Increasing Pressure applued to logistics industry to adopt technology enhances

Senior figures in the logistics industry came together at a Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) event recently to discuss how transport must become streamlined more rapidly by the effective integration of technology. Members of the education, automotive and 3PL (logistic services outsourcers) sectors were present to discuss how technology can make the management of goods more efficient.

Pressure on Logistics Industry to Improve Technology Adoption

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A 4PL company combines the technology capabilities and resources of its organisation with those of necessary complementary providers to deliver a complete system for managing supply chains. Representatives from 3T, said to be one of the biggest independent providers of 4PL solutions in Europe, said embracing technology was vital for the future of logistics.

Too Little, Too Slow

As views on the state of the industry were shared, an automotive company leader explained how processes at the manufacturing plant he represented had been rendered more economical by managing inbound manufacturing transport systems in-house.

It was noted however, that while available technology has the capacity to transform management methods, the industry has not moved fast enough to grasp it. A lack of cohesive standardisation processes was reported, with most of the systems that do exist being inadequate to encompass the complex demands of transportation in Europe.

There was great potential in automation for optimising systems, however the industry needed to get on board with new developments. 3T managers described how an automated process they had championed had helped other firms radically overhaul their logistics systems.

Appropriate Infrastructure

Practical storage systems are part of the package when discussing the efficient movement of goods. Items must be easily accessible, and adaptable rivet shelving that can be tailored to the specific demands of a shipment can play its part. Shelving has an essential role to play. This guide from The Guardian is aimed more at domestic requirements, but it still contains worthwhile suggestions to consider when installing shelving. As it can be a complex undertaking, it could be worthwhile to consult professionals, such as

As more companies seek to move towards 4PL status, with the savings in time and money this can bring, integrating processes is the way forward. This may, however, involve going back to basics and evaluating every component in the complicated systems for moving goods from where they are to where they need to be.