Sick of your tired exterior?

If the exterior of your home is looking a little tired then you might be considering quick and inexpensive ways to improve your property’s curb appeal. By taking some time to spruce up your exterior, you can add value, saleability and improve protection from the elements. Here are some ideas:


Increase your living space by adding a porch to the front or side of your property. The perfect way to transform the look and feel of the exterior, it can be as elaborate or basic as space and budget allow. Use it as a classy space in which to welcome guests or simply as a way of freeing up space inside the home by moving coats and shoe racks into the porch. Brick-built porches will cost more, however wall-hung timber kits are another option.

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Clean the masonry

You’ll be amazed by how much better your exterior could look with a simple clean. Brickwork and stone can suffer over time from weathering, the effects of pollution, damp and even bird mess. For those properties that have a problem with a moss-covered roof, a pressure wash can certainly improve this situation. A professional clean will make your property as bright and fresh on the outside as it was when it was new. For more details on Masonry Cleaning Companies, visit

Front Door

Transform the appearance of your exterior with a simple change of front door style or colour. Whether you buy a brand new one or repaint an existing one, it’s an easy way to brighten up your home’s façade. If replacing with a new door, there are many styles to choose from including modern doors in a traditional style. If you live in a period property then think about visiting a reclamation yard. You can often find vintage, original fixtures for a fraction of the normal cost.

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We often view windows like the eyes of a home and as such, depending on the style we choose, we can totally transform the appearance of a house from the outside. Think about the personality of your home or the one that you’d like to project and decide if this can be achieved by replacing or renovating the windows. Modern properties can have the window openings widened, changed or moved without the need for planning permission.


If you’ve a larger budget available then considering an extension or conservatory will drastically change the exterior look of your home and provide with you additional living space. Some smaller extensions don’t require planning permission, such as a single-storey side or rear extension. Another option could be a loft or basement conversion. Whilst not making any difference to the exterior of your home, repurposing space inside the home will give you that much-needed additional room for your family.


You don’t need to make any changes to the bricks and mortar, instead focus your efforts on the garden space. Landscaping an outside area can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your property. Whether you choose a contemporary feel or a cottage garden look, add a path or water feature, the only limit is your imagination and budget.