Make sure you include these things on your wedding invitations

It’s coming up to the big day and you are planning who to invite to celebrate your wedding with you. Once you have the guest list finalised, you’ll need to send out the wedding invitations as soon as you can so that people can keep the date clear. When choosing the invitations, you’ll need to put the essential information on them, your details, where the wedding will take place, when and at what time. You’ll also need to ask people to RSVP to your invitation to let you know how many people are actually coming. However, you also need to include more details on your wedding invitation.

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What guests can expect

Let people know whether it is informal or formal attire. This helps guests know what to wear to your big day. If the reception is at a different venue, give them the address and details of how to get from the wedding to the reception. You can also confirm whether they can expect food and if it is a sit-down meal or buffet style. If you are providing music or a disco in the evening, they may want to book a hotel. You can send details of any that are close by or see if the venue hosting your wedding reception has accommodation or will offer a discount to your guests.

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Going online

Wedding websites are all the rage and an easy way to give loads of information about the area, best places to park and sites of special interest – You can embed Google maps on to the website to make it easier for them to find the venues you’ve chosen. This could also have links to your wedding present list.

You can put the link to the website on your wedding invitation. Many people like to save these invitations as a memento, so it is certainly worth spending some time deciding what type of card you want and what to say on it. Certainly, we find that handmade wedding invitations are so special. As well as looking fabulous, handmade wedding invitations add the personal touch as you can see at a company such as

Wedding invitations can be made to reflect your personality as well as create excitement about the biggest event in the social calendar for you, your family and friends.