Shopping On Holiday In Turkey

Some of us when we go on holiday love nothing more to shop till we drop. Making sure that we get to check out all of the local markets and seeing what bargains we can find. Even going to the local shopping malls will show you things that you may not have seen before and can give you an idea of the local fashion in the country that you visit. There are some great bargains to be had when you are on your holidays in Turkey, you just need to be careful and keep a sharp eye out for them.

East meets West
Turkey is a country which spans the two great continents of Europe and Asia and is the gateway to each of these great land masses by road. With such a rich tapestry and diversity of culture, Turkey is a melting pot of both eastern and western philosophy and ideals. This can also be seen in the architecture, the religion and also the foods that you can enjoy in Turkey. All of the famous spices which came from the East to the West would come through Turkey and this has had a big effect on the local food. With a range of local delicacies on offer you are sure to be able to find something which will tantalize your taste buds and get your mouth watering. Some of the best food you are likely to try may be off one of the stalls in the many markets that there are, freshly cooked and prepared in front of your eyes and with a taste which will leave you craving for more. The food alone can keep you coming back to Turkey for years to come.

Remember to haggle
If you are going to go shopping on one of the many markets in Turkey then you must remember to haggle over the price. This is a tradition and is expected of people looking to purchase something. This can be treated somewhat as a game but you are best to leave the haggling to when you are purchasing from a market rather than a shopping mall or restaurant. You can ask in Turkish “pazarlik mümkün mü moomkoon moo” which basically translates to “is it possible to negotiate”? This is something that can take some getting used to as in the West we are given a price which we accept and either take or not, we do not have the chance to haggle over the price. You may need to practice the art of haggling and also make sure that you do not start off too aggressive as you may unintentionally offend the seller and even possibly create a scene. When you ask for a price of a product, offer them around 50% to 60% of what they are asking, you can then keeping trading offers until you both reach a compromise that you are happy with. This can actually be great fun but remember that you cannot haggle everywhere and also be respectful when negotiating with the locals.

Which currency to use?
The national currency of Turkey is the Lira but there are also other currencies that you can use when making a purchase.

  • Lira
  • Pounds Sterling
  • Euro
  • US Dollar

All of these currencies can be easily exchanged at any of the banks or post offices throughout the country, or even in some cases at jewellery shops as well. Some sellers will accept the foreign currency and give very favorable exchange rates when doing so. This can mean that you can get some very good bargains for things such as furniture, white goods and textiles. It is advisable to make a decision before you go away as to which currency you are going to take with you as you may end u making a purchase in a foreign currency and getting your change back in local Lira, which can cause confusion when keeping a check on your money and how much you have spent. You may even want to download an application to your Smartphone to work things out for you quickly and easily. The Turkish people are a wonderful people who can be very friendly and hospitable, you can also get some great holiday bargains here as well as bring back some truly memorable holiday moments which will stay with you for a lifetime.