Project Apocalypse – How to Create your Very Own Bunker Bolthole for When Civilisation Collapses

As we have seen from the current world situation, a crisis scenario can be upon us very quickly. During the 1980s, at the height of the cold war, nuclear bunkers were commonplace across Britain. From the large, regional Government Headquarters such as Turnstile and Hack Green, to the smaller bunkers of the Royal Observer Corps. All of these had their place if the worst were to happen.

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As the cold war came to a close most of these fell into disrepair, and became abandoned and neglected (if you do want to go and see one that has been restored into all of it’s fascinating former glory, then visit Hack Green in Nantwich). But with the rise of nuclear brinkmanship and dangerous threats between the United States, Iran, Russia and North Korea in recent years, not to mention the current global pandemic, it is easy to see why preparing for doomsday is once again in the spotlight.

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When it comes to a bunker of your own, you may have limited resources. But you actually don’t need a great deal to make a small bunker. A garage is a great place to start – if you get it well secured it, with decent security and new doors from a company such as this Essex garage doors company, it will serve as a good store for bunker supplies that you may need to move down there and also you could build your bunker under the garage – away from prying eyes!

A basic bunker can be built by digging at least 3 feet underground – that way you are protected from radiation. Line the bunker with concrete and get a built-in air filtration system and that is your basic bunker.