RHS Garden Wisley showcases over 80 inspirational sculptures

The Surrey Sculpture Society and RHD Garden Wisley are teaming up in an exciting collaboration that will play host to one of the biggest sculpture trails in the country during late summer 2017.

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Celebrating 20 years

The 20th anniversary of the Surrey Sculpture Society at RHD Wisley will be celebrated through the exhibition of more than 80 inspiring sculptures that will be displayed in the peaceful setting of a splendid garden. The garden will exhibit works that comprise of a mix of established and emerging sculptors. Various materials such as stone, glass, resin, ceramic wood and metal (as used in Corten metal garden sculptures) are included.

Horticultural enjoyment and sculptural delights

The curator at RHS Garden Wisley, Matthew Pottage, is thrilled that the gardens have been approached to play host to the 20th Surrey Sculpture Trail. As summer trails off and autumn sticks out its head, visitors will be fortunate enough to enjoy an exhibit that stimulates creatively and is enhanced by a delightful horticultural setting. According to the BBC, the impact of green spaces on your mental health is long-lasting and positive. Following the Sculpture Trail will have a dual effect on your well-being by inspiring your creativity and positively impacting on your mental health.

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2017 is very special to the Surrey Sculpture Society

Chair of the society Henriette Van der Does notes that the Surrey Sculpture Society had their very first show organised 20 years ago in 1997. More than 80 pieces by 68 sculptors will be on show. The variety of subject choices and sizes is vast, and all kinds of materials are used, including metal like those used for Corten metal garden sculptures. To the benefit of the talented sculptors, all pieces will be available for sale. With a trend toward garden sculpture on the rise, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase and bring pieces into their own living spaces. Great choices are also available from local sculptors such as http://www.afsculpture.uk/scuplture-portfolio/corten-metal-sculptures.

Make sure to visit the showcase between 19 August and 24 September 2017 at RHS Garden Wisley to see works that include Don Foxley’s Enlightenment. This piece draws a line between 2017 and 1997, when its sister sculpture was exhibited 20 years ago. Be sure not to miss Denise Jaques’ Shards sparkle piece or Adam Warwick-Hall’s mechanical animal!