Ultimate Beach Games

The highlight of most family holidays is playing on the beach with your kids. Whilst it is possible to do that here in the UK, you can never guarantee the weather. When hot weather does happen, thousands flock to our beaches, leaving little space to relax and play games. That’s why the very best beach holidays are those taken abroad. Here are some of the best and cheapest beach games for you to try this summer:

Musical Towels

Similar to musical chairs but with towels. This is an hilarious game best played in super soft sand where theatrical dives and plonking your backside onto a towel as fast as you can will cause no discomfort. This is a high energy game that will involve lots of giggling – perfect for cooling off in the water afterwards before heading back to your private accommodation to relax. For Kas Villa Rental in Turkey, visit http://kas4villarentals.com/


What could be more civilised than a round of cricket played on the sand? While the bowler aims to knock the wickets down with the ball (a soft ball is preferable on the beach) the batter will attempt to hit the ball as far as possible to have time to makes runs between the post and back. Fielders must attempt to catch the ball or stump out the batter. The kids will love it and grown-ups too!

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Skimmers and Ploppers

Who can resist the simple pleasure of trying to skim pebbles across the sea? No equipment is required other than that which nature supplies. You can opt for the basic skim attempt whilst most kids will end up with a plop instead. To make the game a little sillier, when player one throws their stone out to sea, other players try to aim their stone at it so that they land with a single plop and not a double plop. It sounds silly, but it’s a hoot! The player whose stone best synchronises with the lead stone gains a point and becomes the new leader.

Treasure hunt

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Send your kids off with a list of items to find and the promise of an ice-cream as a prize. Include simple things like a certain shaped sea shell, some sea weed, a perfectly round pebble, a multi-coloured shell, some driftwood or a feather.

Sand Darts

You don’t need a board, just hand-drawn rings in the sand will suffice. You can use small pebbles or shells for darts. Draw some shapes or numbers in the sand and set the number of points awarded for each one. It’s a lot of fun for both adults and kids, and you can make their targets a little easier to reach. Not only will the kids be having fun but it’s a great opportunity for a little mental arithmetic and some healthy familial competition.

Sand Pictionary

For a game that can be played from the comfort of your sun lounger, this drawing game is ideal. All you need is a finger or stick and some slightly damp sand. Write down some different objects, screw up the pieces of paper and pop them into a bucket. Player one picks a piece and must draw in the sand what is named on their paper. Set a time limit of about one minute and have everyone guess what it is. You can play it as individuals or in teams.