How to Make Your Bedroom Cosy

In summer you want your bedroom to be as light and airy as possible. However, when autumn comes you want a room which is snug and cosy so you can grab a cup of cocoa and read a good book or watch TV in bed.

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Use Warm Colours on Your Bed

The easiest change is to your bedding. You’ll need to dig out your thick duvet again. The best thing is to use autumn colours such as rich golds, reds and plums for your duvet cover and bedding, while a faux-fur throw is also lovely and soft for cuddling up while reading a book. You could also use thicker curtains in matching colours to your bed linen to keep in the heat.

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 Say it with Plaid

The warm greens, reds and yellows in tartan also look fabulous in autumn. You could have tartan wallpaper as a feature wall and then use coordinated bedding using the key colours in the wallpaper. It’s best not to overdo it though. You could also find tartan rugs or typical Highland scenes to hang on the walls in keeping with your Scottish theme.

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Keep it Natural

Nature is a major source of inspiration, so you can create a natural look by using the colours you see around you at this time of year. You could create a woodland theme for your bedroom using soft rustic shades of cream and brown. A chunky cable-knit blanket or throw would add to the cosy feel. You could make leaf decorations for your room too. Wooden furnishings such as bedside tables or blanket boxes would be in keeping with this theme, along with wooden floors. Laminate flooring is easier to install than real wood and much more cost-effective. You can find  flooring in many different shades – not just brown – as well as different patterns.

A Lightbulb Moment

With these autumnal colours in your room, it makes sense to dim the lighting too. A bedside lamp with a low-watt bulb of 40 or less will create a lovely, soft glow. Make sure you pick bulbs with warm tones so they aren’t too harsh. The only problem could be your room is now so snug that you don’t want to get up in the morning!