Should I put Laminate Flooring in My Bedroom?

The popularity of laminate flooring knows no bounds, and many modern homes sport stylish and practical laminate floors throughout. With such a vast range of realistic wood and stone finishes available at a fraction of the price of real wood or stone, this convenient floor choice is a popular option for kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. But does it work in the bedroom?

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Are Laminate Floors Suitable in the Bedroom?

The easy answer is yes. Laminate floors are made up of planks or tiles. They make an ideal bedroom flooring option, as the versatility of tiles or planks allow you to choose your own pattern, finish and colours, quickly transforming your bedroom.

Benefits of Laminate

Laminate in a bedroom is easy to clean, low-maintenance and long-lasting, so you are less likely to need to replace it as frequently as some other flooring types. It is a ‘floating floor’, which means it is not stuck down with adhesive but rather has a locking system that connects each tile or plank to each other, providing one continuous floor that easily contracts and expands along with the ambient room temperature. The individual components mean that it is quick, easy and inexpensive to remove and replace a damaged area of floor, as you only need to remove one plank or tile to fix a problem rather than the entire floor.

Choice of Laminates

With laminate’s great range of colours and effects, your bedroom can quickly be redesigned with a stunning and unique floor pattern. Laminate Wood Flooring produces a more classic look in the bedroom, giving a cosy warmth that is comfy underfoot. Check out the comprehensive range of laminate flooring on offer via a specialist online such as These alternatives to real hardwood cost much less and don’t require the upkeep that natural wood requires.

Bedroom Design

To incorporate a laminate floor seamlessly into your bedroom, consider the colours and furnishings in the room and the type of furniture to find a suitably stylish floor. If you have an oak bed, perhaps choose an oak-effect laminate to set it off to perfection. A metal bedframe may be more suited to a lighter beech grain or a white-washed wood-effect laminate. Or choose grey and black laminates for a sleek monochrome look. There really are so many different types to choose from its incredible.