Tips for moving to a new house in winter

There is a reason why moving to a new house in the winter is cheaper – fewer people want to make such a move with the cold, the ever-present risk of snow and ice, and Christmas smack bang in the middle. This does not mean it is an impossible task, but it does take some extra thought and planning. Here are our top tips for anyone planning to move home in the winter.

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Pack things in sturdy, weather-resistant materials

Old-fashioned tea chests – once the top choice for moving home – are invaluable for bad weather moves; however, sturdy, thick cardboard boxes with fully closable lids will do. Avoid banana boxes and anything made of flimsy cardboard. Check the mover has tarps to protect your carpet and your furniture before it is taken outside.

Time things carefully

There are fewer daylight hours in winter, so an early start on loading is a good idea, especially if you are not moving too far away and can arrive, unload and start unpacking the essentials while it is still light enough to see. Always carry a torch in case there are any issues with utilities at your new place. If possible, arrange to have these turned on a couple of days before you move in – you could even have the new place heated for your arrival.

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Check the weather forecast

If ice is expected, it is helpful to have some rock salt handy to grit the paths at both ends of the move.

Keep an emergency bag separate

Apart from the usual things you need to hand at all times, include a couple of changes of clothes in case you get wet on the day.

Use a local company

Local companies drive around and beyond the local area every day, so there is nobody better for knowing the roads and particularly which are safest in bad weather; for example, for the best moving experience in Bristol, choose a Bristol removals company such as

Moving to a new house in the winter may not be as straightforward as doing the same thing in other seasons; however, with a little advance planning, it can be just as easy and is generally cheaper. You also get to enjoy cosy evenings in your new home without having to tackle chores such as gardening.