Do you need a bowling wrist support?

With over 200 tenpin bowling centres now open across the UK, the sport is enjoying a remarkable renaissance, and many companies are now using bowling alleys as a new way to entertain clients.

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The industry is growing each year, and more and more people are enjoying the sport.


As with any sport, injuries can occur and bowling does have its problems. The object of the game is to roll a bowling ball along a wooden lane, towards the ten pins which are positioned at the end. The player who knocks down the most pins is the winner. Finger holes are drilled into a standard bowling ball, and balls vary in weight depending on the age of the player. The heavier the ball, the more pins will generally get knocked down. When choosing a ball, you should consider that the ball should not exceed 10% of your body weight. 16 pounds is the maximum weight for any bowler. This is where the injury can occur.

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If you bowl regularly, you could be prone to problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or repetitive motion injuries. When playing a sport that requires you to perform the same motion over and over again, these injuries can easily happen. Wearing a wrist support would be beneficial to everyone, especially women and children, who have weaker wrists than men. The bowling wrist support will prevent the back of the bowling hand from collapsing prior to releasing the ball. The purpose of the device is to limit the tilting movement. To get an effective delivery motion, you need to get your thumb out of the ball quickly and in unison with the sliding bowling shoe. Without a wrist support, your wrist could hinge back before the release and cause the finger to exit the ball at the same time as the thumb. This causes the ball to have no power to travel down the lane.

Bowling wrist supports ( are available in adjustable and non-adjustable formats and they also come with wrist liners. You can find them in sports shops, together with gloves and other bowling products.

If you are unsure whether you need a support, ask your GP. If you have any repeated pain, it would suggest that a support would be useful. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Anti-Brexit jokes are harming comedians’ careers

The UK’s membership of the EU has never been plain sailing. The first attempts to join the – as it was then – European Economic Community (EEC) in 1963 failed following objections from some existing members, who feared that English would become the default language in all communication. Finally admitted in 1973, just two years later an election offered Britons the opportunity to remain or opt out, with 67 per cent choosing to stay.

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Fast-forward 40 years and the very same topic is dividing the country in ways we have never seen before. Brexit has broken up relationships, fuelled long-lasting feuds, and interestingly awakened some level of political activism in those previously apathetic or disinterested in such matters.

Stay or go becomes ‘us and them’

It would have been difficult to predict the emotional responses the vote to stay or remain would trigger, or that the messy aftermath would be so difficult to manage and tidy away, despite the decision now being cut and dried. Reports of marriage and family breakdowns, a rift between older and younger generations and increased hate crime as perspectives on immigration are added to the mix are all signs of a Britain running in critical mode.

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For reasons we may never fully understand, the public’s sensitivity to this topic is much higher than could have been predicted, whichever side of the voting line they stood, and the impact of this is being seen in various, sometimes surprising aspects of post-Brexit life.

Comedy consequences

Take the world of entertainment as an example. Venues looking to hire a comedian or run an event using a supplier such as could reasonably expect to welcome an entertainer who shares amusing commentary on the contemporary world and makes the audience happy. Unfortunately, it seems that this is becoming a tall order, especially in venues outside the capital.

Comedians are reporting anti-Brexit sensitivity at locations all around the UK, with jokes that Londoners of all persuasions found funny causing those in other areas to heckle, boo, and even go as far as to leave a gig partway through.

Opinions are divided on whether this is due to over-sensitivity or simply lazy, unfunny jokes. Wherever the truth may lie, it is impossible to ignore the fact that Brexit has changed the way Brits talk, think and even joke about politics forever.

5 more signs of a great truck driver

A life on the open road; it sounds good, but in reality, it can get stressful and dangerous. Everyone’s perception of a truck driver is that they clog up the roads and motorways and get in the way. To be a great truck driver, you need to have excellent driving skills and loads of patience.

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Truck drivers need to be responsive to the driving conditions they come across. In order to be alert at all times, they must make sure they are well-rested and ready for the task in hand. With ever changing weather conditions, road works and road closures they need to be vigilant and able to make decisions quickly.

Customer service

It’s the driver who meets the customer face to face while delivering orders, therefore, they need to be courteous at all times, displaying a professional and polite attitude.

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Great truck drivers earn their wages and give value for money. They don’t take shortcuts or disobey laws and regulations. Honesty is paramount to their own job satisfaction. Any bumps or accidents must be reported immediately. For the safety of the drivers truck camera systems would be beneficial.


Great truck drivers need to keep themselves physically and mentally fit. The number of hours they spend out on the road needs the ability to stay sharp and on the ball. They also need a certain amount of fitness in order to assist loading and unloading their trucks.


Great truck drivers have to know how to handle stress as they come across stressful situations every day. Apart from the pressure their career puts on their family with them being away from home for long periods of time, a career in driving can be a highly stressful one.

Trucking companies can help their drivers by making sure the wagons are 100% roadworthy. To further assist them, security and truck camera systems truck camera systems should be installed.

Truck drivers need to work to a tight schedule when customers are open for them to do deliveries, so timeliness is an important attribute in order to ensure pick-ups and deliveries are on time.

With the busy summer season coming up, give a thought to the trusty old truck driver out there on the busy roads, day and night keeping the economy of the country going.

What are the 5 risks associated with hip replacement?

  1. Blood clots: Post-surgery risk includes clot formation in the leg veins and the hip areas surrounding the area of surgery. This can be pretty dangerous irrespective of the size of the clot, as any thrombus can reach by the circulatory motion of the blood fluid to different parts of the body including the lungs and the heart. Very rarely the clot, if too minuscule may even breach the blood-brain barrier and reach the sensitive tissues of the brain this creating elevated risks for stroke. Although this risk can be greatly taken care of by administration of certain blood thinning agents and drugs, it is quite a common and major one and deserves its due mention.
  1. Infections: The deeper the operation area, the lower are the chances of infection. Thighs are broadly categorized as outer thighs and inner thighs; the latter are more susceptible to infection due to its proximity with genital areas. Since new hip implants are used during replacement of hips, the body may treat them as foreign invasive agents and mount a strong immune response resulting in ensuing inflammation, swelling as well as infection next to the site of incision. In extreme cases, this ultimately leads to rejection of the new hip and thus a reversal of the cumbersome surgical procedure.
  1. Fracture and loosening: During rare cases of replacement hip surgery, even intact parts of the hip joint may get torn and dislodged. Many a time the fractures are minute and merely local displacements which get restored to their original form in a short time, owing to the natural healing power of the body. Yet again, major forms of fracture that occurs from time to time need correction with the help of pins, wires and even bone grafts in some severe cases. In few cases the new hip joined may loosen with time leading to extreme pain and rejection.
  1. Dislocation: It is advisable to refrain from strain and movement immediately after surgery. This is because some types of positions can cause the new hip joint to get dislocated from the socket. One should not bend knees or cross the till the mid-line of the body. Hip dislocation is considered to be the major risk associated with a replacement hip surgery and if the former happens, further surgery is required to align it or maybe fit it with firm braces.
  1. Change in height and leg length: In spite of extreme care and caution taken during surgery on the part of the doctor, it may happen so that the implantation of the new hip ends up making one leg shorter or longer than the other. The hip is a very dicey part of the body as it affects our overall height and thus should be symmetrical and proportionate on both parts, otherwise it becomes too noticeable. Sometimes this disproportion occurs due to surrounding weakness near the hip. Proper exercise and gradual stretching may help to alleviate this problem to some extent.

Importance Of Medical Insurance Coverage

For many people, getting sick, injured, or hurt is not something they plan for or even want. However, the reality is that even the healthiest individual can get sick, or get injured. When this happens, how do you pay off the medical bills? This is where health insurance becomes necessary.

Medical insurance is usually meant to cover the cost of an individual’s treatment when they are ill or injured. Usually, these bills can be either paid off by the patient who is then reimbursed by the insurance company or the insurance company will pay the health institution directly.

Yet, in spite of these obvious benefits, about 44 million Americans do not have health insurance while another 38 million have inadequate coverage. This means that about one in three Americans will not be able to get the proper care they need if anything happens to their health. This is worrisome. The importance of having medical insurance cannot be underestimated at all.

Prolonged Life Span

Studies carried out by researchers at Harvard Medical School have showed that there is a considerable link between inadequate or absent health insurance and higher chances of death. This is not surprising seeing as access to health insurance can be the difference between someone getting an important surgery or treatment protocol and him forfeiting it and losing his life in the process.

Access to Preventive Health Care

Preventive health care is still the best type of health care. This is often available to people who have health insurance. With the right health insurance coverage, mothers can often get their children the necessary vaccinations, people can go for routine check-ups that will further increase the chances of the spotting any possible medical conditions earlier.

Not just that, now that insurance companies are actively informing their clients about where they can get useful diagnostic screening services like colonoscopies, prostate checks, and mammograms, their customers can get these screenings, further improving their chances of survival and treatment success if any condition is found.

Most times early detection is essential for surviving illnesses like cancer and can tilt the odds in their favor.  Research has showed that those with health insurance often stand a better chance against potentially terminal illnesses than those who do not.

Getting Adequate Medical Care When Necessary

There’s nothing better than getting treatment when you need it. This is what helps many people live long. Without insurance, you could delay any necessary procedures while it gets worse and eventually lose your life, become disabled, or have a lower quality of life. With medical insurance coverage, however, this does not have to be the case. You get your treatment when necessary, thus effectively nipping any illness in the bud.

Lower Medical Costs

When people delay medical treatment because they do not have the funds at the time, it often results in higher treatment costs when they eventually have the money to get the care that they need. With your health insurance coverage, however, you can quickly start treatment when you should. This will often result in lower medical costs compared to when treatment is delayed, and the condition gets worse.

Early Diagnoses and Better Outcomes

Sometimes, the difference between surviving an illness and losing one’s life or becoming disabled is the time of the diagnosis. Early diagnosis is important for illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and kidney failure. If detected early, one stands a better chance of surviving them through early treatment protocols and effective management procedures.

If you still don’t have medical insurance coverage or have been sitting on the fence about it, it is still not too late to have one. Get it today and protect yourself and your loved ones from much heartache and regret.

The Home Security System That Can See Through Walls

A brand new home security system that uses existing technology in an innovative way was launched in April this year. Aura, from Cognitive Systems, uses wireless technology to sense and recognise different forms of motion in your home. It uses nothing but wireless signals and a couple of discreet looking cubes, one of which is no bigger than a plug-in air freshener.

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An Intelligent Method of Detection

Connect the hub to your wireless network, place the sensor at the other end of your home and you have full coverage, without the need for fitting sensors in every room. So, how does it work? Cognitive Systems have designed the Aura sensor to pick up and recognise disrupted patterns in the wireless signals, a bit like disturbed ripples in water. This means that the sensor can distinguish between the movements of animals or a leaf falling from a pot plant, from the disturbances caused by a human intruder. Not only that, since it uses wireless signals, these disturbances can be detected even if they’re in the next room.

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Innovation and Simplicity

While critics are quick to point out the drawbacks Aura has – for example, its cost, the range of detection can be limited, there are no surveillance cameras etc. – it can’t be disputed that the innovation and simplicity with which the system has been developed has provided a new angle on home security. With the constant battle against crime – whether it’s breaking and entering or criminal activities in cyberspace – you have to keep one step ahead.

The endpoint security management solutions deployed by cybersecurity enterprises like, are one such example. By keeping their methods and products simple and innovative, they can provide IT departments with the necessary tools to take quick and effective action across their organisations’ networks to help prevent and take action against cyber crime threats.

Meanwhile, how successful Aura will be remains to be seen. One strength is that it can communicate with other devices via IFTTT, so in theory, if it detects an intruder in your home, you can command it to switch a camera on and check out what has caused the disturbance. But whatever the future holds, one thing is for certain: its innovative methods of detection are an improvement on regular home security technology.

Make sure you include these things on your wedding invitations

It’s coming up to the big day and you are planning who to invite to celebrate your wedding with you. Once you have the guest list finalised, you’ll need to send out the wedding invitations as soon as you can so that people can keep the date clear. When choosing the invitations, you’ll need to put the essential information on them, your details, where the wedding will take place, when and at what time. You’ll also need to ask people to RSVP to your invitation to let you know how many people are actually coming. However, you also need to include more details on your wedding invitation.

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What guests can expect

Let people know whether it is informal or formal attire. This helps guests know what to wear to your big day. If the reception is at a different venue, give them the address and details of how to get from the wedding to the reception. You can also confirm whether they can expect food and if it is a sit-down meal or buffet style. If you are providing music or a disco in the evening, they may want to book a hotel. You can send details of any that are close by or see if the venue hosting your wedding reception has accommodation or will offer a discount to your guests.

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Going online

Wedding websites are all the rage and an easy way to give loads of information about the area, best places to park and sites of special interest – You can embed Google maps on to the website to make it easier for them to find the venues you’ve chosen. This could also have links to your wedding present list.

You can put the link to the website on your wedding invitation. Many people like to save these invitations as a memento, so it is certainly worth spending some time deciding what type of card you want and what to say on it. Certainly, we find that handmade wedding invitations are so special. As well as looking fabulous, handmade wedding invitations add the personal touch as you can see at a company such as

Wedding invitations can be made to reflect your personality as well as create excitement about the biggest event in the social calendar for you, your family and friends.

How Animation Improves the User Experience

Animation’s evolution from superficial entertainment to an integral element of the design process forms a critical part of any successful business’s conversion rate. We know what we like and what we don’t when it comes to animation. Designers have recognised this and adapted their process. The results are remarkable. Here are five elements of animation design process that improves a user’s experience.

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1. Functional

Web design has become “human-centred”, which means the design process factors in the quality of a user’s experience. And rightly so. A positive user experience means more conversions. Functional animation grounds and concentrates the user’s experience into a positive one. There are many interesting articles focussed on this important element of design theory, such as

2. Emotional

Celebrated cognitive scientist and usability engineer Donald Norman summarises Emotional Design Theory into three categories: visceral (colour, branding, overall visual effect), behavioural (how does it work, how do we use it) and reflective (impression user is left with). When these three elements work together successfully, the user has a positive experience. Intuitive animation transforms a product into something the user connects with.

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3. What’s the Goal?

Animation we enjoy has a clearly defined purpose. Like any good storyline, every plot point is included for good reason. Animation may have started out as entertainment, but today designers ask themselves meaningful questions to cross-check purposes, such as where the user’s attention would be if the animation wasn’t there, as well as questions around how they’d like the user to react. This intricate planning elevates the user’s experience and thus the overall conversion rate of the site.

4. Five Fundamental Factors

Designers tick off five factors when using animation: focus users’ attention; advise the outcome of their actions; offer clues to interact (think of the Flipboard app); keep the user orientated within the website; and lastly, make sure the user is entertained. While most of us could create clever GIFs if we put our minds to it, today’s website animation is best left to the experts. So if you’re looking for web design in Tunbridge Wells, contact a company such as

5. Speaking of “Clever GIFS”

The bottom line is that if animation annoys the user, it’s counter-productive and destroys any chance of your website leaving a positive impression. Do your research. Less is indeed more.

Four Ways to Improve your Website

Accessible platforms allowing for the creation of simple websites in just minutes are a great thing for businesses looking to solidify their digital presence and increase their reach. Such simplicity, however, runs the risk of producing websites that look similar to thousands of others. How can you ensure your online presence looks professional and stands out from the crowd?

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As Entrepreneur explains, determining what kind of website your business needs is key to deciding whether doing it yourself or hiring a professional design team is best.

Search Google and YouTube for Tutorials

The internet has an answer to everything, and there are plenty of tutorials available. Although there are guides to basic HTML and CSS out there, having some prior knowledge in the area will be beneficial if you’re going to tweak your website yourself. Web design can be hugely challenging and time-consuming, so ensure you are investing your time wisely.

Bring Someone on Board to Help

Do you know a friend, colleague or acquaintance with web design knowledge? It could be worth asking them for a helping hand. When going down this route, it is important to establish expectations and clarify the timescale of the project so neither party is left feeling underwhelmed or overworked.

Websites are an ongoing project, so it is important to understand whether the resulting design will be something you can maintain yourself or whether you will need a friend, colleague, or acquaintance to assist you on an ongoing basis.

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Hire A Professional Web Design Team

A website designed and tailored fully to the needs of your business will ensure you stand out and instantly make a positive impression.

When hiring a team specialising in web design in South Devon, it is important to ensure you’re both on the same page. Do they offer a comprehensive range of services such as the ones that can be seen at, and are they willing to work closely with you to create a website that reflects the ethos of your business and delivers a positive experience for your audience?

Keep Things Fresh

The consistent production of fully-optimised, high-quality, interesting and meaningful content is the key to increasing the reach of your website. Regular updates and maintenance of your website will be required to ensure it stays fresh, relevant, and appealing to your target audience.

Every family needs a Zoomable Torch Flashlight

Flashlights may not that necessary in people’s daily life, however, most households feel safe to have a flashlight at home for unexpected needs even though they may not put working batteries in them. Crisis readiness plan of most homes require them to keep a flashlight. Read along if you need to know which flashlight is best for you.

To answer this difficult question, we first need to know the etymology of the word ‘flashlight’. Dry cell batteries were the power source for these flashlights in the recent past. Since, we know that dry cell batteries wear out very quickly, so people ought to turn on and off their flashlights very often to look in the darkness. Just like they do with a strobe light.

Many innovations from those times have changed the way how we live. Just like in our lives, flashlights also have changed with the times, flashlights with longer battery lives, much brighter flashlights and not just that, even flashlights without batteries have popped out and became common. With these innovations you get more options to choose from. Those flashlights operating with dry cell batteries have been replaced with replenish able power supplies. Concluding the above discussion, flashlight is a must-have for everyone, but point worth remembering is that which flashlight you actually need, knowing this will eradicate unneeded annoyance in the future.

One of the most practical version of flashlight is Zoomable Torch Flashlights, since it is very lightweight, easy to carry and convenient than the old-fashioned flashlights. These Zoomable Flashlights fabricated from stainless steel or aluminum provide the most reliability as well as durability. Apart from durability, they come in many different appealing styles. Many of them are even wall mountable, thanks to their handy belt fasteners. Just mount them on the walls and you ready to go. Options are unlimited with these flashlights, you can even get flashlights with 360 degree rotatable heads. The most interesting innovation in some of these flashlights is that you can even set alarm and scan FM radio stations with them.

All living things, small or large, need light in some way or other to live. Humans not only need it to stay alive but also it is needed for comfort. The main purpose of flashlights is to brighten up our lives. Markets are saturated with thousands of brands of flashlights exist from dozens of corporations. Large array of flashlights with so many innovations exist from reputable organizations for us to opt from. Leave aside the ancient filament based light, we have entered into the range of LED Torch Flashlights. LED flashlights benefit from all desirable capabilities of LED technology, thanks to the fact that it has embraced modern LED technology. These pros not only include better sturdiness and higher efficiency but also enhanced service period. It’s a must have by now for your emergency needs.

It is also recommended too keep at least one flashlight that operates without battery. These crank operated flashlights need their crank turned or gentle shaking to replenish their power. One charging will last for 17-21 minutes before drying up. After this you need to charge them again for utilization. No doubt, flashlights are very convenient during emergencies, even though we don’t give much attention to them.