A common reason for moving

Moving house can be a daunting, drawn out and expensive process, which raises the question of why so many people continue to do it. Whether it’s a growing family or a new career, there are many reasons why people decide that a move is the right way forward.

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  1. Need a bigger house

When first home buyers get onto the property ladder, the property is usually small to modest. In a few years they are often overcome this first home and need to buy a property with more space with plans to have children.

  1. Improvements

Deciding whether to move or improve is a tough one. Homeowners can get bored or frustrated with the layout and start to desire a move to bigger, more desirable properties.

  1. Change Job

A promotion or new job might mean relocating to a different neighbourhood or city if the commuting distance is too far. When you need House Removals Essex, visit a site like Relocate, a leading House Removals Essex company.

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  1. Relationships

Moving in with a partner is an important step in any relationship and is a big reason why people move. Conversely, when a relationship breaks up, this can also result in moving house, as the income of one person may not be enough to support the price of the house.

  1. Empty nest

When the children grow up and move out of the family home, many choose to downsize to a smaller house because they no longer need all the extra space.

Special Ways to Remember your Loved Ones

When we lose a loved one, it is such a difficult time. We don’t want to forget them or the important part that they had in our lives, and there are many creative and uplifting ways that people can use to honour the lives of our loved ones.

Plant a Tree – A tree is a beautiful reminder of a person’s life, and a great way to give a bit back to the planet as well. A tree with a memorial plaque is a perfect way to commemorate a person’s life. Watching the tree grow, can give comfort to family members, and ensure that the person is always remembered. A marble headstone or memorial plaque next to the tree is a perfect way to compliment this idea.

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Personal Teddy Bear – One great idea for a special memorial item, is to turn a favourite clothing item into a teddy bear. This is great in particular for a child who may be grieving the loss of a parent or a grandparent, and it will help them feel close to that person.

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Special Jewellery and Accessories – A good way to keep them close to you, is to always keep a favourite piece of jewellery of that person with you. This may be a brooch, a watch or a ring for example, but it helps to feel that person is always with you.

Memorial Bench –  A memorial bench is a lovely idea, if your loved one has a place that they always enjoyed being, perhaps by the seaside, in a certain park, or at a local beauty spot, get in touch with the council about putting a memorial bench there.

How does Double Glazing work?

Windows are designed to let in light while blocking air and objects from entering the house. Besides, windows provide some insulation, but not much. Windows are only a several millimetres in thickness, so heat is able to freely move through the panes, resulting in higher energy costs for heating and cooling your home. Double glazing is designed to let through the light while blocking the movement of heat, converting your window into a good insulator.

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Double glazed windows have two panes of glass separated by a layer of trapped air. The gap between the windowpanes is insulated well so that no or hardly any air can leak between the panes of glass. As well as this, there can sometimes be a dryer between the panels to absorb moisture and stop stray mist from forming between them. The window can be clear or coloured or covered with a reflective coating. For more information on Glass suppliers Bristol, visit a site like https://www.romanglass.co.uk/

Double glazed windows protect in several different ways. It has two glass panels doubling the amount of glass that heat has to pass, slowing movement and helping isolation. Actual insulation strength, however, comes from trapped air. Heat is the motion of the molecules – the hotter the material, the faster the molecules move. When the excited molecules bang into molecules nearby, they disperse heat in a process known as conduction. Due to the fact that air molecules are scattered, they are unable to perform anywhere near as effectively as denser gas. Consequently, the trapped air acts as an insulator. Some of the heat can still be flowing through the air but moves more slowly than it does through glass.

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Double glazed windows can also be improved by adding a coating. Different coatings are used for different purposes. For example, a metallic reflective layer outside the outer panel will stop the infrared radiation from passing through glass from the outside, to prevent the sun from heating the room. The same layer outside the inner panel, however, will stop the infrared leave the room, keeping it warm. Double glazed windows also can be tinted to reduce incoming light, like a normal window.

What to do about Artex

If your house was constructed or decorated in the seventies or eighties, then there is a good chance at least one of your ceilings has artex. Artex is basically a textured ceiling, usually with a rounded or dimpled pattern.

A lot of people choose to keep their artex ceilings, whereas others remove or cover them over, viewing them as not very fashionable anymore. To achieve this, it is possible to plaster it over do this, you can plaster on it, take it out completely, or install a false ceiling.

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Find out if it contains asbestos

Before work begins on the ceiling, you need to ascertain whether it contains asbestos in the artex. If you know that it was built after 1999, do not worry, it will not contain asbestos. But if it was built before this date, there is a great possibility that it might. This is because asbestos used to be an important part of the artex before the British government banned it in 1999.

Should you suspect your ceiling might contain asbestos, it’s imperative to have it tested. Ensure you locate an accredited professional to do this like TES Environmental  that way you’ll know they are safe and competent. For  Asbestos survey Birmingham

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You do not have to remove artex ceilings that contain asbestos, because they are safe unless disturbed. You can find a way to cover it without damaging it. If it becomes scratched or weakened in any way, this could expose the asbestos fibres making them dangerous as they are released into the air.

Essential Elements of Design Office

In the modern interconnected world, a perfect workspace can be in any location. Yes, people often say it’s all about location, but when you are in a work setting, it’s all about the design. Important design elements can determine, not only the aesthetics and feel of the workspace, but also affect employee productivity, engagement and satisfaction.

  1. Love your layout

In the office, everything must be in place. Spatial planning is a core element of any design and affects all parts of the workspace. Layout, in the end, is a major factor in the effects of space on the occupants.

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Some things to keep in mind when it comes to the layout – first, the layout needs to not only accommodate the size of your team at the moment, but more importantly, must take into account the growth rate of your team. In the fast world of startups, a modular layout can help you save time and money in what is normally spent on construction, new furniture, and expansion. For Office Furniture Bristol, visit 1st Dzine office Furniture Bristol

  1. Get your lighting right

Natural light can affect our mood, energy, and attention, along with productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. Know the feeling of a room that is very bright and luminous? It is usually much nicer to be in as it has been designed with large windows, allowing it to be brightly lit during the day.

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  1. Give colour to your work environment

Just as we are vulnerable to the emotional and mental effects of light, so we are to colour. Seeing red intermittently, such as stop signs, yields effects that are far different from a pleasant tone of soothing blue sky, for example.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Cleaning Company

There is absolutely no question that you need to maintain higher levels of cleanliness in your workplace. This is important because an office is a key place of working for any business. A clean workplace will protect the image of a business in the age of Glassdoor reviews. It is also important because a dirty office poses health risks for the people working there. The last thing that you need is people being infected through diseases because the office is not really clean.

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The size of your office is important whenever finding these companies because the larger your office the more you will have to spend. Office cleaning generally is a sub-service of commercial cleaning services. You need to find a company that exclusively offers commercial cleaning services. This way you will make sure that you are getting the services that you need.

Size of the company

City of London Office Cleaning needs to be done frequently. This is the only way to ensure that a high level of cleanliness is actually maintained at all times. It is advisable to employ a company that will offer you these types of services regularly. Most people thoroughly clean their offices once within a week or fortnightly based on how quickly the office accumulates dirt and dust. Should you have an office that gets grubby fairly quickly and easily, then consider a daily cleaning service. It might also a good idea to hire a single company to do your office cleaning. This is because changing companies might not be good for the security of your office.

Safety and Security

Whenever hiring and allowing a third-party company to operate in your office, you must ensure that any sensitive material is secure while cleaning is taking place. For the City of London Office Cleaning, choose a reliable and professional cleaning service that has good ratings and has a perfect safety record. An office is a workplace and as such, cleaning should ideally be scheduled outside of core work hours to avoid disruption. Remember it’s important to examine their reviews from previous clients to establish that the company that you will be working with will offer you excellent solutions.

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Know about the type of office cleaning services you need

Do you need any specific cleaning services like upholstery or carpet cleaning? Make note of those things because they determine the price charged by the company. Additionally, determine if the company that you choose will offer you these services. A few companies are specialized in offering a particular service. So, it is important to know if a cleaning company offers the service you need.




Avoid common mistakes by hiring an accountant

When running a small business, mistakes are unavoidable. A common area for blunders is bookkeeping and accounting. Accounting mistakes range from small errors, such as not remembering to store low-value receipts, to major issues that affect your business’s cash flow and put your company in danger of insolvency.

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Let’s look at four of the most common small business accounting mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Not asking for help

There are many business owners who wish to manage their own accounts. This is not only to save money but also because they think they are best qualified to do the job as they run the business. These things are not necessarily true; in fact, bookkeepers are vital to business owners, as they can focus their time and productivity elsewhere to make the organisation a success.

Accountants in Cheltenham, such as Randall & Payne, understand the best methods to save your business money and are likely to save you cash in the long-term, even though they charge a fee.

Mistakes are costly, so it is vital you hire a professional bookkeeper or accountant.

2. Failing to reconcile bank statements and books

Reconciling bank statements and books is vital in ensuring no discrepancies occur between real and recorded transactions.

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3. Paying small expenses from your own pocket

As the owner of a small business, you have probably lost track of how many times you have paid expenses from your own pocket. Small bills, odd business items or drinks after work with the team are all small expenses that are easily paid from your own pocket; however, this creates two major issues. Firstly, not recording all payments quickly can result in inaccurate financial records; secondly, using your personal money for business expenses means you are making the company finances seem healthier than the real situation.

Ensure these transactions are documented so that they can be accounted for fully in the books.

4. Using business accounts for personal expenses

On the other hand, it can be tempting to use your business account for your personal expenses. If you own the company, using a director’s account for paying occasional expenses does not result in significant issues; however, if this is done frequently, it can cause financial problems for the business. Overdependence could put your business in a difficult financial position.

The benefits of installing an awning

Winter is so long in the UK, that when summer finally hits, we want to spend as much time as we can enjoying our gardens. However, getting sunburn or feeling uncomfortably hot are both unpleasant experiences, and if your garden suffers from a lack of shade, it can be just as uninviting in summer as it is in winter.

Whether you dream of adequate shade, extra living space, cover from rain or a cooler area to sit, an awning can offer a multitude of benefits for both your property and garden space. Check out the following benefits of installing an awning on your home:

Shade from the sun

As we all know, staying in the sun too long can be bad for our health, but with the sun only appearing every now and then, us Brits want to make the most of the sunshine when it’s really here! So, with a retractable awning you can make a beautiful area of colour to give everyone that much-needed extra cover without feeling like you have to go back indoors. For more information on Awnings Stratford Upon Avon, visit a site like Centurion, a leading supplier of Awnings Stratford Upon Avon.

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Money saving

Some rooms in your home may get a great deal of sun, becoming unbearable in the summer and uncomfortable to use. You might be spending a fortune on running fans or air conditioning to combat this problem. By installing an awning, you can avoid these costs. Installing on the terrace or bifold doors, a retractable awning provides adequate shade for the interior without relying on powered appliances to cool it for you.

Expanding your living space

Space is at a premium everywhere and we always want more, so why not use a retractable awning to extend the outdoor space for you and your guests. By providing a little shelter, you will create a space that can be used by all the family whether it is to play, relax or eat in.

Protection from rain

Closely related to our first point, the great British weather is always somewhat unpredictable and you can always expect a few showers, even on the sunniest days. Do not get caught out and make sure you have a retractable awning to protect you from the drizzle.

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Easy to use

Once installed, the awning is very easy to operate. You can choose to have either a manual or electric awning. With your guidance, simply wind the crank arm to unroll and roll up the awning and with the electric option, you only need to press a button and the awning will extend and retract automatically.


The King in the Car park

It comes to something when you’re an unwell remembered King that you are found in the foundations of a Leicester City Car park. Or what’s left of you that is. Pieces of you are carefully excavated wrapped in archaeology grade tissue paper to protect them before they are carefully catalogued and in some cases delicately drawn before either being placed in a museum or returned to their original placement and then covered in concrete that was found from a local company. Should you be in need of some concrete you can find a number of companies across the country including Edinburgh, Birmingham and Kent Ready Mix Concrete

Richard of York, who gave battle in vain if you need to be reminded of the colours rainbow has been found at last and perhaps so of the things written about him can also be laid to rest like he can. Richard is painted as the bad guy. He is the last of the Plantagenet kings before the Tudors completed a hostile takeover and finally settled the Wars of the Roses. There were few things levelled at him. First of all, he killed the rightful heirs to the throne allegedly there’s never been any real proof that he did it and the remains weren’t saying. He’s also supposed to be very ugly and has a humped back. There are two reasons for this. One, History is written by the winners and the ones who can actually be bothered to record it. Shakespeare is very much to blame as he is the one to come out with all the “now is the winter of our discontent” stuff whilst the actor leans over and shuffles about. Shakespeare knew which side his bread was buttered and he wanted to be in with the Tudors as they might become his patron, so the pen was just as mighty as the sword that did for Richard.

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Secondly there is the painting of Richard that is not very flattering at all. In fact, you can see the hump as someone painted his right hand side a bit lower to give the impression that he had one. There is some talk that his nose was painted wrong as well to make it look too big. Bingo then when you find his bones. And here is the thing, whist there is mild curvature of the spine there is nothing to suggest he was as deformed as Shakespeare and the painting make out. So, let’s just say then that Shakespeare was economical with the truth. To be fair he did the same thing with Macbeth later in his life to curry favour with James the first of England and sixth of Scotland. Well it worked the first time.

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It’s becoming clear that as this all happened hundreds of years ago we do need to ask ourselves if it really matters. It’s very unlikely that we are going to find a ”smoking gun” or smoking parchment if you prefer as they didn’t have guns back then. He was obviously deeply unpopular as he was killed by a sharp stab to the head and then, to add insult to total death they stuck a sword in his bum for good measure. Amazing what a skeleton can tell you.