Top driving laws that you must be aware of

Driving your dream vehicle may be the best few minutes of your life, however, it is very important to keep in mind the fact that while you are enjoying the ride, you are careful enough so as to not break any traffic rules whilst driving that could result in a speeding ticket or a DUI. While a speeding ticket may not look like much, it can pose as a serious threat especially if you intend to buy insurance for your car. You can browse through the information you require for insurance for your vehicle. There is a plethora of driving rules that have been created for vehicle owners so as to ensure safety not only of fellow drivers but also pedestrians, trees, and other objects. Some are quite basic and of the no-brainer variety while some others are a little more complicated than that and a few have been compiled below.

  1. Maintaining the right speed limit:

You may want to argue that you may not be aware of the existing speed limit in a particular area; however, they will end up being futile and just another excuse. Essentially, every road that you take has signboards put up for the people who are driving the cars. These signboards display the speed limit that must be adhered to. Essentially, based on the difference in the said speed limit and your actual car speed, you could be issued either a speeding ticket or a more severe penalty of reckless driving may be slapped on you.

  1. Laws for DUI:

Usually, this is in reference to drinking and driving. The term DUI is an abbreviation of Drinking Under Influence. As a basic rule of thumb, you should be over 21 years of age if you consume alcohol and drive a car and the alcohol levels in the blood of the driver should be below 0.08 %. In any case, if this alcohol level is higher than the said percentage, it falls into the illegal category. There are severe penalties you may have to suffer like losing your driver’s license or having to pay a massive amount as fine. Besides, this will also lead to a higher insurance premium in case you wish to buy car insurance. If your drunk driving has resulted in an accident, you should be well prepared to spend a good number of months in prison.

  1. Stopping at red lights:

This is a no-brainer and under usual circumstances, it is important for your car to come to a complete halt when the red light strikes. In technical terms, it is important for your car to be out of motion for a minimum period of 3 seconds till you start your car again. If you run a red light, you will likely be required to pay a hefty fine. Although it is not technically wrong to run a yellow light, it is advisable that you avoid it as much as possible.

  1. Using cell phones while driving:

In many states, a strict law has been made against the use of cell phones whilst the car is in motion. While you can buy insurance you need you realize that getting distracted by cell phones can lead to minor as well as major accidents, which in turn can considerably increase the price of your premiums for the insurance. If you must use your cell phone, you should make sure that you do so before you get in the car or if it is an ardent emergency then make sure that you are making use of a wireless device.