The best colours to choose for your bedroom

Colour is important all over the house. The hues you choose for different rooms reflect, and often encourage, the various moods you want in different areas of your home.

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For instance, kitchens are usually bright, light rooms decorated in bold colours. In many homes, they’re filled with hustle and bustle, with guests coming to chat while you’re cooking, and the kids demanding snacks at every hour of the day.

Living spaces, on the other hand, are more often decorated in quieter, paler colour schemes, because you want to be able to spend a lot of time there in comfort, watching TV and relaxing with the family.

But what about the bedroom? These days, most people don’t just use the bedroom for sleeping, and plenty of other activities take place there. Surfing the internet, watching TV, listening to music and reading – they all go on in the room we sleep in.


Of course, bedrooms should primarily be a place where you can relax. Experts say that to ensure you get enough sleep each night, you should reserve them mainly for sleeping, and keep most other activities – particularly screen-based ones – out of the room.

So what colours should you choose for this sanctuary? Which shades are the most relaxing?

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According to BBC Home, every colour has a number of different connotations and associations, built up over centuries of use and perception. While bold primary colours, such as reds and oranges, are lively and warming, greens and blues are more calming and soothing, while yellows are energetic and lively.

So if you want a calming, restful bedroom above all else, you should go for the more soothing colours, such as shades of blue and green, especially where children sleep.

Liven it up

Having calming colours in the bedroom needn’t make it dull, however. You can liven up your rooms with a bolder, contrasting statement wall, add whites to brighten up the room, or include complementary accessories and furniture to add that little bit extra to your decoration.

Lamco Design, specialists in fitted wardrobes in Dorset ( suggest considering your furniture carefully, as part of any bedroom makeover, to ensure all elements of the design work in harmony.

Above all, remember that if you love it, you’ll be able to sleep in it!