Life under the sea

I have enjoyed most of my working life as a cleaner fish. There is something beautiful about being able to protect myself from predators by actively having something they need. The ability and desire to be able to clean their scales and skin from other little parasites and dead skin. I know, I know it’s not a job that most people would want but it keeps me safe and with a full tummy.

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When I was younger I used to wish that I could breath out of water as I longed to work for a shore-based company like Driveway cleaning service Evesham company They have pressure washers you know, and they look like so much fun! But alas my wish was never to come true, so I had to make the best of it here in the water.

I am very lucky really, I get to see all sorts of sights down here and I have customers who come such a diverse range of backgrounds. One of my regulars Eddy is a shark. He is very polite and not at all grumpy which makes a change for the sharks around here! We often have a chat and a little catch up on the reef gossip when he pops in for his regular Tuesday morning spruce up.

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I currently have about 5,000 customers on the books which is very little for a fish of my type. A lot of my competitors have around 2,000 a day. Although I’m happy with my little part time enterprise. It means that I have some time to go explore the depths and catching up with some of my friends. I don’t have many friends in the trade as most them are terribly boring and you know quite a few of them talk with their mouth full of food. It’s disgusting!

I heard on the reef radio this morning that some of the cleaning businesses around here have decided to take a secondment opportunity helping some salmon farmers keep their fish nice and clean and free from parasites. It sounds terribly exotic. Apparently, they will be put to work in the water and some of the stronger and more athletic ones will be used to breed more cleaner fish. It sounds very exciting although I can’t think of anything worse than being couped up with a bunch of cleaner fish all day and night long. I am glad that I can swim around and enjoy myself in my little patch without having pay too much attention to the others so perhaps for now I will just focus on my little business.