Make No Mistakes When Recruiting

It is a real tough task to hire a salesperson, especially for a new start-up. The salesperson should be confident, with spectacular interpersonal skills and amazing negotiating skills. But, that does not suffice in today’s time. He needs to be one who impresses the interviewer, which in this case is you. So, how exactly are you impressed and what kind of mistakes should you avoid as sales executive recruiter.

  • Profile Not Known

This is a classic mistake that most sales recruiters commit. When you are not aware of the profile and the requirements, you cannot just appoint anyone just to fill in the position. You are underutilizing the person’s efficiency and wasting the company’s resources.

  • No Plan on Hand

An unplanned interview generates a wrong employee. You should know what exactly you need to ask so that you can select the right candidate.

  • Working on Biases

One of the top 10 sales hiring mistakes you must avoid genuinely is following your biases. When your biases start working, you actually stop yourself from appointing that one candidate who is genuinely made for your company. In fact, you would not realize how good a salesperson he is.

  • Value Silence

When you as interviewer do the talking, you actually don’t allow yourself to learn about the candidate. In such cases you are about to hire either a good or a bad sales executive. This kind of sales executive recruiters would gamble the entire hiring process.

  • One Question; All Answers

Remember your questions should be such that all aspects of the potential employee are covered in them. If you don’t really get all the answers, you would just be hiring the wrong person.

  • Overall Personality

He may be a good negotiator but he is not good at communication. Well, you cannot just hire because he is good at one thing. He should be an all-rounder for him to get through. Appointing without thorough judgment is one of the top 10 sales hiring mistakes you must avoid.

  • Proper Evaluation

When you are hiring a salesperson, you should be able to evaluate him completely. You should evaluate the entire prospect in an objective as well as systematic manner.

  • Quick Decisions

Often, sales recruiters make the mistake of hiring a person impulsively. At this point in time, they are not even aware of the kind of person he is. Sometimes, they just talk to him idly for a period of 5 minutes and thereafter decide that he is the one. Such impulsive decisions can cause problems to your company. Avoid taking impulsive decisions.

  • Pressure Game

Don’t succumb to the pressure created by various people and hire the wrong candidate. You would do injustice to your position in this case.

  • Speeding the Process

Follow all the steps of the interview as per the design. Ensure you don’t skip the steps to speed up the process.

These are some of the basic areas where recruiters make mistakes. Avoid them to hire the right candidate.