Sew what?

Home Economics used to include sewing but it seems that many of our secondary schools are dropping this art from the curriculum. Is sewing a dying art? Do we have any need for it anymore? Any piece of clothing was sewn together but with manufacturing outsourcing so much work, designers are now struggling to find people skilled in using different kinds of sewing machines. It seems that somewhere along the way, sewing became an image of the domestication of women. Career women didn’t have time for making things or mending things. Why bother when clothing was available in mass, cheaper than ever before at the local store?


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Sewing can be a very relaxing and therapeutic activity. If you rip your favourite item of clothing, wouldn’t it be easier to know how to put a stitch in it rather than having to replace it entirely? Imagine the thrill and feeling of accomplishment after designing and making your first craft item. With Christmas fast approaching it’s a perfect time for a new hobby – creating a festive piece of craft using designer Christmas fabrics. A cushion is a good first piece to try and it will look totally unique and bespoke as part of your home decoration. For more information visit


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Fortunately there are many local sewing classes available across the country and also magazines and online guidance so you never need to feel on your own. Most of the classes will expect you to bring your own sewing machine but you can also take classes in sewing by hand. It would appear that the world of crafting is keeping these skills alive and is becoming very popular.


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There are some great projects that you can achieve with a little sewing knowledge. Turn old bootcut jeans into skinny jeans, Lavender heat packs, bags, cute baby headbands, gift bags, seat cushions, fringe purses, wallet organizers and ruffled hems to update old sweaters. If you have the creative flair, or even if you don’t, you will be able to design completely individual gifts and pieces for your home.

Maybe you are a budding dress designer and want to start creating pieces that are only on paper at the moment or keen to have a career in the fashion industry. As more and more schools drop it from the curriculum, it may have to be an activity that is enjoyed out of hours.