The Benefits Of Having A Personal Blog Active

In my opinion a lot of people have at some point been bitten by the bug of opening a personal blog. The main reasons are because they dominate a subject and like to write about it. Another reason is that they simply have a hobby to which they want to spend more time by including related articles in a blog. I will focus the post on those professionals who want to progress in their specialty and think writing on a blog can be a good tool.

It can happen many times that we fall into the trap of single vision in the short term. The reason is that blogging takes time and effort to notice changes in our professional life. It is also common that seen from outside is seen as a sterile activity to face a future.

The benefits are divided into 3 areas: non-monetizable, indirectly monetizable and monetizable directly.

Monetizable Benefits

  • The blog will help you to mark very enriching work dynamics since you will always have to be organized enough to find your writing time.
  • It will be an important prop in the face of being a constant person in your work.
  • It will propel you to be a creative person on a sustained basis. Having to be constantly in “search and capture” interesting content will positively affect your ingenuity.
  • It will be a way of continuous learning. When you look back you will realize how much you have sown in your professional training.

Indirectly Monetizable Benefits

  • The blog’s own activity and its promotion for you to read will lead to the expansion of your network. In addition you have done adding value to the known users. So it is very likely that some of these new relationships will lead to collaborations between professionals.
  • With your acquaintances and in general you will begin to be considered an expert in the matter chosen in your articles. Does not it make sense? How is not going to be an expert who investigates and writes periodically on a specific topic? Needless to say, that can end up in requests for consulting jobs, or giving a course, etc.
  • With the blog you have obtained a cover letter much more extensive and effective than any Linkedin profile. Looking for new professional opportunities, a good blog gives a very good image and will bring you to new horizons.

Directly Monetizable Benefits

  • Publicity: If you get many monthly visits you will open the doors to you to insert advertising in your blog. This advertising can be of different types: Sponsors, through an account of google adsense or through advertising networks that make different advertisers available.
  • Consulting services: For those readers who have managed to be relevant, it is likely that at some point they ask for advice that can evolve into a timely or stable consulting service applied to your subject.
  • Courses and eBooks: Another option at your fingertips is to manufacture paid content. The most used routes are in online course format or by publishing an ebook in pdf format that can be downloaded by the interested user.
  • Speaker or trainer: Another usual point is that certain events or companies contact you to give talks or some paper.
  • Collaboration with some means of collaboration: If you have demonstrated your skills in a blog you can make them available to those interested in the type of content you publish.

In short, these are the ways and usual ways that bloggers get compensation for the effort invested. Nothing is in vain, the professional who manages to save the first few months of hard road writing and taking steps in a firm “post a post” has at his fingertips endless opportunities that can catapult him to be a reputed and respected expert in his sector . There is no doubt that this is a huge satisfaction.