When all you want to do is celebrate

We are all used to couple you have recently got engaged or couple on their wedding day having a celebration with all their family and friends but a group of people who we don’t always think about wanting a celebration is that of the recently divorced. However, divorce parties are becoming much more popular and they take many different forms depending on the person and the reasons as to why the couple decided to divorce. These are not usually celebrations wanting to forget that they were ever married but a way to close off that chapter of their lives and open a new one full of possibilities of new relationships and finding yourself once again.

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Most parties of this variety are held by one individual and will involve many of their friends, however in some instances the party is held jointly by the recently divorced couple and is an attempt to try and bring unity within the two families and the group of friends and to show that there is no ill will going forwards between the couple.

For those having individual parties you will often find that they gather a group of friends together and head out to  Cheltenham Nightclubs. This is very similar to the stag and hen parties that are held before a wedding and are a celebration of embarking on a single life. Other parties include heading away for a spa weekend and gatherings in venues with catering and a disco.

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What is similar with all the party types is that there are usually decorations and items that are classed as a bit tongue in cheek. For example, cakes are made in similar style to wedding cakes but instead of a couple on top of the cake or the words ‘just married’ you may find a single figure and the phrase ‘just divorced’. Similarly, the sashes that are worn at hen do’s saying, ‘bride to be’ are replaced with ones that say, ‘just divorced’.

The aim of the parties isn’t so much to celebrate that your marriage has come to an end but to try and find some joy in what is usually a very emotional and difficult time for everyone. Instead of looking back at what could have been and causing more stress and anxiety these events help the individuals to look forward at the possibilities in their life ahead.