What are the benefits of a hydraulic winch?

Winches using hydraulic power are the smart choice when power and performance are required. Often used in harsh environments or when consistent operation is a prime consideration, they offer numerous advantages over electric winches including power, safety and reliability.

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A battery powered electric winch can drain down the power of a fully charged pack in minutes. In contrast, a hydraulic system relies on fluid mechanics to operate and offers unparalleled pulling power. Where an electric winch can easily become overloaded when lifting heavy weights, the hydraulic winch offers smooth and consistent operation that can deal with any heavy load.

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The increased efficiency and power of a hydraulic system means that it virtually eliminates the problems associated with overheating. Where an electric system can quickly overheat and present a health and safety hazard, requiring cooling before it can be used again, a hydraulic system continues to operate seamlessly for as long as you need it.


Although electric winches can be lightweight and easy to install, they can sometimes stall in operation, putting the wire cable under huge tension. This can be extremely dangerous. A hydraulic pump driven winch will not stall, relieving the tension on axle, springs and cable for safer operation.

In working with hydraulic winches such as those seen here https://www.brevini.co.uk/power-transmission/winches/hydraulic-winches/, it’s important that you work out a maintenance schedule that pays particular attention to O rings, seals and interfaces. You should always operate a winch in accordance with HSE Guidelines on the safe use of lifting equipment.


Electric winches may offer a lightweight solution but they can’t match the reliability of a hydraulic system. Prone to overheating and even failing, electric hoists can they be time-consuming to repair. Hydraulic winches, on the other hand, have long earned a place in marine applications owing to their ability to withstand the harshest environments while being easier to troubleshoot and repair. Resistant to overheating and fatigue, hydraulic based winch systems will continue to perform flawlessly over a longer period of time.

When to use hydraulic winches

Using this type of winch offers a range of benefits over installing an electric winch, depending on the type of use and the installation. However, as a rule of thumb, If you need a winch for consistent, reliable and sustained hard use, hydraulic is the smart choice.