Tips for cleaning the school during the summer

School is back after a long and peaceful summer of empty corridors and quiet classrooms. However, for those charged with maintaining and keeping the property secure, summer is the perfect time to complete all those jobs that are difficult during term time. With the bustle of term time gone for a few weeks, the building is free to have a really thorough deep clean with no interruption or time constraints. Here are some areas that can have a deep clean that might not normally receive one during term time:

The Floors

All floors can receive a thorough clean and wax, including halls, toilets and gyms. Classrooms, staffrooms, reception and dining hall are all clear to have a good clean done. Moving desks is time consuming and labour intensive but during the summer this job can take longer making it easier to complete at a steady pace. For hard surfaces, a clean to remove dirt and grease might be needed before waxing. For carpets, steam cleaning will rid the fibres of dirt that can damage the carpet over time. Areas like skirting boards and doors should also receive a wipe down. For Office cleaning in Gloucester, visit

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The Lockers

A lot of stuff gets stored in lockers and it’s not always just books. Imagine the things that could be lurking – sweaty jumpers, grubby PE socks, leftover sandwiches and who knows what else? Once empty, this is the perfect opportunity to give them a good going over with a scrubbing brush and some antibacterial solution. This will deodorise, disinfect and remove any sticky residue.

Heating and Ventilation Systems

Summer also presents the ideal time to examine the conditions of heating ducts and air vents. Throughout the year, these areas attract dust, allergens and other debris that is not only bad for respiratory health but also affects the performance of the heating system itself. You’ll want this ready for peak performance as the autumn and winter months approach.

Dining Hall and Kitchen

This is an important area to clean correctly and includes many different areas. These include floors, walls and ceilings as well as appliances, fridges, freezers and countertops. Grease builds up over time, leaving sticky residues, attracting pests and being a possible fire hazard. Taking good care of a kitchen will also prolong the life of expensive specialist commercial equipment.

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Summer is the ideal chance to fully sanitise and disinfect all bathroom surfaces. As you can imagine, these areas receive high footfall and are among the areas that most need serious attention. All surfaces and receptacles need cleaning, including the inside and outside of all cubicle doors.

Gym and Hall

These are the largest areas and see a lot of traffic, including pupils, teachers and the public. Any furniture should be moved out of the way so the whole area, including furniture can be dusted and wiped clean. Upholstery and carpets should be steam cleaned. The same applies to gyms but these also need attention paying to any shower stalls, locker rooms and restrooms.