Summer gardening advice

There’s so much to do in the garden in the summer months. The lawn will need frequent cutting and your hedges will need bringing under control. There are weeds to deal with and plants that want watering. Don’t know where to begin? Then here’s some summer gardening advice to get you started.

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Make the most of water

Water is a scarce resource so use the grey water from baths and washing up to keep your pots and hanging baskets blooming. Direct the jet of your hose right into the roots of the plant rather than spraying the leaf canopy – this gets the water where it’s needed and discourages weeds from growing.

Want to save time, money and hard work? An irrigation system that directs water where it’s needed most is a wise investment when the temperature climbs.

Hoe, hoe, hoe

You don’t need weed killer in your garden. If you’re prepared to put in a little hard work you can deal with them far more effectively with a hoe. Run it over beds and borders to get rid of small weeds. If this type of garden work is too much for you or your garden is overrun you’ll need a Gloucestershire grounds maintenance company such as the reputable who are experienced at bringing problem gardens under control.

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If you have a problem with weeds between pavers or slabs, a weeding knife will make short work of them. Otherwise you can wick them away using a strimmer – make sure you wear protective clothing so you don’t get any debris in your eye.

Keep it blooming

Summer really is the time to go to town with your planting, and now is the ideal time to plant up those hanging baskets and window boxes and add annual bedding plants to your herbaceous borders.

Once your borders are planted, make sure you keep deadheading to keep your garden alive with colour. Keep the weeds down and help water retention with decorative mulch like bark chips or gravel. Don’t forget to stake floppy or tall plants so you can enjoy them properly and give them much needed support.

In the vegetable garden now is the time to pinch outside shoots on your tomatoes and harvest the first of the lettuces, radishes and early potatoes. Your hard work will be rewarded with a wonderful dinner!