How to travel safely with your dog

Are you going to take your dog for a trip? It can be tonnes of fun to go on holiday or a day trip with your dog. Being well-prepared to make things run as smoothly as possible is critical. Failure to plan and the journey can very easily become a nightmare!

The first important thing to remember is that a collar with current identification data on it must be worn by your dog. Luckily you can get some wonderful Designer Dog Collars from Iwoof.

It might be safer to use a boarding kennel or dog-sitter when you’re away if your dog has not yet been adequately trained with at least basic training. When travelling in a car, you need your pooch to be well-behaved.

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Other items that need to be scheduled include where the dog will be put in the car, pet-friendly lodging, and activities to keep the dog active and occupied while you are away.

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The best way to travel with your dog is by car as this mode of transport would also be most familiar to your dog, having been taken on trips to the vets and the park, etc. Some dogs suffer car travel anxiety, so it’s probably best to get them used to travelling from an early age in the car. If he is nervous, try short drives for a while and get your dog used to car journeys. Maybe he still feels that he’s going to the vets where he might have had a poor experience before.