Office washrooms and the changing commuter

More Brits are cycling to work than ever before, adopting the commuting habits of countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark, where cycling has long been a major part of everyday life. An unexpected and often overlooked knock-on effect of this has been a change in the requirements of employees in the workplace. Many who cycle to work will want to shower upon arrival at work, so providing comfortable, efficient washrooms is vital for modern workplaces.

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According to We Are Cycling UK, almost 750,000 commuters cycled to work in 2011, and the numbers have continued to rise since then. Rising petrol prices, limited parking in towns and cities, and inadequate public transport provisions mean there are probably many more commuters who would consider cycling to work if proper facilities were provided at the workplace.

Incorporating showers into your workplace

Many larger businesses already have showering facilities, but space can be an issue for smaller firms. The good news is that there are many ways in which you can add comfortable showering facilities in even the tightest of spaces. It’s possible, for example, to replace an existing toilet cubicle with a shower. Depending on your toilet-to-staff ratio, this might not impact your employees at all.

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While replacing a toilet with a shower should cause minimal disruption, there are a few things to bear in mind. The cubicle walls will need to be suitable for use in a humid, steamy environment, and you’ll need to ensure the area is waterproof. Luckily, firms such as can help with the planning and provide bespoke solutions for just about any space. When it comes to washroom services Gloucestershire is well served by this experienced firm, who work with a range of businesses on their requirements.

Making use of wasted space

Another option is to use a wasted space, such as an unused store cupboard or similar. Self-contained cubicle showers can be unisex, meaning you might only need to add a single shower in a small business with few employees. As always, location is key, and employees will want a relatively private and well-heated space in which to shower. You’ll also want to ensure you have adequate ventilation.

Adding a shower to an existing washroom or creating a standalone facility can help you increase employee retention and keep staff happy.