Looking forward to that Wedding Breakfast.

I love a good wedding don’t you? Watching the couple enjoying their big day and their family and friends all dressed up enjoying the day as well. Alongside the traditional wedding ceremony, which today can be held in a church, a registry office, hotel or even a field if you wish, there are other elements that people enjoy. The wedding breakfast is one such part. Having watched your close friends or family members share their vows and be declared as husband and wife, it is time to sit down and enjoy a nice meal. This tends to take place on carefully organised tables with some great Restaurant Cutlery to tuck in to your delightful three course meal.

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Why’s it called a wedding breakfast? I’ve never sat down to a starter of Cornflakes, juice and a Full English followed by Preserves and Toast have you? Not that I’d complain if I did, that sounds like a lovely combination to have before we sit through the speeches. Apparently, it’s called a wedding breakfast because it’s the first meal of the marriage, like a new dawn beginning, which it is in a way. You can see point of that but it still feels like a slightly weird name.

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Generally, the wedding breakfast is a nice little roast dinner that everyone can enjoy. You might get a starter, and they’ve certainly moved on a bit since the Prawn Cocktail or Cream of Tomato soup starter. Many people are opting for a sit down sunday lunch style wedding breakfast and are then following this in the evening with a buffet style evening reception event. This is where you tend to find the personality and food loves of the couple being shown, with some couples choosing mini fish and chips, or perhaps a hog roast, or even Tuscan style finger food. The sky really is the limit when it comes to the evening entertainment.

So, next time you sit down at a wedding breakfast you will be able to turn to the person next to you and explain to them the reason why it is called as such. It is always a good idea to have a few topics in mind, just in case you find yourself sat at a table with complete strangers. Conversation can become a little difficult once you have all ascertained how you know the bride and groom.