The Benefits of a Country Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding but can’t decide on a venue, you should consider a rural or countryside wedding. One of the wonderful things about this country is that you’re never too far away from scenic, beautiful countryside. Finding somewhere green, leafy and with rolling hills is not a difficult task. For the ultimate in picturesque weddings, choose a rural location. You’ll benefit from these following factors:

  1. Local produce

When you head out into the countryside, you’ll discover farm shops and locally sourced, organic ingredients that make food taste so much better. When thinking about your wedding meal, you want it to the very best and a traditional country feast will take some beating. Locally sourced meat, fruit and veg is fresh and delicious, served with lashings of booze from the local brewery too. Have a wedding feast to remember, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Luxurious accommodation

Being in the countryside opens up a wide variety of accommodation for all your family and friends to stay close by during your big celebrations. You’ll find large country hotels, riverside lodges, holiday apartments and inns. Choosing accommodation that comes with your venue means nobody has to drive on the day, meaning you can all let your hair down and relax.

When you stay in the countryside, expect gorgeous sunsets, wonderful views, the sounds of nature and the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a few days. Whilst there are many beautiful places across the country, a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire like is truly special.

  1. Amazing Photos

The one lasting memory of your big day will be your photos, which you get to treasure for a lifetime. Can you think of a better backdrop for these photos than a stunning countryside retreat? Your images will be full of trees, flowers, greenery, meandering brooks, bridges, orchards, wildlife and a whole host of other quintessentially romantic natural locations. Wide open outdoor spaces also allow for greater photographic creativity, giving your photographer more options to set up amazing shots.

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  1. Totally individual entertainment

Some venues can leave couples somewhat restricted when it comes to the choice of entertainment for the reception party. Choosing a large rural venue or a barn can give you the space to have rather more unusual and exciting entertainment options. Maybe you can fit in that band you’ve dreamed of booking or hire living tables or fire performers for example.

  1. Rustic style

If you want a rustic wedding, then you need a rural setting. Lots of natural materials, wood and wild flowers being widely available to become a part of your decorations. A countryside wedding looks incredible at night when fairy lights are hung, and candles are lit, for example. Settings like this offer a blank canvas for you to create your unique take on the rustic wedding. You’ll enjoy a tranquil and picturesque location all to yourselves for a truly memorable occasion.