Making your Wedding Day Personal to You

Spring is in the air and for many people, so are wedding bells as the most popular time for weddings in the UK begins – between April and September is when most people choose to get married as it is more likely that the weather will be good on the big day (although this is Britain, so you can’t guarantee it!). You may have a plenty of weddings to attend this summer, or you may be starting to plan your own nuptials. If the latter is you, you may be feeling excited but also a bit overwhelmed by all of the organisation that it takes to plan a wedding. Unless you are a celebrity with an enormous bank balance, you will notice that maybe you can’t necessarily have the lavish wedding that many famous people have splashed across the pages of celebrity magazines – but the important thing is that the wedding is your own and that you and your partner enjoy it.

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People often find that when planning a wedding they can get a bit lost under all of the pressure – especially if you have a particularly demanding circle of friends and family – and can easily end up with a wedding that isn’t what they really would have wanted or reflective of their personal style and likes and dislikes. So, before you start to hurriedly ring around all the venues, florists and bridal shops that you can think of, stop and take a minute to decide what you really want.

There are plenty of things that you can do to make your wedding day personal to you – and it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank – if you and your partner are big superhero fans for example, then why not have a fancy-dress superhero wedding? It doesn’t have to be fancy dress – if you want something more understated, but with a nod to the things that you love the table names are the perfect way to express what you love, and you can have great fun and save money creating your own home-made centrepieces. If you are both die hard punk rock lovers, then why not get married in full punk dress, complete with mohawks, and the perfect shoes – DR Martens Gloucester store can supply you with these, and you can customise them for the big day yourself.

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Whatever you choose to do on your wedding day, make sure that it is what you want and not the result of pressure from those around you.