The importance of regular vehicle maintenance

When you own a vehicle, there’s a lot more involved than just driving it from A to B and back again. Regular maintenance is incredibly important, or you could be storing up serious future problems that could lead you to being severely out of pocket and off the road.

Regular maintenance is important to reduce the risk of problems building up and to make the driving quality of your vehicle much better. Many vehicle owners fail to do this, whether down to laziness or a simple lack of knowledge. Often, these vital maintenance tasks are straightforward and even those with little or no knowledge can carry out basic jobs on their vehicle. This way, your car will be better placed to pass its MOT with flying colours each year, giving you more peace of mind. For a Gloucester MOT service, visit

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Here are some of the most important maintenance tasks you should learn to carry out:

Regular fluid checks – checking fluid levels is essential, such as coolant, transmission fluid and oil. When these levels are running low, they should be topped immediately to avoid your engine overheating or parts wearing out against each other.

Oil changes – your engine needs oil to stay healthy so you must ensure that oil levels are adequate for smooth engine running. Oil should be changed at around every 3000 miles to prevent engine problems and to help it perform as smoothly as possible.

Tyre pressures – again another crucial element of regular vehicle maintenance. If you have incorrect tyre pressure, this can lead to above normal wear and tear of the tyres and uneven wear as well. Too much air can make tyres more prone to blowing out. To find your perfect tyre pressure level, check your vehicle’s handbook.

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Engine air filter – if there is dirt and debris in your engine’s air filter, it can shorten its lifespan and reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 10%. An air hose will do the trick to blow out any accumulated dust or dirt.

These simple maintenance tasks will reduce the risk of more serious problems building up unnoticed until something goes bang! It might seem like a headache, especially for those with little time but just remember the potential cost should something serious go wrong and the inconvenience of being left without your vehicle. Not to mention the safety risks by driving a car with potential issues.