Why Play Golf in Canada?

Might think of golf as the pursuit of the elite and privileged, but it can be a fun and challenging activity for many different types of people. Golf has a universal appeal and provides invigorating exercise in a wide range of scenic settings. It is played and enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, and is fast becoming a more widely accepted and embraced sport. If you think you might enjoy a game of golf, or are simply curious to find out, try talking to your local Toronto golf club and seeing what they can offer in terms of membership, golf courses and advice. Here are five great reasons why golf could be the game for you:

1. Exercise: Unbeknownst to many people, golf is a great form of exercise. Golf entails a lot of walking, flexibility, stamina and endurance. You do not need to be super fit to play golf, but it helps if you are in reasonable shape, and it is a great way to become more fit. A typical game of golf takes around 4 hours and involves walking approximately 4 miles, unless you use a golf cart. But even then you will still be using a lot of muscle and movement to perfect that golf swing and while it is not overly taxing exercise, it is a great way to gradually condition your body and burn calories.

2. Socializing: Golf is a fantastic way to get out and meet new people as well as strengthen relationships with old ones. Both on the course and in the club you will forge new bonds with your fellow players, celebrating victories and lamenting losses with them. Golf is well known for being a very friendly sport and one that is best enjoyed with others.

3. Challenging: Golf is a great way to really challenge yourself; setting new goals and reaching for new heights with each game. While a fun sport, it is a very difficult game to master and once you become familiar with the rules and more confident with each round, you will want to go further. Golf can become highly competitive, and a compelling hobby that keeps you striving for more.

4. Fun for the family: Golf provides a great day out and fun for all the family. A great way to bond and achieve a sense of accomplishment; learning to play golf can bring families together and become a much loved hobby for all.

5. No age restriction: Golf can become the sport of your golden years and beyond. Some people enjoy playing golf well into their late 80s, while others are taking up the sport at a much younger age. There is no restriction to when you are eligible to play golf and it is an activity you can enjoy for many years; keeping you feeling youthful and energized.

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