Most People Still Don’t Actually Know What the Gender Pay Gap Actually Is

The “gender pay gap” has been a hot-topic news story for several years now, and the media never seems to tire of reporting stories about big corporations and the differences in salaries of various employees. But it seems that not everyone understands exactly what the term actually means.

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Mind the Gap

In a survey commissioned by YouGov, it was revealed that just under two in three people nationwide incorrectly identify it as men being paid more than women for performing the same job, when in fact the term relates to men being paid more than women overall.

Gender Split

In fact, it is young men, aged 18-29, who have the best understanding of what the gender pay gap is, and conversely women in the next age bracket of 30+ were the least likely to define the gender pay gap accurately. 70% of women overall misunderstand the term. Almost all people questioned in the survey felt they knew the correct definition.

The lack of understanding poses a problem for those looking to remove the difference, as it’s not always easy to spot. There are also complications of parental leave and the gender stereotypes that still persist. The government is taking steps to address that, as are some employers, but there is also a part to play for society to get everyone challenging inequality when they see it.

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Currently, smaller businesses are exempt from having to report their salaries and the differences between genders, and those that have a payroll of 250+ are the only companies required to report.

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