Why not plant British instead?

Many people like having trees and shrubs in their gardens and appreciate the shade and beauty that a tree can bring them. But most people aren’t aware of the vast number of British trees that are available. It is important that you look after and maintain your trees so that they remain healthy and continue to flourish. If you need help with the trees on your property and are searching for a Tree Surgeon Dorset way then take a look at https://kieranboylandtreeservices.com ho can help with all your tree needs.

Here are some of the varieties of British tree that you may want to consider:

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Blackthorn – a tree that has roots in the stories of witchcraft. This beautiful tree is often used as a hedging shrub, with is white flowers that appear in Spring and luscious purple berries in Summer. Blackthorn can reach up to six metres high at its maturity and enjoys being planted in well-drained soil and in full sunlight. You will find that this plant attracts a whole host of wildlife including bees and butterflies as well as small birds which nest amongst its protective branches.

Elder – is a popular tree for growing in gardens as it is relatively easy to keep at a small height although they can grow up to ten metres tall if not pruned regularly. Myths say that if you plant an elder tree in your garden you will ward off the devil. It is also a plant that is happy in almost any soil type apart from sand. It is important that you cook the berries and flowers if you intend on using them as all parts of the plant are poisonous in a mild form.

Hawthorn – another versatile tree that can be planted on its one or in multiples to give it a hedge like feel. This tree is another variety that is incredibly popular with different types of wildlife. Birds and mice can be found enjoying the delights of the berries and flowers and many insects including bees will visit the plant for nectar. Again, maintenance is key with a Hawthorn tree as they can grow up to fifteen metres tall, especially if located in full sunshine.

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Silver birch – an attractive tree that has a silver coloured bark and can grow to heights of around 20 metres. The beautiful green leaves appear to hang gracefully from the branches and create a light and airy feel to the canopy area. These leaves then turn a lovely yellow colour during the autumn months.