The Unwritten Sport ‘Rules’ for Parents and Children

If your child takes part in a sport, then you have probably been to watch them compete against other children. However, parents’ behaviour on the touchline is increasingly causing concern. Here is a look at some ‘rules’ for parents and children to follow to ensure everyone has fun. A possible significant factor on children practicing good sportsmanship is if they get the correct socialisation from parents or carers. If parents live busy lives so that time to teach their children is limited however then it could mean that these children develop bad sports like habits such as shouting at a referee. If you are a busy parent and worry that your child may be in this predicament, then there are solutions. There are carers like au pairs that can look after children and offer them how to behave in sport respectfully. If you are looking for a London Au pairs  agency, then look no further than Continue reading The Unwritten Sport ‘Rules’ for Parents and Children

Why Occupational Health Workers Are Essential in Facilitating the Right Offices for All Staff

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that nearly 40 per cent of Americans have obesity problems. Such individuals are more prone to health issues, including musculoskeletal disorders like back pain and sore knees, diabetes and hypertension. It’s therefore vital that all offices are fit for purpose and designed for employees of a healthy weight and also those who are obese. This is the task of occupational health providers, who want to ensure that US offices suit everybody.

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Allowing Employees Space

CBS News has stated that American workers have on average only 151 square feet of room at work. This can lead to depression, anxiety and claustrophobia: the knock-on effect is poor performance at work.

Obese workers may need a bit of extra space to access and move around their desk. Meanwhile, tall workers might need extra leg space. Because of these needs, it’s crucial that an official action plan supporting employees of all shapes and sizes is given to employers, with assessments of every worker’s area being provided.

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Adjustable Furniture

Physical and mental wellbeing – the goal of every occupational health worker – is central to feeling comfortable at work. Occupational health workers must ensure that all employees’ physical working needs are fulfilled. This means making sure that the office furniture is easily adjustable and suits employees of all sizes and shapes.

Extending desks should be considered for some, while others will find adjusting the desk’s height beneficial. This can free up extra space, benefiting the workplace.

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This web page examines how office design boosts health:

Multi-Purpose Computers

Vision problems, which include glaucoma, hypertensive retinopathy and sight loss, can be a side-effect of obesity. Occupational health practitioners need to highlight the tools that obese employees need to carry on functioning properly in their job. This means employing screen-reader programs and computer magnifiers for computer users. In fact, eye-related problems affect everyone – computer use leads to eye strain and raises the likelihood of myopia. Occupational health practitioners therefore ought to be flagging up these concerns to employers as well as recommending the introduction of opticians to the workplace so they can carry out regular eye examinations.

Haulage safety tech is saving lives: here’s how

HGVs, lorries and transportation vehicles are an integral part of the distribution industry; however, these vehicles are frequently involved in some of the most serious accidents on the roads. In 2015 alone, HGVs were involved in 400,000 accidents resulting in 4,000 deaths. Due to these staggering statistics, efforts have been concentrated on developing advanced technology systems to make these vehicles safer and save lives. Continue reading Haulage safety tech is saving lives: here’s how

How to choose the right office fit-out company

Part of a facilities manager’s crucial role is making sure that buildings meet the needs of the people inside. When an office requires refurbishment or refit, it is the job of the facilities manager to arrange the process, including planning the best allocation and utilisation of space, project managing, supervising, and coordinating the work of contractors. Continue reading How to choose the right office fit-out company

The amazing and historical world of Eton College

When you are looking for something to do between your meetings at Windsor Meeting Rooms you could take a tour of the local area and enjoy the architectural splendour of Eton College. Most people are aware of Eton College due to the number of politicians and members of the royal family that have received an education at this highly prestigious school. Continue reading The amazing and historical world of Eton College

Bringing a Classic Look to Your living room.

It is often said that aristocrats don’t buy furniture; they inherit it. It is wonderful for them to be able to fill their stately homes with beautiful original pieces of furniture such as lovely old Ages, large oak dining tables and comfortable leather chairs.

For the majority of us, this is not an option. But that does not mean we have to fill our homes with the same flat-pack furniture as everyone else.

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It pays to look around at auctions, second-hand shops or flea markets to see if there is a piece which catches your eye. Take a tape measure to make sure it will fit into your home before you buy. Many people have got carried away but then found the sofa or table was just too big when they returned home with it.

Find a Style to Suit You

It is important to find the right style for a home, such as a minimalist or a rural feel.

Home Magazine points out some simple DIY steps to get the right look for you. For instance, if you like modern minimal you can create a feeling of space by painting the walls white and having stripped wooden floors.

You it could match pieces from different periods or have a combination of old and new to create a look which is unique to you.

Think About How Your Room Will Look

It is important to plan where your furniture will go and how it will blend with existing pieces too.

A Daily Mail article suggests that you think about placing your furniture around a focal point such as a fireplace or the television.  The fireplace is an integral part of the living room. It could be argued that a fireplace like a stove is the most important factor in making a house a home. If your living room doesn’t have this then it could be seriously lacking a home comfort that is widely appreciated. If you are interested in making this addition to your living room, why not use a wood burning stove Northern Ireland based company, such as should also plan the room around the largest piece of furniture such as a bed or sofa.

If you like designer or classic furniture but don’t have the budget to buy an original, there are companies specialising in affordable reproduction designer furniture.
By adding reproduction pieces to your modern or second-hand furniture, you can build up an interesting home furnishing style of your own. Over time, you may be able to replace some of the older or mass-produced items with even more reproduction pieces to create a lovely home.

Steel industries join new government-backed advisory group

In the UK, carbon capture development and storage is a huge ongoing industry that is backed by a £1m fund. Since the inception of CCS Global that works in conjunction with countries around the globe in developing CCS facilities, the British CCUS carbon capture, usage and storage) market gained more insightful companies. The vast majority of CO2 emissions are from three subsectors, namely, cement, iron and steel as well as petrochemicals and chemicals.

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More industries joining CCUS

The government-backed advisory group already consisted of economists, engineers, scientists, geologists, climate change experts, policy analysts, marketers and business developers. In the effort to speed up the process the group invited BP, Shell, National Grid, Cadent, Drax and Tata steel to join the group of carbon capture advisors.

The advisory group will advise and support the government both with potential challenges while giving an estimated investment framework. The group will run until July 2019, while additional members could be added. The UK’s plan is to have the CCUS plant fully operational by the mid-2020s.

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Impact on other industries

The addition of Tata steel was an excellent decision from the government, since this industry plays a fundamental role in supplying vital material to society. Not only are they a supplier of a vital material, but they also contribute significantly to CO2 emissions. At the same time, the steel industry developed a new technology before mid-2018 in manufacturing, whereby they are reducing emissions created during manufacturing by half.

The advantage of other industries joining the advisory group is excellent news for sub-industries as well. Euromac bending machines, which are one of the prime UK bending machines used in the steel fabrication industry, for example, will assist in construction and development. As an industry that is capable of specialising in aerospace, rail and defence, bending machines are very beneficial to the construction industry as a whole.

The aim is to be the first country in the world with a bioenergy plant that captures carbon.

Claire Perry, Minister of Energy and Clean Growth, is welcoming the thought of being a world leader in one of the most important aspects that affect the entire world. For the UK to have the first CCUS facility, the government and supporting industries prove their modern and ambitious industrial strategies.

The importance of nutritional food for your cat

Good nutrition is key to the survival of any animal and this is no different for cats. Cats have over thousands of years become more and more domesticated until we have been left with the wondrous creatures that many of us invite to join our families.

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There are many ways to help you cat have a happy and healthy long life and these include ensuring that they have a safe and loving place to live as well as access to good food and water and in your absence that they are looked after by a Cattery Cheltenham way such as who will care for them in your absence.

When it comes to the food that you feed your cat there are some important facts that you should be aware of.

Cats are carnivores and should be fed as such. Unlike other animals such as dogs, a cat can not survive on a vegetarian diet and their food intake types should only be adjusted following the advice and guidance of a qualified vet. This means that they need to have a high protein content in their diets and this should be meat filled and moisture rich. There are conflicting pieces of advice on whether your cat should be fed a wet or dry food source.

A wet or canned food source will not only provide your cat with all of the protein that they require but will also give them an extra liquid intake. Cats tend not to drink a lot of water and instead look for food sources that will also supply them with a liquid intake. A wet food diet can also help to prevent obesity and other health related issues such as diabetes and urinary tract infections. A dried food diet will also provide you cat with all the nutrients that it needs but lacks the additional liquid content and is thought to only be more healthy in terms of dental hygiene. It may therefore be best to discuss a mixed diet with your vet. Perhaps offering your cat wet food at breakfast and their evening meal and leaving a dried food option out during the day whilst you are at work.

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It is recommended that you feed your cat at set points during the day rather than allowing them to graze throughout the day. This of course may not be wholly practical if you are out at work so limit the amount of food left during the day and try to stick to meal times in the morning and evening and where possible make these the same time each day, as we all know cats don’t like change.

Looking forward to that Wedding Breakfast.

I love a good wedding don’t you? Watching the couple enjoying their big day and their family and friends all dressed up enjoying the day as well. Alongside the traditional wedding ceremony, which today can be held in a church, a registry office, hotel or even a field if you wish, there are other elements that people enjoy. The wedding breakfast is one such part. Having watched your close friends or family members share their vows and be declared as husband and wife, it is time to sit down and enjoy a nice meal. This tends to take place on carefully organised tables with some great Restaurant Cutlery to tuck in to your delightful three course meal.

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Why’s it called a wedding breakfast? I’ve never sat down to a starter of Cornflakes, juice and a Full English followed by Preserves and Toast have you? Not that I’d complain if I did, that sounds like a lovely combination to have before we sit through the speeches. Apparently, it’s called a wedding breakfast because it’s the first meal of the marriage, like a new dawn beginning, which it is in a way. You can see point of that but it still feels like a slightly weird name.

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Generally, the wedding breakfast is a nice little roast dinner that everyone can enjoy. You might get a starter, and they’ve certainly moved on a bit since the Prawn Cocktail or Cream of Tomato soup starter. Many people are opting for a sit down sunday lunch style wedding breakfast and are then following this in the evening with a buffet style evening reception event. This is where you tend to find the personality and food loves of the couple being shown, with some couples choosing mini fish and chips, or perhaps a hog roast, or even Tuscan style finger food. The sky really is the limit when it comes to the evening entertainment.

So, next time you sit down at a wedding breakfast you will be able to turn to the person next to you and explain to them the reason why it is called as such. It is always a good idea to have a few topics in mind, just in case you find yourself sat at a table with complete strangers. Conversation can become a little difficult once you have all ascertained how you know the bride and groom.

Manipulating our outside environments

As human beings we have developed in some many different ways from our early ancestors. It is our intelligence and the development of our analytical brains that have allowed us to manipulate the environment around us in order to make the temperature and other atmospheric conditions more pleasing. This makes us unique in the world. If we are struggling with extremes of heat such as experienced during the freezing winter months we can simply contact a Boiler Installation Cheltenham company to come and fit a new boiler in our property to ensure that we are nice and toasty until the warmer Spring weather appears. You can find Boiler Installation services provided by the combi man and other providers local to you.

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Other animals have had to adapt in their physical bodies in order for them to survive in the temperatures and weather that we have now protected ourselves from. Camels are a good example of animals that can thrive in even the hottest of temperatures They are able to survive with very little water being available due to the makeup of their humps and can kneel on the boiling hot sand without getting burnt due to the thick leather-like skin they have on their knees.

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How animals survive depends on whether they are warm or cold blooded. Warm blooded animals have to try and maintain a constant body temperature as large fluctuations either up or down can have an impact on their overall health and condition. In essence, like ourselves, we need to regulate our heat in order to maintain an average internal body temperature.  Cold blooded animals do not have to regulate their body temperature in the same way as they gain tier heat from their outside environment. This will fluctuate and therefore their own body temperature will also alter. Other than birds and mammals, all other inhabitants of the world are naturally cold blooded. The size of the animal can be seen to dictate whether they are cold or warm blooded, with larger animals tending to be of the warm blooded variety. This is due to the fact that due to their size keeping themselves regulated based on the external environment would be very inefficient and would take a long time and would make them more susceptible to attacks from predators.

If we were left to try and maintain our temperatures whilst living in the outside environment we would not have thrived so well as a species.