How essential oils can transform your skin

The condition of our skin is important to most people, with significant amounts spent every year on skin care products aimed at keeping it as clean, soft, unwrinkled and blemish-free as possible.


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The hidden nasties in skin products

It is perfectly normal to be attracted to a product by the way it looks, smells and feels, but what if this is all an illusion? Many items that people trust to improve their skin condition contain ingredients such as artificial perfumes, parabens and various chemicals that could cause you harm.

Ingredients in beauty products are not thoroughly regulated, which leaves manufacturers free, if they choose, to make them with ingredients that may harm end users. From serious skin irritation to problems with major organs and possibly even cancer, this serious concern is causing many people to look for alternatives to mass-produced skin products.

Natural and gentle skincare alternatives

Ready-prepared products such as Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm are a reliable non-toxic choice and can easily be sourced.

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Another option is to use essential oils. As these are concentrated solutions that need to be mixed with base oil before using, it is vital that the correct ratios are calculated and used before applying the finished product to skin.

Anti-ageing skin cream

One way to maintain young and fresh skin is to encourage new cells to generate, and carrot seed oil can do this. It is gentle enough for delicate skin, so perfect for the face, and can be used on any aged skin with fine lines or scars.  Other options include visiting a specialist where you could have Non Surgical Facelifts and these can be found at

Soothing face cream

Helichrysum (everlast/immortelle) makes a great moisturiser for dry, spotty or sun-burned skin.

Irritated skin

If you have been bitten by an insect, or have developed a skin rash, lavender-based natural products will help to soothe it.

For stretch-marked skin

Pregnancy and weight gains can leave your skin with stretch marks, which the essential oil myrrh can help with. Derived from gum resin, myrrh has a long and well-respected track record of boosting the immune system and encouraging damaged skin to heal.

Using natural products and essential oils is an easy and sensible way to know for sure that you are protecting your skin and body from absorbing harmful pollutants, chemicals and other toxins.