Koh Phangan: Quick Facts And Information

Ko Pha Ngan or Koh Phangan is an island located in South East Thailand on the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Phangan is popular for many things the most notable being its tourist attractions i.e. the full moon party which takes place on Haad Rin Beach. Koh Phangan also derives popularity because of its proximity to islands such as Ko Samui and Ko Tao. The island is very popular among backpackers. Continue reading Koh Phangan: Quick Facts And Information

5 Apps That Will Digitize Your Writing

Most writers are not considered tech geniuses. In fact, many of the most prominent and well-known authors in modern society still capture words on typewriters. Blogging has developed a whole new type of writer and eBooks have created a whole new type of industry. With hard copies collecting dust on bookstore shelves, traditional writers and bloggers alike are looking for a more efficient way to present their work.

Through the use of a few simple applications you’ll be able to digitize your writing and open the door into a new style of organization, storyboard creation, and book marketing. If you’re interested in writing your first book, opening new horizons for your current book, or need to organize your various writing works, look no further.

The 5 Most Useful Apps to Digitize Your Writing

If you’re a Screenwriter, pick Celtx

Celtx is one of the best kept secrets in the screenwriting community of the entertainment business. Many fancy production schools require you to buy $500.00 screenwriting software products, one of them being the famous Final Draft Pro. But the truth is that Celtx provides many of the same features and gets the job done for amateur writers or screenplay writers looking to quickly draft a script. The best part about it – it’s completely free and will help you better understand the proper way to write a screenplay.


Everyone needs an editor, but they can be so darn expensive. With all of the technology available today, you may be able to conduct your own editing process. Hemingway is a web application that highlights problems in your writing, particularly hard to read sentences, adverbs, or complex phrases. This application is great for writers who like to write in-depth sentences (that may be grammatically correct) but sometimes confuse the reader by extending thoughts too long. Match this app with your traditional spell-check and another app called Phraseology and you’ll be on your way to creating best-seller material.


Creating a cohesive story and mapping out your ideas are two of the most important planning steps in the writing process. In addition, after planning, implementing your thoughts while keeping the flow of the story intact is what separates the good writers from the great ones. Using an application like WiseMapping is crucial for brainstorming and problem-solving issues in your potential work. I would recommend this application matched with an application like storybook.


I personally used this internet application when writing my first novel and it was a game changer – think Evernote for fiction writers. Getting started on any fictional or non-fictional work is always difficult and requires brainstorming, as well as piecing future parts together. Bubbl.us makes it easy to express ideas and thoughts through color coordination and hyperlinks to resource material. The site is free to use as well, making it one of the best tools on this list. All of your writing is stored on the cloud and your references are retrievable for as long as the source website exists.

Write 2 Lite 

Do you always have a great idea or thought but never have access to a pen? Write 2 Lite is the best application on this list for thought capturing. The application is mobile and acts as a specialized notebook for your thoughts so you may reference them when you’re in a front of a laptop. This piece of software will definitely help you when you’re struggling to remember an important character or source. This application is only available for the iPhone, but if you’re looking for something comparable on the Android platform, I would recommend Writer.

How do event planners choose venues?

One of the hardest decisions for most people planning a large event is choosing the venue. It has to be perfect and match the actual event ahead. From a wedding to an exhibition, the venue has to be appropriate. There are venues that accommodate hugely lavish parties and events and there are programmes that have been created to support the connection between event planners and venues that want their business.

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Events tech

With the rise of the internet and its popularity, websites for event planners have been popping up all over the place. No matter where you are around the world, you can find event companies online, and if you are looking for venue hire in Taunton, you only have to do a quick search to find the best out there. There are also groups of websites that are designed specifically for event planners to find venues in places such asTaunton, and these websites have the potential to generate large revenues due to how popular they have become.

According to an article on the Event Brite website, there are over fifty different trends that events planners should be watching out for in 2017 that could change the face of event planning. There has to be a focus on digital technology and how it will change how you search for venues. It’s the most important part of running an event and it’s one that will make the event what it is.

Decision influences

There are a lot of influences when it comes to venue planning, and the interaction an event planner has with their client is a valuable connection. Word of mouth in the event world is how companies get their jobs and their clients. Information obtained around a meeting room table with the proposed host venue is also a very important factor in the big decision when it comes to choosing a venue. Companies like http://www.countygroundtaunton.co.uk is one such venue that puts on special events, dinners and parties all year round. They and others like them host large events throughout the year and are one venue that planners look for.

It’s an important decision and an event professional is someone who knows that communication is key when it comes to planning an event. Choosing the venue is one of the decisions that for large companies, digital technology is needed.

The 10 most amazing artworks in the world: a critic’s view

These ten masterpieces came out on top in a recent critic’s poll. Would they make your list?

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Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Foetus in the Womb” (c 1510-13)

The ultimate polymath, Da Vinci brings two disciplines together in this stunning work that gives the womb a religious and biological resonance.

Caravaggio’s “The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist” (1608)

Caravaggio drags beauty from a moment of grisly horror. His mastery of chiaroscuro forces the viewer’s eye to the final act in the execution. Are we complicit, as is perhaps the person watching from outside?

Rembrandt’s “Self-Portrait with Two Circles” (c 1665-9)

Artist and viewer regard each other across the centuries, and we are nervous. He seems to be reading our very essence and we are failing in Rembrandt’s palette of truth.

“Spotted Horses” (30,000-year-old stone-age cave paintings from Chauvet)

These are breath-taking depictions of horses from long ago by artists lost to history. Unknown, they capture their subjects with an insight that resonates with us down through the mists of time.

Jackson Pollock’s “One: Number 31, 1950” (1950)

Did Pollock tap into the same phenomena that somehow lets us read the future from reading random cards? How did splashing paint on a board become such beauty? Are we, as the audience, creating structure from accident?

Modern artwork copying of these seminal works is both stunning and accurate, and it’s available from suppliers such as http://www.river-studio.com/services/index.php.

Velázquez’s “Las Meninas” (c 1656)

Like Rembrandt, Velazquez is regarding us. We are his subjects, the King and Queen posing with our maids and dwarf players (meninas), our court a realm of studied oddity.

Picasso’s “Guernica” (1937)

The greatest anti-war declaration of the 20th century, Picasso’s cubist masterpiece was his angry riposte to Franco’s aerial destruction of the Basque city in the Spanish Civil War.

Michelangelo’s “Prisoners” (c 1519-34)

Unfinished deliberately, the struggle of prisoners as they futilely strain to break their bonds of marble perfectly evokes the human condition.

Paul Cezanne’s “Mont Sainte-Victoire” (1902-4)

Leading directly to abstract art, then cubism, this pioneer and painting that changed the whole direction of the form.

Parthenon Sculptures of Ancient Greece (447-442 BC)

This is genuine classical Greek sculpture, not the usual inferior Roman copies. They were controversially taken from the Parthenon by Lord Elgin, but are still sublime.

Passenger Protection

If you travel regularly by plane then you’ve probably seen some pretty tough looking police officers armed with guns. It’s an unusual sight in the UK as our regular police force are not armed. For international visitors, it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Their purpose is to provide a wide range of law enforcement duties specifically in the airport environment providing enhanced security to airport staff and passengers. Due to the current high levels of terrorist threat around the globe, their role is more important than ever. They will also be wearing Body Worn Camera to capture evidence and offer reassurance to travellers. For more information, visit http://www.pinnacleresponse.com/body-cameras-and-the-law/.

In the UK it is the responsibility of the local police force to provide armed patrols to any airport within it’s geographical area. They are often trained in fire, emergency medical response and enforce the airport’s rules and regulations on the airfield and within secured areas. They are vital presence in keeping our airports safe and controlled.

Policing at civilian airports used to be operated by specialist constabularies but with the onset of global terrorism, armed police from territorial forces were deployed under the Policing of Airports Act. This came about due to a terrorist alert in 1974 at Heathrow Airport which saw the army deployed in immediate response. This is when armed officers from the Metropolitan Police were, for the first time, permanently deployed to the airport.

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Heathrow is under the watchful eye of officers from the Met Police and they are also responsible for London City Airport. It deals with the threat of terrorism, the protection of iconic sites, theft and organised crime. Their aim is to make Heathrow and London City safe and secure for members of the public and to make life difficult for criminals who want to use these facilities. It’s important to work in partnership with the airport to create a safer environment, concentrate on crime reduction strategies, respond to anti-social behavior and increase confidence in policing.

Safer Airport Teams are based in every terminal and consist of a number of police officers and police community support officers. As each team is based in one terminal, they get to know the businesses and staff and make it easier for people to approach them with questions and suspicions. This is a more effective way to gather information and intelligence to prevent crime and terrorism.

The Safer Airport Teams work is split between community relations and crime but the two go hand in hand. It’s important that the airport are listened to and feed any information to the team for them to act on information. These teams are useful in the fight against shoplifting offences, persistent offenders including bag thieves and rough sleepers, as well as general and organised criminal activity. Each policing team can offer advice, information and presentations on any number of subjects. This is grass roots policing in a busy, complex environment but is treated like the village it is, full of businesses, restaurants, services and people from all backgrounds and nationalities.

How Going On A Heliskiing Adventure Will Change Your Perspective

Experience the unique thrill of zipping over powdery snow, with a heliskiing adventure. You’ll be ferried to fresh, virgin slopes of untracked powder in your own helicopter. It’s impossible not to feel awe and wonder as you breathe the sharp mountain air. There’s really nothing quite like being flown over towering peaks of breath-taking scenery by an expert pilot. So sit back and enjoy the flight, or pay attention to your guide and pilot as they expertly point out all kinds of wondrous sites in the mountains. Before you know it, you’ll all be at the top of a ski run, looking down upon the inviting run of unmarked snow. This is heliskiing in BC at its best. Continue reading How Going On A Heliskiing Adventure Will Change Your Perspective

12 outdoor skills that every man should master

Locating a shelter

Staying warm and dry is a priority. Beware of loose rocks under cliffs. Falling coconuts can kill too. Being close to clean water is a bonus, and dry wood for a fire.

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Building a shelter

A wall of rocks is better than nothing. If you can find branches erect a simple lean-to, thatched with smaller branches and grass. Lay a floor of leaves and straw.

Building a fire

Start with small dry material like straw and tiny twigs, prop larger twigs above it, and larger ones above them. Add logs when it’s going well.

Igniting a fire

Shorting a battery can create a spark that will ignite your tinder with a little gentle blowing. Otherwise look for rocks that spark when struck. A useful piece of outdoor survival equipment to carry with you on a key-ring is a fire-lighting steel – get one from any bushcraft shop (try http://www.angloforro.co.uk/product-category/survival/equipment/).

Find water

Boil water if you have a container to boil it in, since all water from an unknown source could contain impurities. Rain, snow and morning dew are all safer. You can also squeeze water from fleshy plants, like thistles and cacti.

Water by transpiration

Slip a plastic bag over a leafy plant and tie it at the neck. After a few hours, especially in warm weather, drinkable moisture collects on the inside.

Edible plants

Identifying plants you can eat isn’t easy, but most ordinary leaves will not be highly poisonous – try a small amount and wait. Observing what wildlife is eating is a guide, but not a reliable one.

Simple hunting

A multi-pronged spear is the easiest way to catch small wildlife, both in water and on land.

Daytime navigation

Even in cloud, you can usually tell which direction is brightest (especially at dawn and dusk). This will give you your compass bearings.

Night navigation

Find the constellation of the plough, the last two stars point toward Polaris. This is due north. If there’s a crescent moon, a line through the horns of the crescent down to the horizon is south.


You never know when you’ll need one, so memorise a few. There’s a good reference here: http://www.realknots.com/knots/.


Fire is good, but a mirror made of anything shiny is also very effective in sunlight.

5 hot trends that will help digital marketers this year

In the always-evolving marketing industry, it is important to be aware of new developments and emerging trends to get ahead and make the biggest positive impact for every client.

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Hyper-relevant and personal content

Connecting with an audience on a personal level is vital, with all the information you need available through gaining a deeper understanding of customer data. A prime example of personal content can be seen in Spotify’s final campaign of 2016, whereby the creative team used data to create a series of humorous and emotional graphics. This campaign both connected with individuals and went viral, proving that you do not have to choose between personal and virality – you can achieve both.

Live streams

Content is plentiful and it is becoming more important to talk about what is going on exactly when it is happening. From a consumer perspective, knowing that you need to watch something immediately because you will never be able to see it again is very enticing. 2017 is almost certainly going to be the year that somebody makes something exciting in real time.

Go mobile

Your primary consideration should be towards mobile campaigns. Closely consider formats and messages and how these connect with the mind-set of your audience. Analytics technology now means that the success of each mobile campaign can be measured. If you did not fully connect the first time, adjust your strategy and try again. If you have fully understood the importance of mobile thus far – like every successful Dublin SEO agency, such as http://www.rycomarketing.ie/ – it is vital not to start overlooking it in favour of other new technologies throughout 2017.

Online TV

Accessing the internet on a big screen TV is easier than ever before thanks to modern technology. This has opened up the playing field, with even small companies able to quickly launch a successful TV channel. With social media sites creating apps allowing users to put videos from their platform onto the TV, and Apple TV launching shoppable videos, this is an exciting medium to explore.

Telepathic thinking

Marketing is set to get ultra-personal; it will appear to know exactly what we are thinking. Using data to deliver personalised advertising, appealing to an individual’s views and personality type, is undoubtedly the way forward.