Why it’s better to travel by coach

There must have been times when you’ve travelled by bus or train and been forced to stand or have someone practically sitting on your lap? It’s not much fun is it? Driving a car in rush hour or around busy roads is equally no fun when you can’t appreciate the scenery because you’re too focused on the road. Feeling stressed, rushed and generally uncomfortable puts most of us off travel altogether. There is a solution. Take a trip by coach. Here are some of the many benefits of choosing coach travel instead:


When compared to other forms of transport, coach travel is actually very cost-effective. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you ask for a quote, whether it’s for a day out, a holiday, a corporate fun day or as a way to get people to and from an event.

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You’ll never experience an overcrowded coach and you certainly won’t be forced to stand! You’ll always get a seat, modern coaches are air-conditioned, many have Wi-Fi and you can sit back, enjoy the view and simply relax. A coach journey is a guaranteed way to travel where you’ll have space to stow your bags and enjoy a comfortable seat and a big window to look out of.

Take in the scenery

With a coach trip you actually have the time to enjoy the world passing by. You’ll see the landscape you so often miss when driving in a car. See the sights, appreciate the countryside and take time to soak up the views we don’t often have time to truly see. For Coach hire Gloucester, visit https://www.johndixtravel.co.uk/


Driving into a place or city you’ve never visited before can be an incredibly stressful experience. Most people wouldn’t relish the prospect of navigating unknown streets, staying on course with no wrong turns and finding somewhere to park. You’ll feel tense, confused and probably just a little grumpy by the time you eventually arrive at your destination. Imagine someone else dealing with all of this on your behalf. A professional driver will likely have done the route many times and if not, well, it’s up to him or her to follow the confusing road signs and navigate the congestion while you take a nap or read a book!

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It’s a no-brainer

Taking a coach makes perfect sense and your body and mind will thank you for it. There is no need to deal with crowds of grumpy commuters, you get to enjoy the scenery and arrive at your destination nicely relaxed and ready to go.