autonomous cars on public roads in Oxford. Also in the UK, there is still the potential that Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS) could be rolled out in the next two years, with the potential to prevent almost 5,000 serious accidents a year.

Driving forward

Transport consultant Nick Reed said that 2015 was probably “peak hype”, but now the reality of the complexities and challenges is setting in. Despite this, he still feels that there are significant benefits, most notably safety. Human error is responsible for over 90% of road accidents, meaning that thousands of deaths could be prevented each year.

Reed believes that automated driving will still happen in the near future, but not immediately and probably in phases. It will begin with use on motorways where all vehicles are going in the same direction in clearly marked lanes, followed at a later point by more widespread urban use.

There is no real reason we won’t see driverless cars on our roads; it may just be a bit further in the future than originally anticipated.

How to Buy a Shirt For Your Dad

If you are looking for some great gifts for dad, the best gift you can get him is one of the Men’s collared  Shirts. They make great gifts because they have the designs and colors that your dad likes. One great thing about these shirts is that they are made with real care, which means that your dad will love it. There are several options to choose from, including tank tops, tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies. You are also able to order custom shirts as well if you’d prefer.

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The first step in learning how to buy a shirt for your Dad is to pick out the colour of the shirt that you’d like. It is important to remember that men’s collared shirts are made in several different sleeve lengths. This means that you’ll need to know the length of your Dad’s sleeves so that you’ll know what size shirt you will need to order. Next, you’ll want to decide whether or not you’d like a tee shirt, sweatshirt, or a hoodie. The latter two items are much more versatile, and you’ll find that they are also easier to put on and take off.

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Once you know the right size and the type of shirt you’d like to buy, you’ll need to place your order. Some of the most popular places to order shirts are Farah Menswear.

Getting a new Mobile phone at some point.

If you are in the market for mobile phones, whether you want to use the internet on it, use it for making and receiving calls, or even keep it with you everywhere you go, you will want to know all the facts about mobile phones before you buy. You might be surprised by all the facts about mobile phones that you will discover. These facts, including the types of phones available, what they are used for, how they work, and much more can be found at a Vodafone store near me. The place is perfect for this.

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Mobile phones come under many names and guises. Other names for these phones include cordless phones, traveler’s phones and more. Technically all that a mobile is a phone that makes and receives calls over a wireless signal connection while the user is traveling in a car, taking a bus or train, or walking in a city. A smartphone is different from other types of hand held phones in that it uses a separate data network (GSM) instead of a cell network, although some older versions of smartphones do still use cell networks. The real advantage of the mobile phone is that it can now be pretty much used anywhere in the world. It has given us the power of communication, and entertainment instantly.

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Facts about mobile phones may surprise or amuse you, depending on your preferences. Some of the most popular brands of smartphones in the United Kingdom include Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and others.

What is Fluoride and How Does it Help Teeth?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is added to our water supply to prevent tooth decay.

Fluoride is a trace mineral found in most living things and the amount in the water depends on how much fluoride is left in the soil. Fluoride is widely used for many health benefits. It helps strengthen teeth, prevent cavities, stop gingivitis, strengthen bones and helps keep our teeth and enamel stronger. Fluoride is essential for strong and healthy teeth; however, too much of it can be toxic to the body.

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Fluoride is a great benefit to all people aged 8 years and over, through their water supply and in their toothpaste. Did you know that the fluoride in the water supply can help reduce the prevalence of cavities by 30%? Consider switching your toothbrush to a Bamboo Toothbrush, available at a site like Bambooth, suppliers of Bamboo Toothbrush products.

When bacteria forms into plaque on a tooth, it will eat away at the tooth enamel and cause demineralisation to occur. Fluoride, when attached to a tooth, makes the enamel stronger and less at risk of the decay caused by demineralisation.

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Toothpaste is a great source of fluoride and regular brushing helps the teeth to absorb a healthy level of fluoride for protection.

The Aristocratic life in the past for our entertainment

One of the most watched series of the last few years in that of Downton Abbey. We’ve been settling down in our sofas and comfy chairs to see the comings and goings of this well to do family and the opulent wealth they have. The series runs through the turbulent years of the early twentieth century (not that there weren’t many of those in that century) from 1912 to 1926. It covers the effects of the First World War, the serious Government scandals, the creation of Ireland as a nation and the abortive start of Hitlers rise to power and the sinking of the Titanic. Whether you are in your home or are in one of the many Residential Park Homes like those at http://www.parkhomelife.com/ its a Sunday night treat.

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It’s basically a reworking, but not a reboot, of Upstairs downstairs and a less funny version of You Rang M’Lord. In this age the Upper classes of Edwardian Britain held sway, just, before the fledgling successes of the Labour party and the First World War began to erode the due deference that the working and middle classes all paid to them. Here, everyone knows their place and talk of bettering yourself or thinking that getting an education that lasts longer than 5 years or maybe some workers rights.

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That being said it’s a good bit of historical drama and the performance, Dame Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville and Jim Carter being the standouts. It also illustrates the fact that even the downstairs had a class system operating as well.

How fuel gets to our homes

It’s easy for us to just take the energy we use. If you feel a little cold, you turn on the central heater. Want to shower? Only one tap on an app can turn on hot water these days. But the route to getting energy to your home is not easy. This is a brief guide to what happens behind the scenes to power your home.

Solar power

The sun is more than 90 million miles away from Earth, but it takes less than 10 minutes for light to hit it. After sunlight hits the solar panels, it produces a flow of electrons through the panel cells, producing electricity. Each cell produces several volts of electricity and the panel combines the energy they produce to make a larger current and voltage.

For those who have solar panels on their home, the excess power that is produced is exported back to the National Grid and redistributed throughout the country. But one drawback is that solar energy cannot be stored. However, new development by Tesla claims to overcome the problem.

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The UK gas supply mostly derives from the North and East Ireland seas. It was also brought in from other countries throughout Europe. In some cases, the gas shrinks up to 600 times in volume making it easy to transport. This gas is burned in a power plant, producing heat energy that drives a turbine that drives a generator. This converts the mechanical energy of the turbine into electrical energy. Make sure your gas appliances are regularly serviced by a Gas registered engineer and your meter is kept in good condition. For a replacement Gas Meter box, visit https://www.meterbox.co.uk


The power of the wind was utilized since thousands of years BC, when ancient Egyptians harnessed it to navigate across the Nile. Current technology means that wind turbine blades can now rotate at 10-30 revolutions per second, converted into electricity through a generator, like a giant version of a dynamo-powered lamp on a bicycle. Transformers convert this electricity to the correct voltage for distribution. The National Grid sends this power throughout the country. Like the sun, there is no way to store this energy.


Uranium, a heavy metal, was formed in supernovae more than 6.6 billion years ago and can be found on rocks and seawater. Now it helps supply the globe with as much as 16% of its electricity. Uranium is transformed into a fuel pellet that releases heat energy when the atoms split, producing superheated steam that drives the turbine. This turbine drives a generator, which gives us electricity.

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The coal seam can run deep underground, as low as 800m and stretches hundreds of kilometers across England. Depending on how far the coal must travel, it is transported by truck, train or barge. The final product of coal goes to a plant where it is combusted and, like nuclear power, drives a turbine to produce electricity.

The art of making a good first impression.

First impressions count, we learn this from a very early age. Human beings work in quickfire way. Our brains take a look at someone, something or somewhere and start to make rapid subconscious decisions and judgements immediately. This is something that biologists are still nowhere near to figuring out why this is.. The main theory is that it relates to our ancestors fight or flight reflex. We needed to know in an instant if we are in danger or if we were with friends and are safe. The same is still true today centring around trust. People buy and work with people that they like and trust and the initial impression that we get from someone helps to inform this. Whether it is taking a look at how someone dresses, acts or responds to you. Many of these features are very subtle and not always picked up by the other person.

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While it might be a sad fact that we don’t spend enough time developing a relationship or suspending judgement about someone we see or meet,  the plain truth is that we do not have the time and our brains are not interested in letting us do that anyway. As a modern example think about entering an office for the first time. You might be there on business, you may be coming for a job whatever the circumstances you are entering into a new environment and the unknown. You will have some expectations and preconceptions (a whole new avenue to explore!) before you go in, but as soon as you see the place, your brain is sending you information and signals about what the eyes are relaying to it.

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So, if the reception area is open and welcoming with say some nice Reception Chairs from  companies like https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/reception-chairs/ and the receptionist is polite and helpful, you are going to start with a view that this is a place that you like, trust and can do business with. If it is a cold dinghy affair and the receptionist is rude or officious then you might start to feel that this is not a place you feel comfortable with.

I was told a story once by a friend who worked in retail buying. He requested a salesman come and show him a line of products they were interested in. He turned up in a suit and a very loud colourful shirt. While the buyer never took on the products he remembered the salesperson above many of the others that he actually did buy from. A first impression well made.

What are the Key Benefits of Printer Servicing?

The number one benefit of printer servicing is that it prevents costly mistakes. By preventing costly mistakes, you ensure that your printer stays in good condition for longer, which increases the overall value of your printer system. Other benefits of printer servicing are less printer downtime, fewer toner cartridge failures, and more efficient use of the printer components. In short, printer servicing makes your printer more reliable and improves the value of your printer. For Printer leasing, visit https://elmrep.co.uk/

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If you take proper care of your printer, you can prevent many common printer maintenance problems from occurring. One of the most common problems is that when you first purchase a printer, the manufacturer will not guarantee that the machine is free of all printing problems. Instead, they will only guarantee replacement parts. Since your goal as a printer owner is to maximize the life of your printer cartridges, this can be a disappointment. But by having a service centre to service your printer every six to eight months, you can eliminate printer failure due to ink wear or other ink quality issues.

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The second benefit of printer servicing is the reduced cost to you. What are the costs of printer repairs and replacements? Some of these costs include repairing the toner drum itself or replacing the cartridges; both of which can increase the cost of printer repair. When you have a professional printer service company to perform maintenance on your printer each time it is serviced, you only have to pay for the service itself. This can often save you hundreds over time.

Careers In Care

If you are like many, you may be considering a career in care to help improve the quality of life of people who have limited mobility or disability. Care is a growing and integral part of the healthcare system. There are jobs available across a wide range of specialities-from home health aides to doctors and nurses, and from physical therapy to elder care. For more details on Live in Care Stroud, visit a site like Take Five Homecare, suppliers of Live in Care Stroud.

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Caregivers are a great role model, since they are there assisting others with physical limitations. A caring and compassionate attitude are important when caring for a person who has a physical limitation. The key to becoming successful at a career in this field is gaining skills that will be valuable to the patient and to the caregiver.

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Are you looking for a career in health care? If so, you may want to consider a career as a medical assistant. As a medical assistant, you would typically be in charge of the routine care of patients, providing a supportive and helpful hand while working. You will also be an integral part of the patient’s recovery process. If you are planning on pursuing a higher level of healthcare training, such as a certified nurse’s or a doctorate degree, there are many programs at colleges and universities that offer a wide variety of opportunities to combine your education and experience to become a healthcare professional.

Common Reasons For MOT Failures

Many UK car owners are not aware that one of the most common reasons for a refusal on MOT is failure to make sure that all the necessary safety and vehicle checks have been carried out. It is surprising just how many people do not carry out basic checks to ensure that their vehicle is as safe as it can be, particularly when they consider the small sums involved in the annual fee to be paid by the driver. Not checking all the safety issues is the main cause of MOT failure because when the MOT turns up there are a large number of items that need to be checked before the motor will be accepted.

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It is surprising just how many people fail to check the windscreen wipers and also the number plates when they go for a MOT. It is vital that these items are replaced if they are damaged as the MOT failure means that the vehicle will not be allowed on the road unless it can be repaired. If there are any problems relating to the number plates, lights or windscreen wipers then these items will all need to be replaced. If there are a number of items that have broken, or if they cannot be fixed then the MOT will fail and the car will not be allowed on the road. If you need to get your car in shape, consider Injector reconditioning Northern Ireland at https://odsautomotive.co.uk/injector-services-armagh/

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Brake lights, indicators, and brake pads are also very common reasons for MOT failures. If you use the brakes with faulty components then this will mean that the brakes will not work properly and could also mean that there is something wrong with the brake system itself.

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