Special Occasions Need Handmade Cards

Sometimes it’s really nice to make your own cards instead of buying them in a shop. No matter how extensive the range of greetings cards is on the high street, sometimes you just can’t find a card that says exactly what you want it to say. Hand made cards are more personal, fun to create and often cheaper per card than ones in the shop which can sometimes be over £5.00 each depending on the size and detail involved.

Here are some different occasions that suit handmade cards:


Easter cards can often be really boring when purchased from a store, with the selection being small and often generic too. Making your own easter cards means you can be as creative as you want, enabling you to give people easter cards with their easter eggs that are just as colourful and exciting as you want them to be. Perhaps you’re religious and struggle to find easter cards that aren’t dull. Or perhaps you have a special reason to celebrate this easter and want that to be included on the card. It’s also an excellent way to get kids involved in easter in a more fun and healthy way than them eating countless chocolate eggs. Get the craft box out, put some newspaper down and let them have some fun making family and friends easter cards. You could make 3D bunnies, rainbow eggs, fluffy chicks – anything you want.


Christmas can sometimes be very sterile when everything is purchased from the Christmas aisle at the supermarket and nothing is really very personal. Within the last few years handmade gifts have made a huge comeback, with TV specials appearing giving you step by step instructions on things to make as gifts such as cookie mix jars, upcycled ornaments and truffle boxes. So why not embrace this handmade revolution and make your own cards too? You could take a family picture and make that the centrepiece for your card, or just go crazy with the glitter and glue. Christmas is all about family, so why not make the cards for your loved ones that bit more personal and create them yourself?


Birthdays are special days of the year when we celebrate someone coming into the world. On our birthday we all like to feel special and loved, and as we get older, it can often feel as though we’re not very special any more. Perhaps we get the same generic cards from the store, or simply get vouchers and money instead of well thought out gifts. Why not show someone how special they really are, no matter what their age and make them a really amazing birthday card. Using your card kits you can really tailor make a card to suit a person. Putting private jokes, memories and pictures on it if you want to. It is possible to get a card like this created by well known card creating websites, but the difference with a handmade card is the fact that you made it, not a machine, and the recipient will love that.

Valentines Day

Our love lives are so personal and over the years, we build up years and years worth of private jokes, memories and words with special meanings. Valentines day cards all say the same, and will never really say what we want to say to our loved ones. Which is exactly why Valentines is the perfect occasion for a handmade card. Valentines is all about the personal touch and the thought, so say everything you want to and make your own card, even if it’s not a Monet when you’ve finished it, you can both have a little giggle together about your efforts!

Thank You

Has someone done something really amazing for you? Have they been there for you through hard times? Have they stuck up for you during conflict, or helped you organise a special event? Whatever they have done to make you so grateful, you’re going to want to give them a big thank you, so why not make your thanks really special and make them a handmade card? It doesn’t need to be anything spectacular, just knowing you took the time out to make it yourself will say a lot to the person receiving it.