Tips to look after your central heating system

We all rely so heavily on our central heating that when something goes wrong, it can spell disaster for the family household. That’s why it’s so important to take good care of your central heating system so it remains efficient and working well, lasting longer and requiring less repairs and maintenance. You’ll also make savings on your energy bills, so here are some top ways to look after your heating system:

Regular Flushing

A good flushing of the system keeps it running smoothly. It involves the flushing out of any contaminated water from the system, cleaning the inside of pipes and removing dirt build-up. The system is then re-filled with clean water. You’ll want to call in a professional to assist with this process. The results will mean less cold spots on radiators, a reduction in noisy pipes, lower energy costs and a lower risk of future boiler breakdown.

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Boiler breakdown can sometimes be caused by an accumulation of a substance called magnetite. It’s more commonly referred to as ‘black sludge’ – sounds delightful doesn’t it? Your pipes can become clogged with this sludge, making the whole system far less efficient. Specialist cleaning fluids are used to run through the system, cleansing it of any black sludge build-up. For all boiler and central heating issues, contact Heating Services Exeter at

Magnetic Filter

One tool in the fight against debris build-up is to add a magnetic boiler filter to your system. A qualified gas engineer can fit one of these for you. It’s a filter that contains a magnet for attracting the debris from the system allowing it to run more smoothly and efficiently. This is hugely beneficial for the long-term health of your boiler and for reducing maintenance costs in the future.

Continual Protection

Black sludge is an ongoing issue to be dealt with and once you’ve had your system flushed, cleansed and a magnetic filter attached, the additional use of a chemical into the system is highly recommended. This is a chemical that helps protect against scale and corrosion that a gas engineer can add to your system for you.

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Annual Servicing

You should ideally arrange an annual boiler service with a trusted boiler services company. This is the best way to ensure your system continues to run efficiently, without any disruption to your home life. When it comes to a system as vital and important as your heating and hot water, prevention must be a better option than cure when things go wrong. The better you take care of your central heating, the longer it will perform for you without incident.