Six Advantages of CNC over Conventional Milling

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling has a number of advantages over the traditional method. It will definitely continue to be widely used in the future as CNC machines begin to be connected to other manufacturing processes and interfaces.

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Let’s take a look at some of the many ways in which this computer-driven process can benefit your business.

1. Training and Labour Costs Can Be Controlled

It’s hard to maintain production quality without an experienced operator when you’re using a conventional milling machine. However, while CNC operators do have to be trained, it’s a less intensive training. The machine contributes much more to the final product, and quality is much less dependent on the experience of the operator.

2. It’s Like Having Your Own Production Line

Conventional machines are great for one-off specialised products. But if you need to produce many parts of the same type, CNC milling from is definitely the way to go. You can program the machine to carry out the same cut repeatedly with exactly the same quality standard.

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3. No Need for Time-Consuming Prototypes

Using a CNC machine speeds up product development and production because you can run a computer simulation of a part, check it, refine it and get a working specification without having to actually produce the part. This is a far faster process than prototyping, producing and refining actual parts.

4. You Can Make Demanding Products and Grow the Business

With CNC, tricky and complex products that were previously not feasible can now be produced cost-effectively. That extends your business offer to clients and opens up possible new markets.

5. CNC Future-Proofs Your Business

It’s important to be ready to meet future developments and challenges. CNC helps you to prepare for a digital future. With 3D printing and robotics on the horizon, the future for manufacturing and engineering can look problematic. But getting into CNC now will help you to see these new developments as opportunities.

6. Improved Productivity, Lower Costs

You can rely on the CNC machine to minimise the amount of human error and yet maintain the required quality. That leads to increased productivity. In fact, it can also lead to lower numbers of operators being required.

Don’t get left behind – join the CNC revolution and let your business reap the benefits.