Making a Relationship Stand the Test of Time

Though Indian society has long embraced the ways of the west, yet the traditions abounding the same are still cherished by many. One such custom is the institution of marriage. A marital alliance in India is still given much importance and couples who are in a relationship; in most of the cases ultimately look forward to tying the knot.

However, in the recent past cases of break-ups and divorces in India have increased manifold. Two out of every ten couples either part ways before an alliance or a married couple end up signing the divorce papers. In the current scenario we all discuss about such things as a serious issue plaguing our society, but have we ever thought about maintaining a relationship? Actually working towards it and making it stand the test of time? Well, some of us might have and some of us might not have. The truth is that, it takes some time, a little compromise and sacrifice to make a relationship last for a lifetime. Let us take a quick look at some of the steps that can actually make a relationship stand the test of time.

Choosing the right partner: Well,this might sound a little strange but, it is advisable to evaluate the potentials of a partner before entering either into a relationship or a marital alliance. Try and analyze their characteristics such as personality, values, and their priorities in life, their relationship and attitude towards others.

Knowing your partner’s beliefs: Different people have different expectations and beliefs towards marriage and relationships. It’s best to communicate such things to each other in a candid manner rather than camouflaging them. Be honest with each other, because closeness cannot occur if you are dishonest with each other.

Respect: While in a relationship, we consider every other thing while at times we forget about the foremost thing – respect for each other. Even if are committed or married, do not forget about your individuality. Always act in a way that your partner respects for what you are. Mutual respect is very essential for any relationship or marriage to work out.

Accepting and Respecting Differences: Two different individuals are bound to have different personalities. Therefore, differences are but obvious. Stonewalling or keeping quiet about differences will not help much. However, as adults the best ways to deal with such things are accept and respect differences.

Learn to negotiate: Modern day couples, whether married or simply in a relationship, do not abide by the norms set by the society. They create their own rules and roles. So virtually every act requires the act of negotiation. Since change is inevitable, people’s needs change over time. Those relationships stand the taste of time that are negotiated and renegotiated.

Listen to each Other: This is the activity for which we probably do not have any more time these days. However, listening to each other is very important. While one person intends to share his or her experience, the other one must give some time and listen patiently to the other. It not only helps in solving problems but also opens the doors of confiding in each other. Empathy is very important. Moreover, try to look at things from your partner’s perspective at times.

Long-range view: Though marriage is an agreement, divorce is not always an option. Check out your similarities and your dreams and make sure you both are on the right path.

Marriage and relationships are not only about love. Understand that love is not absolute. It is a feeling that ebbs and flows with time and depends a lot on how you treat each other.