The delights of an N gauge railway set.

We’ve all been there. We want a really kicking train set with a brilliant throw back to the age of steam where we can imagine that we’re on the footplate driving the train or we are the station master directing the pace of the rail freight and organising the passengers to their destination. But, there is one tiny little snag (and little is a well chosen word here), you live in a one bedroom flat or a family home with no room to swing a cat or anything else. However, help is at hand, you can find that with an N gauge railway you will be able to build full and exciting sets in a really reduced space.


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One thing that doesn’t need to change is the scenery and there is a great way to use polystyrene recycling bits by using them to create tunnels, hills and even buildings, imagine a ruined castle for example how cool would that look as small Mallard or Evening Star chuffs by. If thats not an option then using a firm like to get rid of that poystyrene is a good choice. The N gauge is designed purely to give those with a restricted access to space in there home to still be creative and build a huge working set but without having to compromise the artistic elements that you can get with a larger 00 gauge set.

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The N gauge still offers all modelling options that you can get with a larger set although you may find it harder to find a starter kit. There is a reason for this, and it is something that you should be aware of, N gauge does require a much greater level of modelling skill than that of the larger sets. N gauge, being smaller is a bit more fiddly in terms of scaling and creating sets. Do not be put off, there are plenty of commercially available sets that are already on the market and they are designed purely to fit into the N gauge world that you are looking to create.

The choice is vast and varied. Even though it is traditional to favour the the age of steam in most sets there is still a call for that of the diesel age or even more modern locomotives like the Japanese Bullet train or go wild and create a wild west theme with a railroad set crossing the states from East Coast to West coast. The railway modelling world is really you oyster.