Crazy Car Concepts

If you love cars, then you’ll love this list of some of the strangest and wackiest automobiles ever brought dreamt up, whether still firmly on the designing table or dragged into real-life:

  1. Amphibious Lamborghini

These cars normally come with a pretty hefty price tag but here is your chance to get your hands on one for just $27,000. And what’s more, you can combine the joy of having a Lambo with the fact that it can glide across water too! The Amphibious Lamborghini Countach is the only car in its class to be able to take to the water. Imagine how cool you’d look this summer? For those of us who still drive relatively normal cars, don’t forget to book your annual Gloucester MOT

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  1. Rinspeed Squba

Here’s another one for those of you who are desperate for a car that can dive underwater like the iconic James Bond vehicle. The Rinspeed Squba is an amphibious concept vehicle designed by the Rinspeed company. The concept was lifted straight from the James Bond movie ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and the car aims to glide, float, swim and even dive like a sub! On land it will boast a top speed of 120km/h. 

  1. Terrafugia Transition

Not only have we dreamed of cars that could swim but most sci-fi films have been promising us flying cars for some time now. Well, the wait might finally be over as the Terrafugia Transition car seeks to change all that. As well as motoring with ease on land, the vehicle can unfold wings like an aircraft! There are only two such vehicles being constructed, with designers and engineers working on the idea since 2006. At nearly a quarter of a million dollars, jumping ahead of the rush hour traffic with your wings is going to cost you.

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  1. Peel P50

Bikes – love them or hate them, they do make good economic and time-saving sense. If you’re more of a hater, then why not consider the Peel P50, a fun-size car for one and a great alternative to biking it. It can travel at speeds of 61km/h, weighs a slight 56kg and holds the record for being the smallest car ever manufactured. Sadly, it is no longer in production but there was one auctioned at $176,000 when it originally only cost £200!

  1. Superbus

Gone could be the days of the much-loved old rickety bus that is such a common sight on the roads and streets of the world. A Dutch astronaut named Wubbo Ockels, working out of the Delft University of Technology, has given us the Superbus. Running on electricity, this is a high-speed, smooth affair with attractive butterfly doors on each side of its body. It can carry 25 passengers on a journey and reach speeds of 250km/h. No more waiting for the late bus in the rain!

  1. Wooden Car

Wood is a highly practical material for constructing many things, but you’d never imagine a car to be from wood. However, a wooden car that looks like a Lamborghini has been made by a chap called Joe Hammon. Surprisingly, it has 700hp and can reach incredible speeds of 368km/h.

How To Choose The Ideal MBA Program For You

The business world is extremely competitive and to maintain an edge over others, it is important to stay up to date. The more educated you are, the better chances you have to excel; therefore acquiring a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is important since education will help you land better opportunities.

Once you have decided to pursue your MBA, the next step is to choose an apt MBA program. There are different kinds of MBA programs to suit your unique needs. Evaluate each program closely and make your decision accordingly. The following information will help you to understand each program better and aide you in your decision making.

What are the Different Types of MBA Programs Available?

Executive MBA

This graduate level business degree program is not similar to ordinary MBA degree as it is especially formulated for the working professionals, executives and managers. As they are designed for working students, the program is usually flexible and allows students to take classes according to their convenience. Executive programs also enable working students to acquire their MBA within 2 years.

This program is a great addition for those individuals who are yearning to climb up the corporate ladder, as it adds substantial credentials to your resume. The cost of this program is slightly higher than your normal MBA degree, but financial aid is usually available for pursuing this program. It is extremely important to choose an apt executive program that is accredited and offers good career opportunities. Research properly and then take your pick.

Part- Time MBA

Also known as flex programs, these programs are best suited for individuals who are either working already or have other commitments to fulfill such as taking care of an ill family member or being a parent to a young toddler etc. The classes for such programs are scheduled in the evening for the ease of students.

There are many colleges offering part- time MBA; take steps to research thoroughly and then decide your pick. Accreditation is extremely important; therefore purse an MBA only from a recognized university so that your degree is valued by employers. The duration of a part time program varies depending upon the university but usually takes up to 2 to 4 years since the classes are less unlike fulltime MBA classes. Many universities also offer accelerated part- time programs that allow you to finish your MBA quickly. Part- time MBA is a great boost to your career which can be achieved with some hard work.

One year MBA

High tuition cost and current economic slump has resulted in less number of applicants for 2 year MBA programs but a rather renewed interest in the 1 year program. These programs offer a chance to students to pursue double dual- degrees such as MD and MBA or Real Estate and MBA. Thus students can have time to complete two courses and save time as well as cost. Apart from the obvious advantages, one year MBA offers equal opportunities as a traditional MBA does. Employers usually do not discriminate in the salary based on the type of MBA earned.

Skeptics are against this trend citing the lack of time for summer internships, which is an important prerequisite for jobs. They are also of the opinion that a 2 year program offers a much rounded experience. Yet many famous business schools have started offering one year MBA since once the alumni finishes their core requirements, they are integrated with the traditional 2 year class. Thus both the classes pass out as a single class. The core training during the summer classes require students to work in teams on live projects for companies. This offers them a chance of internship, while attending classes. One year MBA courses are in high demand now.

MBA adds advantage to your profile and gets you better career opportunities that help you to advance further in your career. Changing face of education has given rise to many options; but you must weigh every option and then decide to persuade the one that best suits your needs.

Three Ways To Avoid Workplace Injuries

According to the United States Department of Labor, an average of 13 Americans dies a work related death every day.  That may be a surprising statistic as we believe that many work related deaths only occur in other countries such as Columbia or Bangladesh.  But many Americans wake up every day and end up being harmed.  Every year 4 million workers are seriously injured on the job as well.

This presents big problems and possible law suits for companies who fail to practice proper safety measures.  Many of these injuries and deaths occur in factories and places where moving heavy equipment and doing high amounts of manual labor is common.  For these types of companies you try to squeeze the most out of every employee but the numbers they push every day.

There is a fine line between production and how prone you make your employees to injury though.  And sometimes situations turn for the worst.  Making the possible risks your employees take every day known to them is not just a large part of protecting them and keeping them safe but it is also to protect you and your company.

The List

Here are three tips you can use to improve worker safety and help to protect your company.

1)      When moving materials make sure your employees are all aware of what they are actually moving.  You do not want all of the materials to be a mystery to your workers and them not wear proper protection.  Even though your company may provide facemasks, gloves or any other protection it still puts the company in a high risk situation if the worker does not follow protocol.  20 years down the road when they fall ill from possible after effects of the material could prove costly to both them and you.

2)      Make sure your employees are aware of how to move heavy loads.  Whether these heavy loads are by hand or with a forklift or some other way to move things around, make sure they are aware of the safety risks.  Back injuries are some of the most common among employees because many of them are unaware of how to properly lift a heavy load.  Forklifts tipping over in the middle of a warehouse are never an ideal situation either.

3)      Make sure anything stored in your warehouse or factory is stored correctly.  Often times forklift pallets are not put into place properly or chemicals are not stored at the correct temperature.  Materials’ falling on employees is one of the main causes of workplace injuries and it is also one of the most avoidable.

Keeping the Flow Going

Workplace accidents are a nightmare for both parties involved.  Employees can go for months without going to work while they heal from their injury and companies can be liable for the injured employee.  To keep the company to employee street comfortably flowing two ways it is best for both parties to be aware of all the possible safety issues.

The Perfect Elevator Constructed By The Perfect Company

Having an elevator adds to the convenience of a home because it saves you from having to go up and down numerous flights of stairs. However, from time to time it will need to be maintained or repaired in order for it to continue working properly. When choosing a home elevator company there are some things to consider.

Experience Is Crucial When Finding The Right Home Elevator Company
It is important to find home elevator companies that are thoroughly experienced in this type of work. Some companies will offer cheaper prices because they are less experienced and just trying to get business. In many cases this means inferior work done to your elevator. The money you may save by using a less experienced company isn’t worth your overall safety. Instead, choose a company that has the experience necessary to fix or maintain your elevator right the first time. When interviewing companies make sure you ask them how their technicians are trained and what quality standards they have.

Operating Hours Should Be Convenient For You
When choosing a residential elevator company you should choose one that will work with your schedule. As inconvenient as it is to have an elevator that needs repair or maintenance, it is even more inconvenient to have to miss work or another important event to wait for a home elevator company. You should also make sure that the company you choose has an on call technician that is available 24 hours a day just in case an emergency arises. You should be aware that very few companies offer this type of service and it may take a little bit of searching to find a company that does.

Pick An Elevator Company That Also Offers Parts And Elevators For Sale
There may come a time when you want to add new features to your elevator or even have a new one installed. It is important to choose an elevator company that offers these products. This will ensure that they are not only knowledgeable about these items because they sell them often, but that you won’t have to wait because they have to order them from another company.

Service Is Important When Choosing A Home Elevator Company
You should choose an elevator service company that offers a wide array of services. When talking to different companies ask them what they do and do not offer. It’s a good idea to make a list of these items so that you can compare them. This will help you make a decision about which company may fit your needs the best. Just remember that even if you don’t need a particular service now, you may need it later.

So remember, when choosing a home elevator company it is important to choose the right one. By using the above tips you can take some of the headaches out of the process. Choosing the right company to maintain or fix your elevator will get your elevator up and running as quickly as possible.

5 Tips To Make Your Moving Sale A Success

Your move is only a month or two away and you have a lot left to accomplish. As you call around to get moving quotes from various companies and collect the packing supplies you will need, you more than likely have looked around at your house and wondered how and when you accumulated so much stuff. You know you need to downsize, and one of the best ways to do this before the movers arrive is with a yard sale.

Yard sales can be difficult if you go it alone. Here are a few moving tips to help make your downsizing sale a success.

  1. Reach out to others for help – Chances are your friends and family will want to spend time with you while they can. When you are ready to hold your sale, invite your friends and family over to help and hang out. You can turn an event that can be a lot of hard work into one that is a fun get-together with your loved ones while you downsize and get productive.
  2. Organize your sale like your move – As you set up all of your items, organize them into various sections for each room. This will help you to keep everything in a pile and stay organized even during the chaotic period of relocating to a new house. Organizing by room will also help your visitors to shop more easily and have more fun at your sale.
  3. Spread the word – People love yard sales, and finding hidden treasures can be an adventure for many. Still, those people will not come if they are unaware of where and when you are open for business. Advertise in the newspaper, online and with your friends so that you can have a great turnout.
  4. Price your items fairly – While people want to get a good deal, your items are still worth money. Putting prices on items starts the negotiation of each piece you are selling and can help you to get what you deserve out of your old stuff. Consider the price you paid for it when deciding how much to charge.
  5. Donate what is not sold – Instead of bringing your extra belongings with you to your next home, donate them to charity. This will allow you to downsize and will also help you leave a good imprint on your community. If you have children, encourage them to donate a few toys, too.

When you are ready to start packing and downsizing, bring your friends and family together for a day of fun and moneymaking. With your yard sale, you can bring in some extra cash for your old items and get rid of the stuff you no longer will need in your new house.

NJ Senior Care Options: Assisted Living Facilities vs. In-Home Care

Getting older is an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately, the aging process can be hard on all those who are involved, from the individuals who are aging themselves to their friends and family members. As people age, they tend to lose the ability to do the things they used to when they were younger, and this can present a problem. How can an individual continue to enjoy a high quality as they age? Older people often require some extra care, and making the right decision on how to provide this care is extremely important. When researching your options for NJ senior care, there are two primary options: sending your elder loved one to live at an assisted living facility, or taking advantage of quality in-home care. Below is additional information on each possibility.

Garden State Assisted-Living Facilities
The “Garden State” is a great place in which to live, but is living in an assisted living facility the best way for an older person to spend their golden years? For someone without any close family members to visit them, an assisted living facility can be a feasible option. An assisted living facility will provide the watchful supervision a senior needs, along with providing food, activities, and other essentials to maintain a reasonably comfortable quality of life. A disadvantage of living in a facility is being one-of-many residents who are cared for by a small staff of aides.

In-Home Care in New Jersey
For seniors who would prefer to maintain their independence in their own home, in-home care in New Jersey is an excellent choice. With in-home care, a professional home health aide travels to the senior’s home to provide custom-tailored one-on-one assistance. From housekeeping to meal preparation to errands and shopping, these compassionate professionals lend a helping hand whenever and wherever one is needed. Personal and hygiene care such as bathing, dressing, and grooming assistance can also be provided, along with safety and fall prevention, weekend and holiday coverage, and more. Care can be scheduled as needed, from hourly in-home care to 24/7 care with live-in assistance.

Which Option is Best?
Every situation is different, but studies have shown again and again that seniors prefer to age in their own homes. In-home care is clearly the more desirable choice for the majority of seniors. In-home care allows an older person to maintain a certain level of his or her independence while still receiving the care and attention they need to live safely and happily. In-home care allows an individual to age in an environment in which they are familiar and comfortable—it’s the ideal scenario! As they say, “there’s no place like home.” When it comes time to make a decision on NJ senior care, do your best to keep your loved ones where they belong—with in-home care.

Top Growing Industries In America

Top Growing Industries In America

It’s been a long way back from the brink. The economic slowdown has itself slowed down, and we can begin to look ahead to growth and increased paychecks. Several key markets have been on the rebound recently. New home construction grew by 15% in Q3 2012 with a 12% increase in permit applications. Domestic auto sales are up 11% YTD over 2011. Third quarter US retail grew 15% as compared to Q3 of 2011. Things are looking up.

Woman looking up and smiling.
Correspondingly, the employment front seems to be brightening as does corporate sales and revenue. There are several industries that have shown promise recently. Some are understandable, and some are quite the surprise. Here is a look at five of the biggest winners thus far in 2012.

Hot Sauce Production

Metric: Gross Sales
Growth: between 9% and 10% monthly growth
There is a changing taste among the populous. Ethnic foods such as spicy hot Indian and Thai foods have gained popularity, and demand for hot sauce has skyrocketed. Industry experts attribute this to changing demographics and immigration. They also point to international demand from the UK and especially from Japan, where exotic or foreign/ethnic foods are quite popular. (Yes, you are reading that bottle correctly.)

Happy man, holding a bottle of Colon Cleaner hot sauce.
Auto Parts Production

Metric: Jobs
Growth: 22%
As stated, the auto industry has grown by 11%, and of course the parts industry has followed suit. The development of new kinds of cars, such as green cars that are either still in development or waiting to hit the market, has fueled parts industry growth in new areas as well. Technology will continue to grow these fraternal industries together.

Steering wheel.
Internet Publishing

Metric: Jobs
Growth: 30%
As one industry is declining, another is growing. To fill the void left by the dwindling number of print publications, Internet publishing continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Many print companies are converting to online operations, but new online publications are appearing all the time, benefited by low startup and maintenance costs.

Oil and Gas Drilling and Extraction

Metric: Jobs
Growth: 29%
Advances in technology have led to two huge developments in energy exploration: oil sands and shale rock. Canada has struck gold with the oil sand deposits in Alberta, generating billions – some estimate trillions – of barrels of oil. The US has access to shale, much of which can be found in the Bakken Region of North Dakota. This has led to an economic explosion of gold rush proportions in North Dakota, which has now become one of the most employment-friendly states in the nation.

Man in a hard hat, on the oil fields.
Social Media Game Development

Metric: Revenue
Growth: 42%
Whether it’s Mafia Wars or Words with Friends, Social Media games have led to yet another way to spend time online and, more importantly, another way to interact with friends. Companies like Zynga have been lucrative for years, and it appears that the industry has been given a shot in the arm since its hosts, Facebook and Twitter, have garnered so much mainstream financial attention lately. Being such a young industry, the future is bright.

Life under the sea

I have enjoyed most of my working life as a cleaner fish. There is something beautiful about being able to protect myself from predators by actively having something they need. The ability and desire to be able to clean their scales and skin from other little parasites and dead skin. I know, I know it’s not a job that most people would want but it keeps me safe and with a full tummy.

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When I was younger I used to wish that I could breath out of water as I longed to work for a shore-based company like Driveway cleaning service Evesham company They have pressure washers you know, and they look like so much fun! But alas my wish was never to come true, so I had to make the best of it here in the water.

I am very lucky really, I get to see all sorts of sights down here and I have customers who come such a diverse range of backgrounds. One of my regulars Eddy is a shark. He is very polite and not at all grumpy which makes a change for the sharks around here! We often have a chat and a little catch up on the reef gossip when he pops in for his regular Tuesday morning spruce up.

Image Credit

I currently have about 5,000 customers on the books which is very little for a fish of my type. A lot of my competitors have around 2,000 a day. Although I’m happy with my little part time enterprise. It means that I have some time to go explore the depths and catching up with some of my friends. I don’t have many friends in the trade as most them are terribly boring and you know quite a few of them talk with their mouth full of food. It’s disgusting!

I heard on the reef radio this morning that some of the cleaning businesses around here have decided to take a secondment opportunity helping some salmon farmers keep their fish nice and clean and free from parasites. It sounds terribly exotic. Apparently, they will be put to work in the water and some of the stronger and more athletic ones will be used to breed more cleaner fish. It sounds very exciting although I can’t think of anything worse than being couped up with a bunch of cleaner fish all day and night long. I am glad that I can swim around and enjoy myself in my little patch without having pay too much attention to the others so perhaps for now I will just focus on my little business.

Debunking the Student Accommodation Myths

If you’re thinking about where to live when you go to college or Uni in September, then it can be tough to separate the fact from the fiction. There are many misconceptions and myths that abound about students and accommodation, so here we aim to dispel some of the more dubious claims:

  1. Student accommodation is pricey

This is one of the most common mistruths about student living, that it’s too expensive. Well, it’s just not the case. There is such a wide variety of accommodation available that as long as you start looking early, you will find the best deals and the cheapest rates.

  1. Just a room with a bed will suffice

This might have been the case several decades ago, but times have changed. Modern students are looking for much more than just a bed in a room. Expectations are higher, with features like wi-fi and central heating being the absolute basic requirements. For first-class Gloucester student accommodation, visit


  1. The Deposit Scheme doesn’t help students

Of course, it does! The Deposit Scheme is in place to protect every tenant, no matter who they are. Ensure your deposit payments are registered with the scheme when paying it to your landlord.

  1. Students have complete disregard for property

With everything in life, the few spoil it for the majority. There might have been a time when students were a little more rebellious and carefree, but with fees rising, students know that damage means deposit deductions. The majority of students take very good care of their accommodation and don’t receive enough credit for it.

  1. Students arrive in September

Landlords often make this assumption and use the summer months to make repairs or carry out any maintenance or decorating work needed. However, many international students arrive ahead of September. If you plan to move in earlier than expected, just make sure your landlord is aware that the property will be occupied.

  1. Students need to take a car full of stuff when the leave home

This is a bad habit that most students are guilty of, or their parents are! They buy too much stuff and are forced to cram it all into their parents’ car. However, bear in mind that many students must leave behind a lot of stuff when they move out so that should tell you, you probably won’t need half the stuff you’re planning to take.

  1. Most live in halls

This generally does apply to Freshers, but you’re unlikely to find many second or third year students staying in halls. It’s common practice for these students to find accommodation with their friends after the first year. A fresher doesn’t have to stay in halls either, with plenty of students choosing a little more independence straight away.

The health benefits of frozen raspberries

If you love the taste of raspberries, there is no need for you to wait until the summer to enjoy them. The fresh raspberries that you buy during the winter months have usually been imported from a country miles away and often lack flavour and texture. They can also be disappointingly low in nutrients; however, frozen raspberries are a different matter, retaining and improving their sharp, fresh flavour and delivering an impressive shot of essential nutrients. They make an excellent alternative to the fresh product and are always available.

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Nutritional benefits of frozen raspberries

Raspberries are low in fructose (fruit sugar) compared to many other fruits and can be a useful addition to a weight loss diet. They deliver a high concentration of vitamin C, so they help to prevent infection by boosting the immune system.

There has been some recent research into how raspberries can help with the management of obesity. It is thought that phytonutrients found in raspberries can speed up our metabolism and so help us to break down fats. It is also suggested that the rheosmin found in raspberries can cut down the absorption of fat, which aids weight loss.

The antioxidants in raspberries may help to reduce the risk of cancer. Organic frozen raspberries may be especially beneficial. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients within the raspberries may interfere with the production of cancer cells. For existing cancers, raspberries may play a role in decreasing the number of cells.

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Raspberries also deliver an impressive array of flavonoids, anthocyanins, stilbenoids, phenolic acids, ellagitannins and ellagic acid.

Healthy recipes with frozen raspberries

Delicious frozen raspberries are a versatile ingredient in any recipe. When you enhance the flavour with raspberry food flavouring from a specialist such as, the flavour will be even more intense.

You do not have to reserve raspberries for desserts. According to the Good Housekeeping website, their tangy taste makes them a perfect addition to savoury dishes. Some popular ideas include roasted pork with berry salad, mixed berry ceviche, and mixed berry chipotle glaze.

For those with a sweet tooth, there is an endless supply of ideas. Who can resist a raspberry sponge cake or a raspberry and pistachio parfait? As a healthy option for breakfast, raspberries work well when combined with natural yoghurt, honey and walnuts.