Telltale signs that your boiler could be faulty

When colder weather is approaching, it is always comforting to know that your boiler – your source of heating and hot water – is in good working order and can be relied upon to deliver when it is needed most. As boilers age, there can be signs that they are not working at 100 per cent efficiency. Some of these faults are not only inconvenient, but also dangerous.

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Frequent attention

If your boiler seems to be breaking down frequently, this could be a sign that it is wearing out and needs to be replaced. Another sign to watch for is if the boiler needs to be reset quite often.

Is the boiler or the heating making strange noises? This could indicate that the fan bearing may be wearing out or that the boiler’s pump is not functioning as it should. If your heating is on and you still feel cold, this could be an indication that you are not receiving the heat your system should be producing, even though your energy bills probably show you are paying for it.


If the boiler smells odd or there are dark marks around the boiler, these are also indications that the boiler is not burning as it should. A Gas Safe engineer should check this as soon as possible as the boiler may be leaking highly dangerous carbon monoxide. For more on the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, see this report from The Telegraph.

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A carbon monoxide detector is a good idea because it can alert you to a leak, and if the detector is beeping, an engineer should inspect the boiler as soon as possible. If you want to check the safety of your system or find out more about boiler installation in Gloucester, consider consulting experts in the field such as, who can give you suggestions and advice on the options available for boiler installation in Gloucester.

The boiler is a wonderful modern convenience that makes life more comfortable and pleasant, but boilers do wear out and need replacing. An old boiler can cost you a lot of money in wasted energy, but even more importantly, a boiler that is leaking carbon monoxide could make you seriously ill or even claim the lives of you and your loved ones.