Your university accommodation options explained

Heading of to university for the first time can produce a mixture of emotions for fear and anxiety through to excitement and wonder. There are many different ways in which you can experience university and two of the main options are whether to stay at home and travel in for your lectures or whether to live on campus.

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If you choose to experience university life up close then there are a number of different accommodation options available to you.

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Halls of residence – this is usually a preferred option for first year students as it puts them right on the campus site and near to the lecture halls and other amenities. There will also be security and medical support available on site should the students need this. Many universities will insist on their first year students staying in these types of accommodation. It is usually a single room with either an en suite bathroom or shared bathroom and a shared communal kitchen space.

House sharing – in the second and third years once friendships have been established and the students are more aware of their local area you find that groups will look for Cheltenham Student Accommodation from places such as this allows them to stay with their friendship groups but still have the independence of their own room space.

Why homeowners demolish buildings

There are times when maintaining a property is not worth the effort anymore. If the property has more problems than you can count, it may be time to consider demolishing and starting again.

Owners have different reasons why they want their buildings demolished. Here are some of them:

Foundation problems

The owners usually have the option to demolish the building when they are told that their structures have a weak foundation. It’s important to remember that the foundation is what makes a decent building. Building with poor planning is the best example of this. If this issue happens, the building owner will usually decide to have it pulled down rather than carrying out a renovation. For Demolition Birmingham visit a site like

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Old buildings also tend to develop underlying weakness due to the age of the materials used in the initial construction which may have been worn out and no longer able to hold the building together safely. Many older buildings may look good on the outside but have a lot of hidden problems such as inadequate ventilation and plumbing problems.

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Old buildings are also vulnerable to moisture due to leaks that can attract mould. If you are a business owner looking to expand into new locations and the existing building is old, you may need to have it inspected by a building inspector to find out if it is worth keeping or not. If you find that renovations will likely cost more than a new building, the best course of action may be to destroy the old one.

Installing Scaffolding? Leave it to the experts

It is really hard to perform the task of installing scaffolding by yourself, but it is very easy to fall into mistakes that can cost you money and even life. Having professionally installed scaffolding will definitely prevent any type of accident that could happen to anyone near the scaffolding area.

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Scaffolding hire companies are also willing to take the time to explain their services to potential clients, so they can understand all the needs and requirements of the customers. They also provide additional services that can significantly improve the overall operation of the project, including a complete set of solutions for jobs of various types. It is important that a client gets the chance to decide on the type of scaffolding to be used, especially if there are special details that have to be considered. Moreover, a contractor will take care of all the details of the job that could involve safety equipment, gear, and other pre-requisites. For Scaffolding London, visit a site like

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Finding the right person to hire can be really simple if you know how to do so. You can easily search for a scaffolding hire company by visiting online directories, asking for referrals from friends and family, or calling on several companies before choosing one to provide your services. By having an expert explain everything to you, you will have an easier time understanding the details of the job and making sure that everything goes perfectly.


Hiring a Storage Unit

It’s important to take the time to explore all the options that are available to you when it comes to hiring a storage unit. Even though these advantages and disadvantages may seem obvious, there are a lot of people who don’t even know what they are. By knowing what they are, you’ll be able to make the best choice.

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One of the first advantages is that the environment in which you store your items can be a lot healthier than others. For example, there are many different types of insulation that can be added to your unit, so that you can be sure that your items stay cool and fresh. You can also use special furniture in your unit that helps you have more space.

When storing important items at home, you may not be keeping them in the optimum environment for what they are made of. Damage can be caused to items if they are stored in places that are too moist or warm, for example. Find out more about what’s available with Self Storage Highbridge. Visit a site like

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There are a number of disadvantages that are worth considering. One of these is that you may not be able to store anything that is too valuable inside your unit. This can include antiques, expensive electronics, or even personal belongings that you’ve accumulated over the years. These things will need to be sold or stored at home. There are quite a few restrictions on what can be stored inside such a unit, however, they are quite sensible and won’t affect the majority of customers’ storage requirements.


Can’t see the Wood for the trees? Where have our Forests gone?

Once upon a time, about five thousand years ago, Britain, apart from the North of Scotland, was covered in Trees. Oaks, Elms, Ash, Willow and Evergreen’s like Pine made the island a forest from Lands End to Inverness. Mesolithic Britons had a ready source of material for fuel and for buildings. They began one of the largest deforestation programs the world has ever seen. As Southampton Timber Merchants Timbco will tell you, we are still feeling the effects of this. Only twelve percent of Britain is now wooded compared to Finland which has seventy two percent.

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We have been able to recover some of it since the end of the Second World War. A replanting programme set up to replace this loss has been going on since the 1950’s. The chosen tree for this was the Spanish Plane, mainly because it does well in urban areas. Tree preservation orders were introduced to stop the felling of rare and special trees and the Dutch Elm Disease situation did nothing to help.

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Modern reasons for tree loss can be attributed to the Napoleonic Wars where Oak was required for ships, in fact many new Forests were created as the authorities worried about a shortfall in wood for the navy. The First and Second World war saw a huge depletion as well.

Back stretches you can do at your desk

If you are one of the thousands of people who sits for long periods of time at a desk working you need to ensure that you are moving around as much as is feasible to prevent your muscles from stiffening, tightening and causing pain in your upper back, neck and shoulder region. Whilst we all know that a simple stretch here and there will help we often don’t find the time to be able to do this. So here are some stretches that you can do whilst you are sat at the desk you purchased from an Office Furniture Gloucester company.

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Spine Rotation

Cross your arms over your chest and place your hands on your shoulders. Gently twist your body to the left side and then the right. This will help to ease any tension that is being held in your lower back area.

Posterior Shoulder Stretch

Hold one arm out across your body, place your other hand on your upper arm just above your elbow and gently pull the arm towards your chest. This will help to ease stiffness in your shoulders.

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Shoulder Shrugs

You should gently raise your shoulders up towards your ears and then gently let them fall back down again. You should repeat this a few times. As you do this you will notice any tension or discomfort in your shoulders starts to be released.

Importance of Locum Insurance

A locum can be defined as a group of members or a person who can be appointed in replacement of some other staff or member who is unable to complete his task for a specific period. The importance of locums is without any doubt because when a member of a company is unable to continue his job, nobody will be able to replace him. There will be a loss either financial or in other values like time. A locum is the only option that can fulfil the position of that person. The selection of a locum is decided according to their qualification. For Locum Insurance, visit a site like MPRS, providers of Locum Insurance.

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The importance of locum insurance is evident. Imagine the situation where you are assigned to provide the utmost care to the patients. What will happen if one or two of your employees are sick and are on leave for a week? It would be hard for you to cope with their leave and still provide the same services to your patients. This is where the locum insurance comes to your help. If you have the locum insurance cover, it can ease your worry and help you in keeping your practice alive. In case you are unable to continue your practice, locum insurance will help you with a replacement, so your practice is not affected much.

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The cost of locum changes according to the nature of the work. It also changes according to the cover of insurance. You can opt for a different type of insurance cover depending on your circumstances and future requirements.

How Technology Is Forging the Future of Accounting

The influence of technology is growing in all sectors of the life. It is changing the shape of the world. Every walk of life is improving due to technology. The same is true for the accounting sector. Accounting has an impressive future because of technology.

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Different modern technologies like automation, adaptive intelligence and machine learning are increasingly becoming a part of accounting. These technologies are producing many facilities and ease for accountants and auditors. Adaptive intelligence is new, but several companies have been using other modern technologies for a long time. technology can do repetitive tasks very well. But the analytical tasks can only be done by people in accounting. Humans can still perform accounting analysis more precisely. For Accountants Swindon, visit a site like Chippendale & Clark, expert Accountants Swindon.

Technology is helping to increase the work speed of different business operations. Audit work take months to complete and can disturb the smoothness of business affairs as the offices are taken over by auditors. Now audits are completed in weeks thanks to the help from technology. Nowadays, a contract is made within days. In the past, such contracts used to take months for their completion. Not only the speed of the work is increased but also the accuracy rate is higher. Artificial intelligence has become a part of bookkeeping in many companies.

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Another example of technology is working in the cloud. Many companies take advantage of a cloud-based system. This automatically and continuously updates information. The updated information is very helpful in making analysis and deciding the future of business.


Choosing a builder for your home extension project

How to compare merchants

The secret of any successful home building project is finding professionals traders who are reliable. Internet sites are a useful place to begin collecting information on comparing builders and contractors. Checkatrade is a popular site for comparing companies, inspections and service reviews.

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Search and compare local builders who are able to work on extensions and factor in the costs, getting around 3 different quotes for comparison purposes.

As with any service it’s always a good idea to shop around. It is always recommended to get at least three quotations from three different contractors for the job. You will usually need to ask at least five companies to get three quotes. Do some research first on how to invite contractors to tender for work. For House Extensions Solihull, visit a site like ifurb, providers of quality House Extensions Solihull.

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Setting your budget

When setting a budget for starting your work, make a list of everything you want to include (remember the two-story extension fee not unlike a single storey structure because of the major costs in the foundation). Compare your quotes with the goods and the prices of services and materials and always check that VAT is included in the cost. It can be a good idea to research the costs of different home remodelling projects which will give you an idea of how to budget.

It is also recommended that you set aside about 10% of the total cost for the inevitable additional unforeseen costs.

Importance of Professional Roofing Maintenance

The roof is the topmost important part of a house and everyone wants to keep it in the best condition for as long as possible. The roof is a complex system of designs that need proper maintenance to stay strong for a long time. Hence, continuous professional roof maintenance plays an important role in this regard. Poor maintenance and inspection can put the whole house in trouble at any time.

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Professional workers are adept at maintaining the roof. They provide you an accurate assessment of your roof condition. They can detect even a very small problem that may grow later on. They work under a designed schedule and keep the roof in its original condition. They inspect the rood ventilation and insulation of the roof. The professionals can also help you in increasing the lifespan of the roof. Hence, you get more time to settle out the schedule and budget for the replacement of the old roof. For Industrial Roofers, visit a site like Modbay, leading Industrial Roofers

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The professionals inspect each and every part of your roof and find even very small scale problems. They inspect each and every part of the roof from left to right. They find all the parts of the roof that require repair and maintenance to solve the issue in the best manner. They are the best caretakers of your roofs. Many roofs maintenance companies provide annual maintenance services to their customers in order to keep the warranty. Otherwise, their warranty may become void. Hence, the professional maintenance of the roof most important for you and your family.