Which is the right boiler for you?

It can be a tough decision deciding which type of boiler is right for your home. It needs to be practical and fit in with your lifestyle and needs. Here is some information about the different types of boilers available, the advantages of each and which homes they work best in:

Combi Boilers

More formally known as combination boilers, these offer great efficiency in water heating and central heating. It does both in a single unit. A combi boiler heats water from the mains directly whenever you turn a tap on, so there is no need for a water storage cylinder or water tank in the loft.

The reason why they represent such great efficiency and cost-savings is because the water is heated immediately when you need it and not heated and then stored inside a cylinder. Your hot water also comes out at mains pressure, so you can get a delightfully refreshing power shower without needing an extra pump.

The small compact size of combi boilers makes them ideal for homes with less space. They are also suited to properties where:

There is very small loft space or none at all

The amount of living space is increased as there is no requirement for a hot water cylinder

You could still carry out a loft conversion as there is no need for a cold-water storage tank

There is no hassle of pipework freezing

No risk of loft pipework freezing and as there is less pipework, installation is often cheaper. Find out more about Forest of Dean Boiler Installation with greenplanetheating

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System Boilers

Having a system boiler requires a hot water cylinder but most of the system components are built into the boiler itself so it’s easier to install. You also won’t need to install a tank in the loft, so system boilers are a viable option for homes with small or no loft space. This type of system is also compatible with solar heating.

They make a good choice for homes with more than one bathroom as you get a constant hot water supply to any number of taps and at the same time.

They offer good economy and built-in components make it easier and faster to install.

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Regular Boilers

Also known as traditional or conventional boilers, this type is generally better suited to homes that already have a traditional hot water and heating system that has a separate cylinder.

This is a sensible replacement for an existing boiler with an older system of radiators throughout. This set-up might possibly not cope with the increased water pressure that results from having a combi or system boiler.

They are ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms where a lot of water could be required at the same time and also where water pressure might be lower. They are also compatible with solar heating set-ups, which can offer reduced energy costs and less of a carbon footprint.