The many benefits of Building Information Modelling

BIM provides users with increased efficiency and many other benefits in the design and construction industry. Some of the greatest benefits are felt through the potential to reduce rework in the field. As the technology becomes more ingrained and users become more proficient, the opportunities to improve productivity will grow even larger. Here are some more of the many benefits of working with BIM:

Reduction in rework

Experts have agreed that this is the biggest benefit for business users, rating it from high to very high value.

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Improvements in productivity

Architects agree that using BIM to increase productivity is the best way to improve their return on the investment into the technology.

Reduces the need for changes resulting in conflict

Engineers rate this reason as the biggest way in which BIM adds value to a project. Any potential for clashes and problems in the design can be identified and resolved before any physical work commences. This saves both time and expense. For BIM Technology, visit

Benefits for business

For businesses, users of BIM see numerous opportunities and it’s an exciting time to be learning about BIM as it increases in popularity. Businesses who market themselves as BIM users are attracting new clients as there is a sense that BIM creates a better product. Productivity is improved thanks to no longer having the concern over rework and less chance of errors occurring. Users of BIM are reporting that they are working better, more efficiently and are enjoying much better cost savings.

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Marketing benefits

Offering BIM services will attract new clients and open up doors for new opportunities for construction companies. More clients will require BIM on their jobs so more employees will be needed to be trained on using the technology. Companies can also offer BIM even to those clients who don’t need it as an effective marketing tool, standing them in good stead for winning contracts and bids.

Project Outcome

The impact that BIM has on project outcomes is seen as highly beneficial. This gives increased value to improving client relationships, personal satisfaction and reducing problems that might otherwise have hampered projects and affected client relationships.

Reduction in errors

BIM helps to reduce the occurrence of errors and omissions in construction documents. The virtual designs that are a feature of BIM have the potential to identify issues early on in the process, which is viewed as a significant benefit especially for contractors.

New Services

Businesses are effectively using BIM to bring a host of new opportunities to old business. Those who have recently added BIM to their business operations report higher benefits thanks to the use of this emerging technology. Contractors in particular, who have adopted BIM practices later than their design counterparts see this ability to add new services as highly beneficial.