A guide to cleaning Cork Flooring

Cork is one of the warmest, most welcoming surfaces available for your home. However, despite the aesthetic appeal and durable, warm look and feel, sometimes people may have doubts as to how to make the most of their cork in terms of keeping it clean and pristine, nourished and well-kept. The following guide is designed to help you optimise your floor, keeping it looking pristine and welcoming for many years to come…

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The rich warm appearance of cork belies its low-maintenance needs to keep it looking at its best. Similarly to tile or wood floors, cork needs minimal investment to nourish and clean it.

Mop Once a Week

A weekly mop regime will give your floor the clean it needs to keep pristine. A solution of white vinegar and water used with a soft mop of microfibre cloth is ideal, but take care not to use too much water as this can soak into the flooring and cause damage.

Off course if you are unsure about what to use on your flooring at home or even at work perhaps you could contact a specialist in this field like a Leicester Cleaning Company.  When it comes to cleaning there are so many products to use so it is important to make the right decision. If you live in an area with lots of choice you could just look at one one option of Cleaning in Leicester from Ace Cleaning Company

Sweep Your Floor Often

By maintaining a regular schedule of sweeping, you’ll be able to prevent your cork from getting scratched or damaged by any ingrained dirt. A soft broom, vacuum cleaner with brush attachment or dust mop will help you to keep on top of dust and prevent any long-term damage to flooring.

Treat Once a Month

Cork responds well to a deeper monthly clean, using a detergent designed for wooden flooring rather than the milder vinegar solution. You can also purchase detergents specifically designed to nurture, clean and nourish cork. Try to steer clear of any strong foamy detergents, which can leave a slippery residue following the cleaning process. Although cork is resistant to water and relatively durable, letting too much water or suds soak into the material can damage it.

Bring New Life to Older Cork

If you have a polyurethane finish on your flooring, then going over it with wool disks and a floor machine will provide a thorough treatment for removing any marks and blemishes which may have become ingrained over time. A buffing machine or solvent wax solution can also be used to restore the flooring to its original glory.

It goes without saying that cork, just like any other durable surface, needs to be protected from regular scuffing from furniture or heavy footfall.

Recognizing the Dangers of Fire at Work

Workplace fires cause severe damage to property, as well as injuries and even death. More than 22,000 non-residential fires occurred between 2013 and 2014, with the majority occurring in the workplace. All workplaces are different and whatever the reason for this fire, there are steps that each employer can take to reduce the risk. Here are some common hazards that must be considered:

Stacking of flammable material

Especially in an office environment, a buildup of used paper, cardboard, and other fuels is a common problem. In the event of a fire, these materials will make it much worse because they are easily ignited, so disposing of them in the right way is recommended. Storing such waste is best done offsite but if this is not possible then make sure it is as far away from the main building as possible and safe from ignition sources.

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Blocked Fire Exit

If you find a fire escape route that has been blocked by waste, furniture, or other equipment, then this should be cleaned up immediately. Fire exits must be easily accessible to all and any blockage will make escape difficult, if not impossible, in the event of a fire. Any restrictions for being able to escape quickly and safely from a building must be corrected.

Electrical equipment

Electricity faults are one of the main causes of fires at work in the UK. Periodic checks for any broken plugs or loose cables are very important. All electrical equipment must be tested by experts and any items that are damaged or faulty must be turned off and replaced. Stay safe by having regular fire assessments and ensuring the best fire safety components are utilised. For more information on fire safety components like Industrial Valves, visit https://www.orseal.com/

Fire alarm

You might be surprised to realize that the last time an alarm at your workplace was tested was a very long time ago! What is the point of having a system if no one knows if it will function when it is needed most? A maintenance schedule must be made and batteries regularly replaced at smaller alarms throughout the location. Does everyone in your building know where their closest fire exit is and where the meeting point is after evacuation? If not, get this sorted before it’s too late.

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Staff members must have designated smoking areas away from combustible materials nearby. Cigarettes that are disposed of improperly can easily ignite a fire and this is very dangerous if it occurs next to a combustible material. Provide a special cigarette bin and encourage staff to properly dispose of the tip of the cigarette. The smoking area must also be quite far from the main building.

Open Fire Door

The purpose of the fire door is to prevent further spread of the fire after it has broken out. Along the hallway or corridor, it is tempting to open these doors to make them more accessible. The problem is if the fire really ignites, the fire door will be useless, and the fire will spread far faster than it should. If you see that the fire door remains open, you must close it immediately.



Are bucket lists worth having?

Bucket lists are very popular today. There are countless websites dedicated to bucket lists, and thousands of people have uploaded their own bucket lists for the world to see.

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But is a bucket list actually worth having? Many people want to fill their lives with hedonistic, life-changing experiences before they die, from skydiving to swimming with dolphins to meeting their favourite celebrity, but other people question if a bucket list can actually add value to your life.

Is a bucket list a good idea?

There are lots of benefits to creating a bucket list, and one of the main ones is that it can help people to define their goals. Many people dream of travelling when they retire, but if they don’t actually sit down and decide where they want to go it is unlikely that their dream will ever become a reality. A bucket list makes it much easier for people to set concrete goals that they are likely to achieve, so it is possible that creating a bucket list will help you to live a more enjoyable life. It also means that people can plan for how they are going to finance these trips such as long term savings or whether they are going to contact a Gloucestershire Equity Release company like www.palmermortgages.co.uk/financial-services/equity-release-gloucestershire/ to release some of the equity in their property. The possibilities are endless once you plan your bucket list.

However, other people argue that a bucket list is just an easy attempt to find joy, as many people create a list and then don’t make an effort to actually tick things off the list. This is a fair point, but it doesn’t mean that bucket lists are bad – just that they are not as useful for some people as they are for other people. It is also possible that simply creating the list will help people to achieve their goals. According to Positive Psychology Program, a bucket list can give you focus, help you to take action and even improve your self-confidence. These are all excellent benefits that can enhance anyone’s life!

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What would you put on your bucket list?

There are lots of awesome things that you could consider putting on your bucket list, from travelling the world to riding a tank! You can even put smaller things on the list like learning to bake or taking a yoga class.

There are lots of different things that you can consider putting on your bucket list, so take the time to sit down and think about what you really want to achieve.

Formula 1 champions need essential qualities

There is a lot of discussion on what it takes to reach the top in Formula 1, with raw talent, grit, and a great car all suggested as contributors. Drivers have been described as fearless (Jim Clark), phenomenally talented (Jackie Stewart) and ruthless (Niki Lauda). It is highly likely that these drivers had some traits in common.

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To succeed in Formula 1, as in any sport, a driver has to be hungry for success. He must be prepared to work to turn that hunger into commitment. Competition is tough, and the highly motivated will triumph. Niki Lauda suffered severe burns after an accident at the infamous Nurburgring but was back in action six weeks later. There is no room for the half-hearted.


Fitness covers nutrition, cardiovascular fitness and stamina. Physically, a potential champion needs to be at the top of his game. The temperature in the cockpits can be searing, and the strength needed to control their cars at speeds of over 200mph is considerable. A driver who wants to become a champion looks after his health, watches his diet, and does a mixture of endurance and strength training. He also makes sure he picks the right people when he starts learning to drive as building a strong foundation is very important.  Somewhere you could possibly look to try is a Driving Instructor Market Harborough company found at links including demarcodriving.uk.

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A successful Formula 1 driver is adaptable. He is flexible enough to cope with the predictable stress of travel, along with the stress of problems in the sport, such as crashes, burst tyres and damaged equipment. Fitness can help with this.


Anyone who watches Formula 1 knows what great focus an F1 champion has. A visit to any Formula 1 event will demonstrate this. Nothing distracts him. All his concentration is on the job at hand.


Professionalism is a major requirement nowadays. Raw talent is not quite enough. A driver who wants to be at the top of his game will be able to talk to everyone in his team, from the engineers to the corporate sponsors. He must be as much at home talking to members as he is talking to the technical support staff.


Like any sport, Formula 1 is a high-energy occupation. Even in the absence of injury, downtime is necessary. A driver who wants to compete at the top level must know how to switch off and recover from any physical damage or mental stress.

Essential Methods for Manscaping

While hairiness is still an acceptable and often desirable trait of manhood, there is no excuse for letting your body fuzz get out of control. If you are planning to get the lads together for your special Stag do outing and you want to make yourself look a little more civilised, manscaping is the best way to regain control of your follicular aesthetics. Maybe tell your best man to book a Stag Party Bus Cheltenham company at options including cocktail-tours.co.uk/ to provide you with the transport and let everyone know the theme is moustaches and beards. Continue reading Essential Methods for Manscaping

The best hockey practice habits to get into

When it comes to playing hockey, practice definitely does make perfect. By knowing the best hockey practice habits to get into, you can make sure that you are always playing your best game. Read on to find out what the best habits are when practising hockey.

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Always shoot to score

When bearing down on the net, never let up. Overexaggerate every shot to make sure you score. Taking that last second glance to pick a corner of the net to release the ball to will help you get a more accurate shot.

Think of everything as you would in a game

Even if you are just doing drills, you can still pretend that you are in the game situation. Protect the ball as if other players are attacking, even if it is just a shooting drill. Add more intensity to make your practice count and bring your best on game day.

Watch the other players

During the field hockey drill, try not to be distracted when standing in the line. Watching the other players in your team doing the drills has been shown to be as beneficial as doing the drill yourself. Keep watching the drill intently to look out for mistakes and look through the eyes of a coach. Some really effective hockey training drills are available from providers such as https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Hockey/.

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Ask the coach’s advice

When you don’t understand a field hockey drill, it is always best to ask your coach. There is no point in walking away confused. Asking for that extra clarification shows your coach that you are serious about your training and that you want to do your best for the team.

Embrace your mistakes

Making a mistake during your practice can be frustrating; however, instead of letting that frustration get to you, learn from your mistakes. The errors you make in your drills should not be looked at negatively; instead, see them as a way to improve your game. The stumbles, trips and falls when practising all contribute to your body learning new skills.

Enjoy it

Being around your fellow teammates and working together to achieve a goal should be enjoyable. If you are not having fun, you won’t work so hard.


Five Trends Shaping Digital Signage

Advertising is crucial part of the success of any organisation – and signage can play a key role, whether it is static, interactive, analogue or digital.

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Digital signage undoubtedly leaves an impression on the viewer – indeed, it has a very impressive recall rate of 83%.

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There are a number of trends that are continuing to shape the industry, and more will likely emerge. But what are some of the key ones to look out for?

Digitised Texture Designs and New Customisable Signs

Traditionally, designs have been imprinted on computerised texture. But, in the future, producers are likely to find ways of taking these illustrations/designs to a higher level in terms of how they look.

When a digital texture is used, it brings the signage to life by creating more light and allowing movement. This enables signs to be brought to life but at a fraction of the cost of doing it via a traditional screen. It means organisations can create impactful adverts at a lower cost.

Advances in technology mean that signage can now be created in a variety of shapes and sizes – making it possible to have custom-made digital signs.


Touchscreen devices are the norm in today’s society. So it comes as no surprise that digital adverts in the future will surely involve touchscreen panels. Indeed, at present the only reason these are not commonplace is to do with the perceived lack of interconnectivity between what the customer does and what they see. This is something that newer technology (such as being able to incorporate breaks to mimic the console) will help to tackle.

To learn more about how modern signage can benefit your organisation, why not take a look at the website of an industry-leader such as Mood Media today?

Digital Advertising

Digital solutions are great for dealing with advertising that needs to be updated on a regular basis. Software that permits easy content tagging makes life much easier – as does using cloud-based media players connected to that signage. This means that all schedules and content can be managed using web-browsers.

Content Streaming in Real Time

Digital signs are a great platform to share real-time content (video and/or audio) and open-up numerous possibilities. This is a brilliant way of promoting services/products in an entertaining and fun way, giving the consumer a memorable digital experience.

How can branding benefit your business

A company’s branding is key to its recognition and reputation and in this article we take a look at the benefits effective branding can bring to your business.

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Face it

A brand is the face of a business and this includes a company’s name, logo and the colours it uses. Whether you are using a branding agency Gloucestershire or Lincolnshire, bear in mind that good advice about what branding actually is will also incorporate non-visual elements too such as a company’s personality and tone of voice. It’s a big job!

It’s not just about image

How customers perceive a company is vital – its brand image. Making sure a brand is perceived as a reflection of what a company does is the best outcome. However, if the reflection isn’t what customers actually receive, there is work to be done!

Reach out

Of course, people interpret brands very differently and in order to mean something to a wide audience, experienced designers will research the customer base and associations. This article in Forbes discusses what successful brands have in common for you to consider. It’s a useful exercise to test a brand design – companies such as reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/brand-development/ employ such an approach as it helps to understand how it is being perceived and whether it is doing what a company wants it to do. Too much scope for interpretation is not a good thing when it comes to brand identity.

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In the eye of the beholder

How people see a brand is based on a number of elements including images, colours and fonts as well as the tone behind the text. People have associations with all of the above and come to a conclusion based on their own experience. So, for example, a dark, linear and strong logo might make some people think of a financial institution; a colourful cartoon style one may have associations with a children’s charity or pre-school.

Keep your champions on your side

Employees are the backbone of any organisation and can, as such, champion your organisation to the outside world and, importantly, your brand. It, therefore, goes without saying that an organisation’s culture and how it treats its staff is all part of the process.

Get it right and your brand will help your company grow and develop into a successful one.

Painting a starry night

It’s amazing to think that one person can capture the scene a night so vividly as Vincent Van Gough does. His work is not that of the realistic view he is more of the impressionist view. It is not an easy thing to convey in such reach colours especially as the night is black. This is a Paris before the days of light pollution. The Stars speak and shout their joyous movement across the sky proclaiming to all the window that they bring. If Van Gogh could have painted this scene indoors but was influenced by the world around him. If you are inspired to paint the night sky because you can see it through the damage in your roof then it really is time to contact a Roofer Gloucester company such as http://gloucester-roofer.co.uk/. You are much better off taking a wander of a summer evening to capture the feeling of the night sky than staring through a whole in your roof.

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Van Gogh was an impressionist broke away from the realistic painting that was the norm of the time. It was seen as more important to capture the likeness of a scene rather than the impression. The patrons were mainly upper class, upper middle and aristocratic patrons that wanted the family portrait or the betrothed to be captured for posterity and kept on a wall. They also wanted paints of their assets and land so that their wealth could be admired and commented on. Paints and portraits were symbols of power and wealth to remind those that come after what great achievements they patron had done.

This is one of the reasons why Van Gogh remained penniless and struggling. It is also thought to be a contributing factor to his frequent bouts of depression and there is some evidence that he was bi-polar as well. The point is that when he painted he painted from the heart and with his eye. He wanted the impression of the scene. It was his mission, and other impressionists after to draw out the colour of the scene and interpret it in such a way as to illustrate what the scene looks like to the artist.

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This view and style met with little rich takers, the fact that he concerned himself with subjects that they found uninteresting or irrelevant did not help. He painted Belgian coal miners as he believed that he saw life, decency and integrity in their daily battles with poverty, disasters and the elements.  He wandered the French Countryside feeling the world and feeling the colours and showing us how they worked in the world. It is only now that we are starting to appreciate the world that he saw through his paintings. If only he were alive to hear us today.

Should I put Laminate Flooring in My Bedroom?

The popularity of laminate flooring knows no bounds, and many modern homes sport stylish and practical laminate floors throughout. With such a vast range of realistic wood and stone finishes available at a fraction of the price of real wood or stone, this convenient floor choice is a popular option for kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. But does it work in the bedroom?

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Are Laminate Floors Suitable in the Bedroom?

The easy answer is yes. Laminate floors are made up of planks or tiles. They make an ideal bedroom flooring option, as the versatility of tiles or planks allow you to choose your own pattern, finish and colours, quickly transforming your bedroom.

Benefits of Laminate

Laminate in a bedroom is easy to clean, low-maintenance and long-lasting, so you are less likely to need to replace it as frequently as some other flooring types. It is a ‘floating floor’, which means it is not stuck down with adhesive but rather has a locking system that connects each tile or plank to each other, providing one continuous floor that easily contracts and expands along with the ambient room temperature. The individual components mean that it is quick, easy and inexpensive to remove and replace a damaged area of floor, as you only need to remove one plank or tile to fix a problem rather than the entire floor.

Choice of Laminates

With laminate’s great range of colours and effects, your bedroom can quickly be redesigned with a stunning and unique floor pattern. Laminate Wood Flooring produces a more classic look in the bedroom, giving a cosy warmth that is comfy underfoot. Check out the comprehensive range of laminate flooring on offer via a specialist online such as https://irwintiles.ie/index.php/wooden-flooring.html. These alternatives to real hardwood cost much less and don’t require the upkeep that natural wood requires.

Bedroom Design

To incorporate a laminate floor seamlessly into your bedroom, consider the colours and furnishings in the room and the type of furniture to find a suitably stylish floor. If you have an oak bed, perhaps choose an oak-effect laminate to set it off to perfection. A metal bedframe may be more suited to a lighter beech grain or a white-washed wood-effect laminate. Or choose grey and black laminates for a sleek monochrome look. There really are so many different types to choose from its incredible.