SEO Tips For Real Estate Agencies

As with all industries, SEO plays a huge role in enhancing the value of your real estate site. Many
realtors are realizing the importance of search engine results in bolstering their sales growth and investor base. Here are five ways to improve your SEO campaigns:

Research keywords

Use Google Analytics to track both global and local keyword trends. You can also you social media sites
like Twitter to track keywords through trending hashtags. Use the keywords you generate in order to enhance your webpage’s blog post titles.

Use media intelligently

This includes social media sites, especially location-based ones like Foursquare, and multimedia, even
newer augmented reality applications. On a more basic level, the inclusion of images is crucial for SEO. Each image should contain a URL that links to one of your keywords. But don’t just rely on images, use video as well.

In fact, the vast majority of successful real estate sites are using virtual tours as ways to give prospective homeowners a chance to assess the property in advance. The property doesn’t even have to be completely finished. For example, you may not have even installed the exit sign in a new coffee shop that’s under construction. In this situation, while technically you can’t really bring investors in to the shop you can keep them glimpses through a virtual tour.

Use inbound links

It’s hard enough finding authoritative sites to link to your content, the least you can do is link to
yourself. Each of your blog posts should contain relevant links to other articles and posts found on your website or blog. Inbound links works wonders for search engine optimization and keeps people searching through your content. Be careful not to link too much though, as link over-saturation can be construed as spamming, which hurts your Page Rank.

More content!

One of the most common mistakes made by bloggers is not posting enough content. Search engines gauge your
recent content activity as a major actor in SEO rankings. Especially in the constantly changing world of real estate, there’s no excuse to not have multiple posts a week.

Get backlinks

Backlinks are links to your site from authoritative sites and they are extremely valuable in the SEO world. They are also hard to get. Getting quality backlinks will require reaching out to online publishers, networking with heavy hitters in the real estate industry and possibly guest blogging for other sites.

These five tips—keyword research, media usage, inbound links, content generation, and backlinks—are extremely important in growing your SEO campaigns from the ground up.

The real estate market is increasingly being dominated by agencies that utilize technology and online tools effectively. Position yourself to be competitive!