The Montpellier area of Cheltenham

Montpellier in Cheltenham has always been one of the most coveted areas of the town. With many people looking to buy property in the area. For those people searching for Sell my property in Cheltenham online it is worth taking a look at as they are experts in the Cheltenham property market. Cheltenham has expanded over the years and areas that would once have been like smaller villages on the outskirts of the many town area are now a part of the much larger town. This happens across the country and is proof of the area’s popularity both in terms of businesses looking for places operate from and also for people looking for places to live. As well as Montpellier the much sought-after area of Pittville with its access to the pump rooms and Pittville park has also seen an increase in the number of new houses being built as well as the desire from people to move there.

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Back to the Montpellier area.

Montpellier has been a part of the wider Cheltenham town since medieval times, but it became one of the trend setting areas that influenced the fashion and entertainment direction that the overall area went in. It was one of the first areas of the town to start offering the delights of the spa waters and quickly influenced other areas in Cheltenham to start offering the same.

As well as having a long history as one of the most fashionable areas of Cheltenham Montpellier has continued to grow. The area is home to many bespoke shops and cafes and restaurants as well as a wine bar and a small shopping walkway. The historical building of the rotunda with its incredible architecture has been occupied by a Lloyds bank branch and the façade of the building can still be admired today.

Opposite all the shopping area is the Montpellier gardens which several times a year is home to some of the Cheltenham festival events as well as also housing a variety of other activities throughout the year. The garden offers lots of seating as well as a small children’s play area and café style kiosk that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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When visiting the town centre for shopping or perhaps to enjoy a show at the Town Hall it is definitely worth walking up to the Montpellier area to have a look at the stores that are located there and perhaps pop into one of the cafes and enjoy a coffee and slice of cake whilst enjoying the architecture of the buildings around you.