The Unwritten Sport ‘Rules’ for Parents and Children

If your child takes part in a sport, then you have probably been to watch them compete against other children. However, parents’ behaviour on the touchline is increasingly causing concern. Here is a look at some ‘rules’ for parents and children to follow to ensure everyone has fun. A possible significant factor on children practicing good sportsmanship is if they get the correct socialisation from parents or carers. If parents live busy lives so that time to teach their children is limited however then it could mean that these children develop bad sports like habits such as shouting at a referee. If you are a busy parent and worry that your child may be in this predicament, then there are solutions. There are carers like au pairs that can look after children and offer them how to behave in sport respectfully. If you are looking for a London Au pairs¬† agency, then look no further than

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In April 2015, the Mirror reported that the behaviour of parents at children’s sports matches is putting children off wanting to participate in sport. In fact, in 2014 a Daily Telegraph journalist went so far as to suggest that parents should be forbidden from watching their children play school sport because of its effect on both parents and children. It is stories like this that have prompted many sports teams and clubs to devise their own rules of behaviour that parents and children have to stick to. Some examples of typical rules are outlined below.

Rules for Parents

Parents should be supportive of all children playing, not just those in their own child’s team, and be mindful of the fact that all of those playing are only children. It is important to encourage children to join in, and it is up to parents to provide positive feedback to encourage their child with the aim of getting them to improve as a player. It is vital that children see parents showing respect for the decisions of officials such as referees and linesmen as well as coaches, who are more than likely giving up their free time to benefit all the children who are playing.

Rules for Kids

It is vital for the children playing to show respect, not only for the officials and coaches but also for their team mates and opponents. They should respect decisions made by officials, even if they do not agree with them, and should always follow the rules of whatever game they are playing.
Hopefully, this has provided some useful guidance on what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour for both parents and players. If these rules are followed, then there is no reason why everyone can’t enjoy watching and playing sports.