New pantry for the year 2018

In the cupboards of your kitchen, if there are expired salsas, half-pastry packages spread in all over and you get tired to find the things you look around but you don’t find them in time and you have been trying to organize your pantry quite nicely but always give up, this post may help you by saving you time, money and dislikes. In these articles, we will focus on some best healthy tips for your new pantry.

Start by doing a good cleaning:

Throw away everything that is outdated and you feel you will not consume them anymore. You may hallucinate with a number of Useless things you had in there which takes up huge space from the pantry. This is a good time to analyze what we need to throw out. You may need to change your buying habits and apply the appropriate changes to organize your pantry.

A well-organized pantry can make your life lot easier. You just have to ensure that your food needs to stay last longer in the best conditions. It will also help you to make the shopping list at a glance or that the bugs do not stick to your legumes, grains or flours. With a little effort and follow these best healthy tips for 2018, you will feel comfort, save money and able to make space where it seemed that there is not.

Get rid of unhealthy products:

What you eat each day is what you have near at your hand, so it’s crazy and very hard to analyze what you have in the pantry passes. This point we know you will not going to throw away all the sugar, jams or chocolate.

If you go with fries or crispy appetizers in general and you have a good stash at home, it is the time to reconsider before storing them in the pantry. If you have them close to your hand it is much easier to use them on time, for example in vermouth, a snack with friends or something. If you only have to open a closet to access them, it is easy to serve the same to celebrate your cat’s birthday imaginary with accompanying a beer will make a dull day for sure.

Optimize the space:

Often the shelves of the cupboards are too high for the products to store in them, so we have to pile them up – which make it difficult to access the ones below or lose much space. If you want you can put some extra shelves with boards and a drill. My salvation was also this additional shelf, designed to store plates and glasses.

Choose transparent containers:

Being able to see what they have inside will be very handy and it will save you time and make your life a lot easier. Canned glass jars are one of the simplest and cheapest options:  to wash them well you can boil for a few minutes in a large pot, with the lid and everything. Small ones are good for herbs or spices, medium for grain and cereals and the largest one for flour, pasta, etc.

Put some Label:

Even though they are in a transparent canister still you need to know which grains are sugar or salt or the flour you keep in them. Best option to find them easily is the instruction of label. If they are stored in opaque containers, the labeling is still necessary. A permanent marker is a fast option but it is difficult to erase if we want to change the product.

Organizes the products:

When you buy products for kitchen try to put the cans and those you bring new should be at the end unless it is something you know you will consume immediately for a recipe. Sorting food by families and putting them in near distance will allow us to see what we have and what we need at a glance, making the shopping list faster and with less margin of error. It works for me to make the first selection by volume: pasta, legumes, flours and in general what comes bagged and bulges more goes in one place, liquids and drinks in another and the smallest in another.

Reserve an accessible corner for your daily basics:

In this case, it pays to skip the organization we talked about earlier. If you have something at the height apart from the sight and hard to reach the hand that you consume each day then you need to put them in an accessible corner to find faster and you will be more effective. Keep in mind that part of the daily ritual happen in the morning, at the time when the brain takes the time to activate and coffee pot should be close enough to reach.

Consider the can of food:

Taking cans of sardines, canned tomatoes, bonito or cans of chickpeas can be great savings as they can last for years, so you can eat them sooner or later.

Store the heaviest weight near the floor:

If you leave milk bricks, water bottles, beer cans or soft drinks and pet food or whatever you buy in large you can store them near the ground. You will not only avoid overloading your shelves but you make it easy to access.

By organizing your kitchen you will get the quickest access to your daily need and if you follow the above healthy tips that we have to provide in it, you can save a lot more time and lot more money.