Cooler Master expands its portfolio with new gaming headphones, the MH751 and MH752

Cooler Master has announced the launch of new headphones focused on the gamer segment . This is the Cooler Master MH751 and MH752 , two new headphones whose only difference lies in the connection method used.

So while the Cooler Master MH751 make use of the traditional 3.5 jack, the MH752 also opt for the USB port (they use two types of connection). These gaming headphones are therefore focused on satisfying users of all types who want to play both on PC and console.

Otherwise the Cooler Master MH751 and MH752 share specifications and design . Manufactured in black without the stridency of other models, these are supra-aural models with large pads made of synthetic leather.

Inside, two 40 mm loudspeakers are mounted with neodymium magnets that achieve a response frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with an impedance of 26 ohms and a sensitivity of 97 dBA.

They include an omnidirectional , easily adaptable arm microphone that manages to reduce background noise for a clear voice capture during long gaming sessions. This “micro” offers a frequency that goes from 100 Hz to 100 kHz.

In both cases it has been sought to facilitate transport , so that in both models hinges are used to fold them, as well as removable cable, like the microphone.

Between the two models and depending on the connection used, it should be noted that the Cooler Master MH752 includes support for 7.1 virtual surround sound thanks to the inclusion of a sound card. We can connect it to the PC and achieve a higher quality sound.

Price and availability

The Coolers Master MH751 and MH752 will reach the market in mid-November at a price of 79.99 and 99.99 dollars respectively .