Top Tips For Creating The Traditional Look In Your Home

Whilst modern interior design with its minimalist look and clean, sharp lines seems to be bang on trend at present, if you aren’t keen on this particular style of design and prefer your property to look more traditional, you may be a little stuck as to how to go about achieving it. So, with this in mind, read on for a few ways that the traditional look can be achieved throughout the home;


A farmhouse kitchen or country cottage kitchen epitomises the traditional English home, so if you are looking to achieve this feel within your property, these designs are a good place to start. Real wood surfaces and cupboards can be combined with up-to-date appliances to create a fully functional space that exudes style and will be a real feature of your home.

With a warm and classic design, go for soft colours on the walls, with the likes of creams, greys and even greens working well. A large wood table as the centre piece of the room would also be highly beneficial in the main goal of developing a traditional appearance, however only go for this option if you have the available space as going for a feature too large for the room is likely to end up damaging the look.

Just remember, when designing, you are attempting to create the homely feel, so incorporate features that appeal to you and will make you feel at home at all times.

Exterior Appearance

Visitors and passersby will make their first impressions of your property from the outside, so if it’s the traditional look you are aiming for, traditional exterior features need to be incorporated.

Everything from the windows through to the front door and the fascias can help reflect the overall design, so take time to consider your options and choose features that will add to the appearance of your home.

Bay or sash windows offer great traditional designs however can be somewhat pricey so for a cheaper alternative, mock sash windows are the choice for many. Benefiting from modern features such as double glazing, you have the advantage of being able to save money on energy bills at the same time as seeing your property reflect the traditional style beautifully.

Interior Features

A traditional design can be represented in various areas throughout the interior of the home, as detailed below;

•    Flooring: Real wood flooring can be used throughout the home from hallways to living areas and alongside the fact that is it easy to keep clean and maintained, it also looks stunning when you are attempting the traditional interior design.

•    Staircases: Fabulously extravagant staircases are a common feature of a traditional property, so if you are looking to enhance this feel in your own home, a replacement of a regular staircase with something a little more expansive could do the trick!

If you are tired of your run of the mill property but don’t want to go down the contemporary route in terms of re-design and prefer the way a more traditional design appears, follow these top tips as well as incorporating a few of your own ideas for sure fire success and a home that you can be proud of.