Why locum work helps to reduce pressure on doctors

General practitioners can get bad media coverage. Whether there are complaints about waiting times, working hours or available appointments, there tends to be a relatively large number of negative attention surrounding GPs; however, this can be attributed to the incredible pressure, stress and systemic failings that affect doctors in their everyday work.

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Increasing demand

GPs are struggling to keep up with demands for primary care made on them by patients. The Royal College of GPs recently acknowledged that the number of qualified doctors has fallen since September 2016, due in large part to the increasing strains put upon them.

GPs can be expected to come into contact with upwards of 50 patients per day, with some reporting up to 100. Studies have shown that doctors become unable to make well-informed professional judgement calls after meeting with 30 patients in a day. They are under pressure to deal effectively with patient volumes and, in turn, are fearful of their inability to work to their desired standards and of the possibility that one slip in judgement may cost them their jobs.

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Financially, doctors have reported that the government’s attitude towards the NHS and their practices has caused their incomes and available funds to dangerously dwindle. If they do not have the funds to treat their patients, how are they expected to meet the standards required? Many GPs have admitted that although they love their jobs, their current stressful situations have a severe impact on their family life, mental health and motivation.

GP locum jobs

Many doctors have become locum GPs to help ease the stress and pressure. Locum doctors are always required to fill in for GPs for anything from maternity leave to sickness or holidays. GP locum jobs are varied, flexible, and can provide better pay. Locum GPs can choose their working hours, sometimes limiting themselves to between five and eight hours per day. They can experience a wider range of cases and locations, and they are in great demand. GP Locum Jobs from the GP Locum Agency and similar organisations can provide GPs with a healthier work/life balance.

The advantages of becoming a locum GP are many, including no requirement for long-term commitment, better hours, higher salaries, and the opportunity to widen their career horizons by experiencing different practices and management.